Hoorah! for Mike Adams of Newstarget.com (November 2006)

I have been getting Mike Adams newsletter (www.newstarget.com) for some months now. I love this guy! He sure calls a spade a spade when it comes to Big Pharma. Once in a while I comment on what he posts on the net. Today was one of those days.

Dear Mike:

Thank God for people like yourself, Gary Null, Sherry Rogers!! (www.prestigepublishing.com), Doris Rapp, Abram Hoffer, William Crook, Gloria Gilbere, Elizabeth Lipski, Bernard Jensen, Jordan Rubin, Kevin Trudeau, and so many thousands of others far too numerous to name.

I have been fighting the same war that you have against Big Pharma since 1997, spending many thousands of hours doing so and hardly making a dime. (1997 was the point in which I overcame bipolar disorder naturally, and realized that drugs to deal with this condition properly are totally counterproductive to any true recovery from this illness.)

Unfortunately, so many ill persons are still being told so many lies…. by a medical model that represents “drugs, drugs, and more drugs”, simply so it can make hundreds of billions of dollars at the cost of so much human suffering and so much human death.

The drug industry and the current medical model are both “industries of great greed”. They both clearly place fiscal profits above the achievement of true human health. Big Pharma and Big Med represent an evil of “Hitleresque proportions”. Big Pharma and Big Med may arguably be an even bigger evil than Hitler was as so many more persons are involved (profiting by dispensing toxic medications to an undereducated public, despite absolutely overwhelming anecdotal and alternative medical evidence that what they are doing is clearly wrong).

Mike, please keep up the great work. So many persons deeply appreciate what you are doing. I am one of them.

Allen Darman

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