Baggie number two kicked in…. Wow again! (September 2006)

Dear friends:

At about 8 A.M. this morning I took baggie number two. Five hours later, by 1 P.M, I felt absolutely fabulous. The serious, and sometimes suicidal, depressive state that I had gone through for about three and a half weeks was OVER!

I am now “writing functional” again. It should not be more than a week or two before Willy’s baggie ingredients, and a good deal of other material related to these baggies, is posted widely to dozens of egroups on the Internet.

I am also currently toying with the idea of putting a “quickie version” of Willy’s baggie ingredient list in here (my Yahoo 360 blog).

I have no commercial agenda for Willy’s baggies. This is an answer that I believe should be freely given to the world.

Incidentally, this was the second time that I have almost immediately resolved a longstanding depressive state in myself with baggies. The first time was this May. I had gone for at least four months running on the low end of the scale, hardly supplementing, eating poorly, and feeling like crap almost all of the time (depressed). Despite this long standing depressive state, I knew after the very first baggie I took that this depressive state was nearly over. And a baggie or two later, it was over (until I ran out of baggies in early August).

I have to admit that a few hours prior to taking my first baggie yesterday, I did do a bentonite and psyllium purge to unblock a number of likely and common problematic issues in my gut, such that the first baggie I took would be absorbed much better. A bentonite and psyllium purge on an empty stomach was a foundation step for me in regard to treating a serious depressive state in myself. I had determined this foundation step quite a few years ago (in the fall of 1999).

I know in my heart that despite the fact that the baggie ingredient list that I am using is not perfect, this baggie represents “a giant leap forward for all mankind”. Someday baggies of supplements similar to that which my son and I are currently using are going to be used to treat all kinds of illnesses, not just depression, bipolar disorder, or ADHD. Baggies of synergistic nutrients (and necessary cofactors) are a truth that is just too simple, and far too powerful, to be ignored.

I also know in my heart that I, as a complete nobody, have led the world since April 2000 in regard to both (1) the conceptual understanding and (2) the practical treatment of a depressive state in most persons. This “most” may include over 75% of the persons that are depressed in the U.S. at the present time.

For over six years I have honestly and repetitively stated the above to many persons, and have either been criticized for doing so, or simply ignored. The heavy psychological burden of my having discovered answers for depression that could help all mankind, and my not having the means to either prove these answers out or move these answers forward in some way, has not been an easy one for me to bear.

Thank God for my son Willy, for having enough faith in me to help me “to prove what I know” to the world. (His recovery is so awesome he belongs on the Oprah show or Larry King someday.)

And thank God for baggies, which make it so easy for other persons to follow suit.

God forbid that in the foreseeable future I get some competent help and/or fiscal empowerment to prove out what I know about how to treat depression. The anecdotal video testimony that I could rather readily generate would be awesome. Many persons that have been seriously depressed for months would be all better in a day, or perhaps two days, or perhaps three. They would be so amazed at such a profound change in their mood state in such a short time. And this would “show and tell” so well on video. In my opinion, much of the public would believe such video material, whether double blind studies were done or not. (It is perhaps inevitable that such double blind studies will be done, and do I sure welcome this day. Every single antidepressant medication on earth is almost a joke vs. what I know would work to treat depression in most persons, so much so it is not funny.)

Many people feel that the drug companies still have the upper hand. They also believe that it is probably going to take decades for “us” (alternative medicine) to win the war against them.

I beg to differ.

I know deep in my heart that if and/or when I even get a little bit of help in regard to proving what I know in regard to the treatment of depression, the time left for the drug companies to have the upper hand vs. alternative medicine may be rather limited, to say the very least.

Lastly, I am willing to take only a modicum of credit here. I give most of the credit to those that deserve it; I give credit to my parents, Arthur and Marion Darman, who are no longer with us but will be special to me forever, to my son Willy, who taught me as much as I taught him, and to my teachers, such as Sherry Rogers, M.D., Priscilla Slagle, M.D., Abram Hoffer, M.D, Bernard Jensen, James Balch, M.D. and Phyllis Balch, C.N.C., Joseph Mercola, M.D., and to many dozens of other alternative medical doctors, alternative medical authors, and knowledgeable laypersons, persons that are far too numerous to mention here.

Allen Darman

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