Apparently a breakthrough! detoxification discovery (August 2006)

I got this article from this morning. Mike Adams,

who wrote it, is a very credible source to me. Allen

With all the heavy metals, pesticides, plastics and other toxic

chemicals now being detected in the bodies of practically everyone

(new mothers have rocket fuel chemicals in their milk!), people are

beginning to look more seriously at solutions for eliminating those

chemicals from their bodies.

Modern medical science, however, has no idea how to remove these

chemicals. And many in conventional medicine deny that these toxic

chemicals are harmful at all. In fact, most conventional medicine

treatments pump you full of MORE chemicals! And let’s not even talk

about the food and beverage companies…

But what if there were a “magic” substance, created by nature, that

could bind with these heavy metals and toxic chemicals, then pull as

many as eighty-eight percent of them right out of the body? Would that

be worth investigating?

Dr. Gabriel Cousens thinks so. He’s the “living foods” pioneer and

researcher who founded the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Arizona.

And now, he’s completed groundbreaking work on a zeolite product that,

when combined with simple juice fasting, is showing truly astounding

results in removing heavy metals, toxic chemicals and even depleted

uranium (DU) from the bodies of patients.

Today, we’re posting the results of Dr. Cousens’ study showing truly

unprecedented detox results. Read it yourself at:

For those health-conscious consumers who want to avoid cancer,

Alzheimer’s and liver disorders, I consider this to be must-read

research. There is nothing from the world of conventional medicine

that even comes close to what Dr. Cousens has found (and demonstrated)


Want to know why synthetic chemicals are so dangerous to our health?

Read “The Hundred-Year Lie” by Randall Fitzgerald. See details at:


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substances in food

To your health,

– Mike Adams, the Health Ranger


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