Colonics; are they helpful or not?

Dear friends:

What follows is an egroup post that I made recently, when questioned as to whether a series of colonics would be helpful for someone or not.


Dear (name removed):

Perhaps it would help here to say that I have met (name removed), and I spent a few days with him on a gratis basis in the fall of 2006, in an attempt to help him. I gave him “Willy’s baggies”, as well as juiced for him, but neither made much of a difference.

(Name removed) is a pretty big guy in regard to his gut. It is pretty bloated, if not fairly massive, in relation to his stature.

Since June 2006 I have found that many people succeed with “Willy’s baggies”, and perhaps a bit of vegetable juice right away, as far as resolving a depressive state goes, even if it is quite severe.

I have also found a couple of failures in the above regard. In each case that failed, the person I was trying to help had a very large bloated gut, such that baggies and a little juice was just not enough to get the job done (resolve their depressive state). This was the case with (name removed).

(Name removed) and I parted ways when I told him that he probably needed a series of colonics and to straighten out his other problematic gut issues for baggies and juicing to really work, and he was unwilling to do this.

A series of colonics did help me enormously in the fall of 1997. I was really plugged up, and the wall of my large intestine was coated with 10 year old gunk, just like the wall of a pipe being coated.

One must remember that good gut bacteria is supposed to colonize on the wall of the large intestine. I don’t see how such can happen when the walls of the large intestine are coated with an old crust of feces which does not move, and just stays put.

The classic book “Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management” by Bernard Jensen is really helpful here. This book, and its ideas, helped me enormously in regard to overcoming manic depression in myself.

In my opinion, there is a 100% concordance between poor gut floral status and bipolar disorder or chronic unipolar depression. And often a series of colonics is greatly helpful in resolving such. (Of course, taking probiotics, using anti-candida measures, using other anti-intestinal dysbiosis measures, avoiding hidden food allergens, using a wide range of gut healing supplements, etc. are all often a part of properly straightening out the gut in most persons so “mood afflicted” as well.)



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