Antidepressants; The Achilles Heel of Big Pharma

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The first section of this blog goes into the colossus called Big Pharma. It explains how large and profitable the drug industry is. It also explains how the drug industry has its tentacles in our own the federal government, in the federal agency that is supposed to control it (the Food and Drug Administration), and in other governments worldwide. This section also goes into the pervasiveness of drug industry influence in regard to medical school curriculum, medical research, and the practice of medicine by doctors. In addition, it brings up the influence of the drug industry on the public, through the use of the media, and innumerable print and TV ads.

The second section of this blog goes into what I firmly believe is the Achilles Heel of the drug industry; the antidepressant class of medications.. This section details a rather simple set of actions; actions may actually result in bringing the colossus of Big Pharma and its many “great lies” to the American public tumbling down.

The third section of this blog goes into some details in regard to my son Willy’s baggie of “broad based nutrition taken all at once”.

The fourth section of this blog is the conclusion. This conclusion also contains “where I stand” in my ten year war with the drug industry; an industry of great greed, and one with no almost moral values whatsoever.

The Colossus Called Big Pharma

I recently read four books in regard to Big Pharma, in order to get an idea of the “corporate monster” that I have been fighting for the past decade. These books were (1) “Money Driven Medicine” by Maggie Mahar, (2) The Truth About the Drug Companies” by Marcia Angell, M.D., (3) “Powerful Medicines” by Jerry Avorn, M.D., and (4) “Generation Rx” by Greg Critser. (I liked this last one the best, but all of these books were quite good.)

To give you some idea of what Big Pharma as a whole represents, in aggregate drug company annual sales are currently close to $300 billion dollars a year. Drug company profits run about 16% of sales, for a total industry profitability of about $50 billion dollars a year. Drug sales are not stagnant; some say that they are growing at about 10% per annum, and some say that they are growing even faster than this. Even pegging growth at a conservative 10% of sales, this means that in about three more years drug company sales are expected to hit about $400 billion dollars a year (as forecast by Greg Critser, in “Generation Rx”). The drug industry as a whole has an aggregate value of about a trillion dollars on the U.S. stock market, depending on the vagaries inherent therein.

Contrast the above with the size of the drug industry in 1970, when Adelle Davis’s book “Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit” was published. Almost in passing, Adelle Davis mentioned $6 billion dollars in annual sales as the size of the drug industry at this time. (Adelle Davis’s biggest enemy in 1970 was not the drug industry, it was the food industry, which had stripped so many essential nutrients out of food that the health of the entire populace of the U.S. was clearly being compromised. Her second biggest enemy was the FDA, which had allowed so many poor quality foods into the nation’s food supply, at great cost to public health. To Adelle, the drug industry was “the lesser of three evils” in 1970. However, I do not think that this would be the case today.)

From about $6 billion to about $300 billion (and forecast to soon be $400 billion) in annual sales in about four decades…. one has to ask just what the heck is going on here? Is this outrageous growth in drug company sales over the past forty years or so due to the fact that the drug industry has such a strong influence over federal law, and the Food and Drug Administration as well? Or is this outrageous growth in drug company sales over the past forty years due to the fact that “we are all seriously essential nutrient deficient”, and growing more nutrient deficient decade after decade due to the poor quality of modern processed foods, as Adelle Davis taught us almost forty years ago? Or is this growth due to the fact that the conventional medical model blindly chooses to use “drugs and only drugs” to treat various nutrient deficiency syndromes (such as depression, bipolar disorder, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.) simply for the sake of the money? And what about toxins or allergens? Do they play a role in so many people being unhealthy, such that they feel that they need to use prescription and/or over-the-counter drugs? (And if so, why do conventional medical doctors still summarily ignore the role of toxins and food allergens in almost everyone that they treat, despite overwhelming anecdotal and alternative medical evidence that resolving these issues often plays a critical role in regaining human health?)

Perhaps the tremendous growth of the drug industry over the past forty years is a combination of the above factors and not just one or two. Regardless, the drug industry should shoulder the majority of the blame for pushing so many drugs on the American public, and conventional doctors should shoulder most of the rest … at least that is my opinion. What follows are some of the reasons why I feel this way.

Big Pharma currently has over 600 lobbyists in Washington, D.C., or more than one lobbyist for every Senator and Congressperson there. (Multi-hundred thousand dollar compensation packages on an annual basis are not uncommon for these lobbyists.)

Big Pharma lobbyists not only have a presence in the U.S. Thousands of drug industry lobbyists strongly influence federal governments and the passage of law all over the world, to include Britain, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Australia, and many other countries as well (the list here is almost endless, these countries are just too numerous to mention). Over the past ten years in some of these countries therapeutic dosages of many essential nutrients have already been taken out of the hands of the general public by the passage of drug industry influenced law. (One would be wise to familiarize themselves with the health freedom movement and issues surrounding CODEX if one is not familiar with this situation. This fight to take therapeutic nutritional supplements out of the hands of the public is still going on worldwide, and it will inevitably come to the U.S.)

Big Pharma influenced laws essentially enrich a select group of people (drug company executives, drug company employees, drug company stockholders, and medical doctors) at the expense of public health. These laws are used to maximize Big Pharma’s sales and corporate profits as well. (Maybe it is time we voted some of Big Pharma’s friends in our federal government out.)

Big Pharma not only affects Congress in the U.S. This industry, through its army of well paid and well funded lobbyists, also affects the Executive branch of our government as well.

As one example, the Food and Drug Administration is a body of the Executive branch of our government. Big Pharma seems to have underwritten the official position of the Food and Drug Administration on drugs. According to the FDA “ONLY A DRUG can be used for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease”; this is a matter of law in the U.S. (If Big Pharma did not underwrite this law then who did? This law does not make any sense at all, and much is known to the contrary, and yet this law is still the law of this land today. There should be a great public outcry for this law to be changed.)

This federal law of only a drug can be used for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease is used to control the practice of medicine. Medical doctors are held hostage by this law. Doctors can actually lose their license to practice medicine if they don’t prescribe drugs, and only drugs, to treat a diagnosed illness. Some doctors have had just this happen to them. Others have had to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars defending themselves from losing their medical license in a court of law. Some doctors have even lost their license to practice medicine, or had it suspended for a period of time, despite such large legal expenditures.

This law that only a drug can be used for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease shuts out many irrefutable biological and scientific facts. It also shuts out reason, logic, and common sense in the healing arena as well.

The federal law of only a drug can be used for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease totally shuts out essential nutrients as “therapeutic healing agents”, as well as stops anyone from claiming that they are. If anyone publicly states that nutrients can cure a disease, and charges persons for advice in using nutrients to effect a cure, they risk governmental action against them, as well as risk going to federal prison.

Incidentally, this law of only a drug can be used for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease prevents me from making a living doing what has been “in my heart for years”. I know how to teach persons how to cure depression and bipolar disorder in themselves, but I cannot publicly advertise such. I also cannot legally charge any money for such advice. The only way I know to fight back in this regard has been to do what I have been doing for years, which is to simply give away what I know over the Internet for free, under the protection granted by “freedom of speech”.

Some persons are not aware of the fact that a significant step was taken by the Food and Drug Administration in December of 2006 in regard to regulating a wide range of alternative medicine methodology. This step was a document that the FDA published titled “Guidance for Industry: Complementary and Alternative Medicine Products and Their Regulation by the Food and Drug Administration”. In this document, amongst many other things, it was suggested that vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, probiotics, and even such things as cranberry tablets or vegetable juice should be labeled as “drugs” (and then regulated as “drugs”, of course), as long as they were used to treat any disease. (This document is as scary as things get in regard to our own government attempting to solidify its power at the expense of health freedom, and the expense of the health of the people. I thank Mike Adams for bringing this unusual “guidance document” written by the FDA to the light of day. See

Some persons are also not aware of the fact that Big Pharma directly remits to the FDA roughly a few hundred million dollars a year in order to fund the “new drug approval process” and/or to expedite the same. This has been going on for some time. I know of no other industry whatsoever that is remitting to a United States governmental agency a sum of this magnitude, and a sum that has nothing to do with taxes (this is not tax money, it is considered a “user fee”). For Big Pharma to be regularly remitting such a massive sum of money to the governmental body in control of regulating pharmaceutical drugs sure smacks of “conflict of interest” and corruption of the highest order (at least that is my opinion). Certainly this money is likely to have some influence on decision making in the FDA, if not quite a bit of influence. It is almost as if the drug industry and the specific governmental agency that is supposed to control its products are “in bed together”.

It sure seems to me that our own government is no longer really a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people”. In this particular situation involving federal (FDA) control of what chemical healing agents can and cannot be (only drugs, and never nutrients), our government sure seems to be a government “of the corporation, by the corporation, and for the corporation”… and to heck with public health. (Something is really wrong, and needs to be corrected. One would be wise to read the book “The Assault on Reason” by Al Gore here. He details the fact that the Executive branch of our federal government has clearly overrun the Congressional branch and the Judiciary branch of the same. Al Gore also delineates how much the Executive branch is influenced by corporate monies and corporate agendas.)

Influencing lawmakers both here and abroad is not all that Big Pharma does to influence modern medical practice. Drug company money either controls or heavily influences medical school curriculum in all conventional medical schools worldwide. It is almost as if the drug industry is actually writing such curriculum, as all medical students learn about in regard to “chemical healing tools” is the prescription of “drugs, drugs, and more drugs” to treat virtually every single illness in existence. (This is still true today despite overwhelming anecdotal and alternative medical evidence to the contrary.)

Drug company money also either controls or heavily influences nearly all medical research worldwide. Indeed, it is drug company money that funds practically the entirety of all medical research. Drug industry funded and/or drug directed research may actually outspend all valid alternative medical research by over 10,000 to 1. Nor does our own federal government help here. Most of the alternative medical research that the NIH or NIMH does occasionally fund is either useless, corrupted, and/or an “attempted smokescreen” to prevent the public from learning the real truth. (Big Pharma’s influence in the federal government runs far too deep for our own government to take any effective action against this industry; to include governmental funding of any greatly useful alternative medical research.)

The drug industry also heavily influences medical doctors. Besides the drug industry as a whole legally tying the medical profession’s hands with the ridiculous federal law that “only a drug can diagnose, cure, or treat a disease”, over 80,000 drug company salespersons (reps) inundate the medical profession in the U.S. Free banquets, free trips to expensive resorts, large “prescribing fees” for prescribing certain drugs, and monitoring of what physicians actually do prescribe (to include how much any medication prescribed, how often it is prescribed, etc.) are all the order of the day. Free pads, free pens, free samples, free continuing educational credits (many of which are simply courses involving how to prescribe more drugs), outrageous consulting fees (which especially screams “conflict of interest”)… these drug company salespersons use any and every means to make doctors “their partners, their prostitutes, and their friends”.

Some drug company reps make as much (or more) money than the doctors they are talking to. Hundred thousand dollar plus compensation packages are not uncommon. It has gotten to the point where a number of doctors have become upset when they have found out that the drug company reps that visit them often make more money than they do.

Drug companies also heavily influence both the media and the consumer. Almost every other ad on TV is “a drug ad”. Billions is being spent annually by drug companies on advertising directly to the consumer, in both print media and via the TV.

“Trust your doctor” is almost a given in drug company advertising; in an effort to bring the medical profession in as partner to drug company fraud. (The medical profession is a willing participant in this drug company fraud, as both collectively make hundreds of billions supporting each other’s lies.)

Drug company advertisements fail to mention that your doctor’s education was slanted towards the use of “drugs, drugs, and only drugs” to treat every malady under the sun. These ads also fail to mention that your doctor often gets paid handsomely in one way or another for prescribing many medications. This is especially true in regard to the newer “me too copycat drugs”, those that are far more expensive than the older out-of-patent ones. (Older drugs are often just as effective, but they are far less expensive and therefore result in much lesser profits.)

In general, Big Pharma does all that it can to maximize its markets, to maximize its profits, and to tighten its already almost ironclad grip on medical practice and medical truth worldwide… simply for the sake of the Money. The drug industry is quite arguably “the greediest and most evil industry on this earth”. (Putting Money ahead of the health of the general public is most assuredly Evil.)

The Achilles Heel of Big Pharma

Despite all of the current power and wealth of Big Pharma, this industry in its present state is doomed. It is only a matter of time. The real truth here is a rather simple one. This truth is that essential nutrients can actually cure many illnesses that the medical model in the U.S. currently considers incurable. Most drugs that are prescribed only serve to mask someone’s symptoms, and most drugs never cure. (Antibiotics is the class of medications that is the clear exception here, as antibiotics can often cure. However, even these drugs have serious disadvantages, as they decimate “good bowel bacteria”, bacteria that is absolutely necessary to optimal human health.). Most drugs only falsely mitigate a state of ill health; which is so sad, due to the fact that there was likely to be a natural cure for this ill health at hand all along.

Some persons think that the drug industry is just far too big, far too profitable, and much too influential … to the point that it is unstoppable. Some persons also think that it is going to be a long time before this industry is appreciably slowed down in regard to its sales growth, its profitability, and its control of medical reality.

I have to admit that ten years ago I thought this way as well. However, I don’t think this way any more. I know that unless the drug industry rather quickly succeeds in legally taking supplements out of the general public’s hands (by bribing our lawmakers within the next few years) that they are absolutely doomed.

I disagree because I know what the Achilles Heel of Big Pharma is. Not only do I know what the Achilles Heel of Big Pharma is… I also know how to rather quickly take advantage of this weakness. I know just what can and should be done now in order to bring this “monstrous industry of great greed” down.

What is the Achilles Heel of Big Pharma?

Despite the fact that the drug industry has of late been under attack for some of its medication classes, to include cholesterol medications, arthritis medications, cancer medications, AIDS medications, and blood pressure medications, none of these classes of medications represents “the true Achilles Heel of Big Pharma”.

The “true Achilles Heel of Big Pharma” is the antidepressant class of medications. I say this because I know how simple and relatively easy it would be to expose the fraud of all antidepressant medications, every single one.

All that is needed for Big Pharma to be brought to its knees would be a single outcome study of the effect of broad based nutrition on depression, as delineated in the material that follows.

An outcome study is a study where a broad therapeutic approach is tried, and the overall results of this broad therapeutic approach are measured for their effectiveness. This is in contrast with a double-blind study, one in which the scientific method is used, such that only one variable is changed in one study group, and nothing is changed in a second study group (a placebo is used in this second group). In simple terms, the goal of a double-blind study is to most accurately determine the change caused by a single variable, such as the administration of a drug.

Incidentally, ANY attempt to study the proper resolution of depression with a double blind study would be pointless. This is due to the fact that depression is Always a multi-factorial equation. Chronic or regularly recurrent depression Always has a wide range of essential nutrients underlying it. And chronic or regularly recurrent depression Always has a number of common malabsorptive causes underlying it as well.

This outcome study would involve using using balanced and broad based nutritional supplementation to treat a state of depression. A broad based supplementation regime that is similar in a conceptual sense to what my son Willy used to become profoundly well from ADHD/bipolar, as is detailed in two blogs on, should be used.

It is my firm belief that my teenage son Willy has proved out the correctness of the concept of “broad based supplementation taken all at once”. This supplementation should include at the very least the use of (1) broad based amino acids, (2) carnitine, (3) phosphatidyl choline, (4) broad based “good oils”, (5) broad based vitamins, (6) broad based minerals, (7) various supergreens, and (8) powerful digestive enzymes. And perhaps some of the accessory supplements that Willy is taking, such as quercitin, milk thistle, and grapeseed extract are helpful, if not important, to his supplement regime as well.

It turns out that the best approach when dealing with a state of depression is not to simply try to increase serotonin or dopamine or both, as the current medical model would have us believe. Despite the fact that raising the levels of individual neurotransmitters such as this, whether artificially (via the use of drugs) or naturally (via the use of nutritional supplements), often brings some relief, if not substantial relief, to a depressive state, monkeying with only a few neurotransmitter levels is still the wrong approach to treating a seriously depressed state. Depression always involves broad based essential nutrient deficiency… and never anything less.

It also turns out that virtually all neurotransmitter levels can be rather readily changed by oral supplementation with their nutrient precursor substances. (“Nutrient precursors” means what these neurotransmitters are actually made out of.) How embarrassing is this simple truth going to be the the current medical model? My guess is plenty.

Willy’s baggie of balanced and broad based nutritional supplementation “taken all at once” increases virtually the entire neurotransmitter range, bar none… due to the fact that this baggie contains every single essential nutrient known to man. When a person takes baggies, they are boosting every functional chemical in their brain… period. How much more simple can the resolution of depression be?

A very appreciable change in overall neurotransmitter levels and Mood! can rather be readily felt by a person taking broad based nutritional supplementation similar to what my son and I are doing. This appreciable change occurs within a matter of hours, assuming that one is adequately absorptive.

However, if someone is not adequately absorptive, the end result is that too many of the nutrients taken orally simply remain in the gut, if not are pooped out into the toilet a day or two later. One cannot simply take broad based nutritional supplementation and always get well from depression within a matter of a day or two, especially if one’s depression is extremely severe and/or very longstanding.

The two notable reasons to balanced broad based nutritional supplementation not always having a substantial positive effect on a person’s mood and well being are (1) many depressed persons are not absorbing very well at all due to chronically and unknowingly eating too many foods that they have hidden allergies to, and (2) many depressed persons have a gut that is loaded with partially undigested food, fermenting food, and various toxins (from too much candida, too much “bad bacteria”, too many parasites, etc.). To properly relieve depression in these person these malabsorptive, “gut clogged”, and “gut toxic” issues also need to be dealt with as well. (All of these problematic gut issues are resolvable in virtually anyone that has them. It is only a matter of time.)

Therefore, the implementation of balanced broad based supplementation in any proper outcome study on depression should also be coupled with an adequate degree of “gut and gut floral correction”, as per what I consider to be “standard alternative medical knowledge”, as well as per some of the blogs on

And therefore, any proper outcome study on depression should involve the administration of a hypoallergenic (non-allergic) diet as well.

When treating depression forget about the brain. The brain is only a “secondary target organ” to “primary gut events”. Heal the gut such that it is not too toxic and can absorb well, apply a broad range of premium and essential nutrition, and let the wisdom of the body and the brain do the rest, as far as healing is concerned.

To explain the above concepts in somewhat greater detail as they are so important, the proper correction of depression in the vast majority of those thus afflicted is a straightforward “ABC” equation. The proper correct of depression should ALWAYS involve the following:

(A) Unclog the gut of its contents from “both ends” if at all possible (via the use of colonics, high dosage digestive enzymes, bentonite and psyllium shakes, etc.) to remove as much of its present contents as possible, while correcting for all common malabsorptive, toxic, and gut floral problems at the same time.

(B) Apply a broad range of essential nutrient supplements “taken all at once” at least once a day (if not two or three times), while assuming a serious degree of “digestive inefficiency” at the same time. “Digestive inefficiency” primarily means the use of broad based free form amino acids to cover the bulk of one’s protein intake, and secondarily means the use of powerful digestive enzymes at mealtimes. (Protein foods are not digested and assimilated well when one is depressed, and much of their nutritive value is often lost in the toilet the next day. Indeed, this is often half of the reason that many people are depressed, as the brain and body are both so protein dependent in regard to their ability to function optimally.)

(C) Ingest a premium diet, to include raw organic vegetable juices, use whatever digestive aids are deemed necessary at mealtimes, and avoid food allergens at the same time. (This is not that hard to do, once one is properly trained in such.)

For many persons that are only “mild” to “medium” depressed, simply taking broad based nutritional supplementation orally once a day can have profound positive effect, without doing a whole lot of anything else. Others persons that suffer from depression may need more than this. This “more” is almost invariably in regard to food allergy avoidance, and “gut correction” of some sort; such that the nutrients that are supplemented with are absorbed well enough, and such the gut does not represent just too great a “toxic load” (for the person that has this “toxic load” to not feel depressed).

The ABC approach to depression as outlined above should be taught to millions of laypersons; such that they would then be able to administer this therapy, or whatever portions of it that they deem that they need, to themselves (when need be). Often a very profound positive effect on depression can be achieved by You! yourself at home within a single day or two… without needing any advice, any supplements, or any drugs from ANY doctor whatsoever. (Almost anyone can learn what is needed to do here, and thankfully there is still free public access to powerfully therapeutic nutritional supplements in the U.S. Of course, the big question here “how much longer will the general public have freely available access to therapeutic nutritional supplements?”… as there is movement on a number of fronts to take such away from “us” as soon as can be practically done.)

The ABC approach to depression that is outlined in this blog spells doom for the drug industry’s many lies, after even a single competent outcome study of its effect on depression. No antidepressant medication in the world stands a chance against this ABC approach to depression in regard to its potentially positive therapeutic effect (and in such a short time.).

The effect of an outcome study using this ABC approach to depression, especially one in which I was involved in (as an insurance policy against both incompetence and attempted fraud), would cost the drug industry dearly. Video material taken of the study participants on a before and after basis could easily half the aggregate U.S. stock value of the drug industry within a few short years, at a cost of about a half a trillion dollars or so (Yes Trillion, not Billion). This same video material might cut drug sales volume annually in half within a few short years as well… and if it would not cut drug sales in half, it would make a heck of a big dent in drug sales worldwide, that’s for sure.

Such an outcome study would almost certainly act as a catalyst in regard to rewriting the treatment of depression worldwide.

[Incidentally, what a stock play this outcome study could make, if a wealthy party had the means and the desire to do so. Millions could be made by selling pharmaceutical stock short just prior to the release of its results to major media.]

Some information in regard to Willy’s Baggies

My own experience these past few years strongly concurs with my son Willy’s profound positive experience with “broad based supplementation taken all at once”, which I call “Willy’s baggies”. I have also either seen or heard enough other anecdotal stories in the past few years in regard to “Willy’s baggies” that I know that Willy and I are not alone our positive response to such supplementation. Willy and I both know “deep in our hearts” the tremendous therapeutic power of what we are doing, as well as how amazingly easy it is. Willy and I also believe that what we are doing, at least conceptually, if not in a practical sense, could probably help millions of other persons to achieve a greater sense of mood and well being, as well as a greater degree of health.

Adelle Davis taught us almost four decades ago that “we are all broadly nutrient deficient”. She also taught us that this situation is just getting worse year after year. As a result of no positive change in course over the past forty years in regard to the nutritive value of this country’s food supply, the broad based essential nutrient deficiencies that Adelle spoke of years ago have only become broader and more severe in the American populace since she was alive. This problem of broad essential nutrient deficiency in the America was probably worsened due to our own FDA allowing so much processed, artificial, and junk food into the marketplace over the years. This problem was also worsened due to the influence of the processed food industry; a corporate conglomerate whose motive is to increase sales and profits, regardless of the influence of its products on the health of the general public. (Kind of sounds like Big Pharma huh? This corporate conglonerate is doing virtually the same thing as Big Food… Money first, despite its products damaging the health of the public.)

As a result of the fact that many tens of millions persons in America have been ingesting a lot of processed food (the Standard American Diet is just this) for quite some time these persons are all broadly nutrient deficient. Therefore “Willy’s baggie” may be almost universal in its ability to help the health of most Americans of teen years on up, even if they do not suffer from depression. Younger children may benefit from a somewhat reduced version of “Willy’s baggie”, which may be too much for them dosage-wise, given their age and smaller size. (I leave it to others to figure out a broad based supplement baggie that would be appropriate for young children, as I simply do not have the means to do this.)

I also personally think that everyone over forty or fifty years of age would greatly benefit from taking baggies of supplements similar to that of my son every day or every other day as well. One reason that I say this is that the aging process is marked by declining nutrient status, and “Willy’s baggies” may greatly help to stop or reverse this decline. Willy’s baggie, or a very close version thereof, may inevitably be found to substantially prolong the quality and length of many people’s lives.

There is another reason that I cannot recommend “broad based supplementation taken all at once” enough. When I first started giving my son baggies of supplements in August of 2004, I would have never done things this way. (Nor did any book I had ever read recommend such.) Willy was the one who insisted that he could only supplement once a day, due to the fact he had to hide what he was doing from his mother, as he was afraid of getting caught. And I was a desperate father, who saw a great need in my son to get well So I took a chance, and simply bundled together every single supplement that had helped me overcome bipolar disorder in myself, or that made sense to me. Despite doing this, my expectation for my son to become as profoundly well as he has from the baggies that I had prepared for him was almost non-existent. This was especially due to the fact that as a non-custodial parent I could not control Willy’s diet.

However, now that things have worked out so well for Willy, and for myself as well (I use these same baggies, and they have completely replaced everything that I was doing before), for the past few years I have spend quite a few hours puzzling over the question of “why do these baggies of supplements work as well as they do?” What follows are five possible answers that I have come up with, ones that are all admittedly just guesses:

As the lining of the small intestines, where roughly 85% of all essential nutrient absorption takes place, is normally sloughed off and replaced every three days or so, this tissue is almost like “an open wound of sorts”, and it must be heavily nutrient dependent (as healing any wound is heavily nutrient dependent). The intestinal lining probably normally draws on the blood supply underlying it for most of the nutrients that is is using in the process of continually rebuilding itself. As Willy’s baggie contains the entire essential nutrient range all at once, and in a rather readily utilizable form (free form amino acids instead of protein, which needs to be broken down), perhaps this baggie is “front-feeding” the rebuilding process of the intestinal villi as they are constantly being replaced as well. In doing so, it is keeping the health of the gut up to par at all times, such that it is better able to absorb nutrients from meals than it would have otherwise.

Another explanation is that Willy’s baggie is helping to fuel digestive enzyme production in the pancreas, such that an adequate supply of enzymes to digest fats and proteins is available at all times.

A third explanation is that Willy’s baggie greatly helps to either heal and/or avoid “leaky gut”.

A fourth explanation is that the mixture of “good oils” may be of assistance in keeping the gut wall healthy and properly porous. These good oils, once incorporated into the cell walls of intestinal villi, may assist with the flow of nutrients into the body. (As a result of experience, I do suspect that when too many “bad fats and oils” are ingested, they mess up the cell walls of the intestinal villi, such that these villi temporarily absorb to a lesser degree, until these “bad fats and oils” are later replaced by “good ones”.)

And a fifth explanation is Willy’s baggies noticeably seem mitigate the response to ingested food allergens. Willy and I both know that baggies definitely don’t fix everything food allergy-wise, but we both agree that they sure do help when “we eat things that we know we should not”.

One must remember that as well as my son Willy has become these past three and a half years or so, he was not even taking baggies every day. Due to the costs involved, he was only taking them every other day. And for almost eighteen months in the middle of his recovery he was not even taking them at all. (Willy was only taking baggies during a portion of his recovery. He started on them and then went off of them after about five months or so, taking only a portion of their ingredients for quite some time. I fully admit I really fell asleep at the switch here, but Willy finally woke me up and insisted on going back on baggies in May 2006, as they had helped him so much better than just using parts of them. And he has been on them since.)

Willy’s baggie is simply doing far more healing than it should, given the amount of supplementation in it. I am not certain as to why this is. All I can guess is that “Willy’s baggie must really help the gut in some way”, such that meals ingested later are much better utilized and absorbed. Always remember, the gut is “where the action is” in regard to the resolution of depression, and if Willy’s baggie really helps with the gut, it must really help with depression as well.

Certainly there are a number of rather obvious improvements to what my son Willy is doing supplement-wise, to include possibly titrating up on amino acid dosage while monitoring effect, as well as the use of multiple broad based supplement dosages on a daily basis, or at least the use of a single baggie every day vs. just the one baggie every other day that Willy used to profoundly recover his health. Other than the copper/zinc question in regard to how much of these essential nutrients to actually use, as well as the question of “is testing for these two minerals necessary or wise”, there are not too many “big questions” left. The formula in Willy’s baggie is most probably adequate in its current state for a great number of persons as far as resolving a state of depression is concerned.

In my mind, Willy and I have stumbled on to the fact that “the Holy Grail of supplementation” exists!… now all that is left is for the details to be worked out. What is “the Holy Grail of supplementation”? It is a broad based and balanced nutritional supplement approach that substantially helps virtually everyone, and harms virtually no one, as well.

I welcome all of those involved in alternative medicine to join Willy and I. Try to refine and improve on the broad based supplement approach that we have found so healing in ourselves, and in others as well. And if you do find any noticeable improvement to what we are doing, please let the world know.


How many millions of people in the U.S. suffer from depression? How many people die from the same? And how many people end up abusing drugs or alcohol as the result of depression as well? Far too many, that’s for sure.

For the drug industry, and the doctors that dispense healing to the public, to claim that the antidepressant class of medications is the best that they can come up with in regard to properly treating depression is absolutely ridiculous. Other words that come to my mind here are “corrupt”, “incompetent”, “fraudulent”, and “criminal”.

What does it say for medical researchers worldwide when a solitary layperson from Utica, NY, using only a few dozen books, and a number of nutritional and natural supplements bought in a health food store and on the Internet, was able to develop a world leading degree of knowledge in regard to how to correct depression? The words “corrupt”, “incompetent”, “fraudulent”, and “criminal” seem to apply to medical researchers worldwide as well.

How is it going to look to the American public when they have been sold a myriad of different antidepressants over the years, and not a single one of them can hold a candle to a universal broad based nutritional supplement approach that is extremely similar to that which my son Willy used to become so profoundly well?

The drug industry’s very future depends on the truth of this blog not becoming commonly known. For if it is, eventually some party is going to believe in what I am saying and properly act on it… and when they do… it’s over.

Multiple and massive class action lawsuits are likely to follow any outcome study that was properly done on depression some day. (This assumes that the successful results of such an outcome study were not suppressed by major media, such that they received the wide public attention that they deserved.) These lawsuits would result from the drug industry intentionally ignoring the obvious (free form amino acids, other essential nutrients, digestive inefficiency, gut toxicity, candida, food allergies, etc.) for the sake of their profitability for far too long… certainly far longer than would be legally defensible in a court of law.

Incidentally, I did not do any of what I have done over the years for fame. Nor did I do it for money. My only goal at all times was to do all that I could to reduce as much human suffering as possible. I never sought anything for myself, nor do I seek anything now. Indeed, even if I did seek something, I am very probably “not going to live long enough to collect on it”.

Why do I say this?

No single human being alive threatens the drug industry as much as I do, as a result of what I have known since April 2000 in regard to how to treat depression properly (and this knowledge has only improved since). I know far too much for my own good. This is why I have been repetitively “hacked and tracked” by the drug industry for the past twenty months. (They are hacking me in an attempt to discredit me, intimidate me, and/or slow me down. To date they have at least partially succeeded in all three.)

The drug industry and I both know that “we are essentially playing for all the marbles”… for I know does not just threaten the antidepressant class of medications, it threatens the drug industry as a whole. What I know spells doom for the antidepressant class of medications. When the antidepressant class of medication falls, other classes of medications are soon doomed to fall as well. And when the antidepressant class of medications falls, public perception of the drug industry as a whole would be decimated.

When I had a chance to tell my story to Joan Mathews-Larson of during a very insightful two hour meeting that we had in Minneapolis this past September, she agreed with the gist of what I told her in regard to putting many nutritional supplements together for their greater therapeutic value when dealing with depression. I also told her that computers that I had been using since July 2006 were being repetitively hacked into. One firm piece of advice that she gave to me was as follows: “Don’t discount the evilness of the people that are hacking you. The drug industry has its roots in Nazi Germany. Be careful.”

I most certainly am not discounting the people that are hacking me. I am in fear for my very life. This is not any degree of paranoia whatsoever; and I have absolutely no life history of such. It is a realistic fear; and one with a very solid basis underlying it. I don’t expect to live that much longer. If I am alive two or three years from now I would be very surprised. And if I am alive five years from now, I would be absolutely amazed.

However, I don’t let any fear that I feel either paralyze me or silence me. I just keep fighting, I just keep spreading the seeds of truth as best as I am able to.

I am not happy about the likelihood of my going down personally, and I am going to dearly miss both of my children, Max and Willy, if I do. However, my going down probably cannot be helped (as there are just far too many people’s pocketbooks involved, and there is just far too much money and power at stake). Therefore, I choose to focus on what I can help with; “planting the seeds of truth deep enough” such that the drug industry goes down with me as well. (Hopefully, this material helped to do just this.)

Lastly, perhaps a few words from Joan Mathews-Larson are in order for the closure of this blog. In an email to me dated October 8, 2007 she said:

“I have been at a conference in California all last week: These people are in the addictions and alternate medicine field… and now many have thoughts on what I have heard.

I do believe you know experientially what many of them do not “get” about the combined value of key nutrients. I noted that most of the participants are fixated on certain aminos only and do not see the whole picture of adding other missing co-enzymes, EFAs, etc.”

Yes, Joan, just as Adelle Davis taught us all almost four decades ago, and as my son Willy has proved to the world, the healing intervention of balanced and broad based supplementation “taken all at once” is by far the best.

Allen Darman

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