Codex related information from Australia (August 2007)

Dear friends:

The balance of the very insightful article introduced below can be found on:

Notice the pitifully low nutrient dosages that are being proposed as “the upper limits of safety” in this link. (Simply scroll down in the article on the link above to see a chart of these dosages.)

My son Willy could not remain optimally healthy on these proposed nutrient dosages, nor could I, nor could millions of other persons.

I got this article in a newsletter from the AHFA, which stands for Alliance for Health Freedom Australia. This newsletter is definitely worth subscribing to, if you have not done so already.

Incidentally, the “business of disease” link shown at the end of the material below links to material from Dr. Mathias Rath. The material on this link is a “very worthy read” as well.

All I can say about is what happening in these regards is “God help us if the Codex people and the drug companies behind them win”.


Nutrient Risk Assessment:
What You’re Not Being Told

By Paul Anthony Taylor

January 2007 (Revised August 2007) – Pro-pharmaceutical and anti-health freedom forces have made significant strides in recent years towards their ultimate aim of removing all higher-dose, innovative and effective nutritional supplements from the global marketplace. With the passing of the European Union’s Food Supplements Directive in 2002, for example, and the adoption by the Codex Alimentarius Commission of its global Guidelines for Vitamin and Mineral Food Supplements in 2005, the stage became potentially set for stringent restrictions on the levels of nutrients contained in supplements to become enforceable on a global scale over the next few years.

The pro-pharmaceutical and anti-health freedom forces are trying to disguise this threat, however, by claiming that the upper safe levels for each nutrient will be calculated scientifically, via a process called “scientific risk assessment”. In reality, however, most current methodologies for assessing the supposed “risk” of consuming nutritional supplements are anything but scientific, and are actually deeply flawed.

Moreover, and as this article will show, unless these flaws are corrected, the eventual outcome, for many nutrients, could well be the global enforcement of maximum levels in supplements that are little different to the meagre government recommended daily allowances (RDAs). Should this happen, of course, the ultimate beneficiary would be the pharmaceutical industry and its “business with disease”.


Again, the balance of the very insightful article introduced below can be found on:

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