Another blog on Adelle Davis, my being hacked problem, etc. (November 2007)

Dear friends:

Over the past month I have had a chance to read and reread Adelle Davis’s book “Let’s Eat Right To Keep Fit” about five times now. This book is chock full of useful information and concepts… despite its age. I cannot recommend it enough to any person interested in alternative health and health recovery.

Almost four decades ago Adelle Davis knew that the norm for tens of millions of Americans was to be broadly essential nutrient deficient, at a considerable cost to both their health and their optimal enjoyment of life.

And almost four decades ago, Adelle Davis also knew that to correct broad essential nutrient deficiency properly, all of the essential nutrient range should be taken “all at once”.

Adelle Davis did try to correct the doctors that were only using a few nutrients in which to effect health recovery. On page 229 of the book that I have, she stated “When an individual takes vitamin B1 or a physician gives injections of vitamin B12, either is granting that nutrition has little value; since some forty nutrients are considered essential, he is approximately one-fortieth part-smart. Wonderful physicians have made such outstanding contributions by their clinical research with vitamins B1, B2, and niacin that they have become famous; yet these brilliant men are still, nutritionwise, only part-smart.”

Adelle Davis was quite aware of Dr. Abram Hoffer and his successful work with schizophrenic persons and niacin when she stated the above, as elsewhere in her book she highly praised Dr. Hoffer and his work. However, I feel that in the aforementioned statement she was trying to gently correct him and other doctors that were “only using a few nutrients in which to heal”, as well as get him and these other doctors to look at the entire nutrient range, rather than just a few nutrients such as niacin, other B vitamins, vitamin C, zinc, etc.)

I consider Adelle Davis as being “conceptually brilliant”, as far as the use of nutrients to rebuild physical and mental health is concerned. She was way ahead of her time… and she is still very germane today, even though she did not understand the subject of food allergy that well (an example being she recommended eggs and milk to all).

And I consider my son Willy, and the eight other persons I have seen over the years successfully take a broad based nutrient approach that I gave them, as strong anecdotal proof that Adelle Davis was “dead right” in her premise that “broad based supplementation taken all at once is best”.

Broad based supplementation, similar to what my son Willy is doing, is going to topple drug oriented medicine some day… it is only a matter of time. I know this “deep in my heart”.

Unfortunately a drug company (or companies) knows this too. That is why they are doing all they can to push the FDA and/or use Codex in regard to legally taking nutritional supplements out of the hands of the general public.

The tremendous healing power of broad based supplementation (which includes broad based vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and broad based free form amino acids taken “all at once”) also has to be why I have been “persistently hacked and/or tracked” every since Willy’s original recovery story came out in June 2006. The drug companies are apparently trying to intimidate me, discredit me, and/or slow my efforts down by hacking me and tracking me as they are. I can now add the states of Minnesota, Nebraska, Oregon, Nevada, and California to my “hacked and/or tracked” list, as in my travels over the past few months I have had computer difficulties and/or “computer weirdness” in all of these states, whether I was using my laptop, or using public computers (libraries, etc.) as well.

Incidentally, I am the only person in the entire alternative medical arena that is continually reporting computer problems with hackers. Something funny is sure going on here.

I think that the drug companies know that if I actually succeed in really getting the word of broad based supplementation out in the months to come, that they are going to soon lose tens of billions of dollars in corporate stock valuation (as their stock drops due to changing public perception of their industry), as well as tens of billions of dollars of revenue (if not much more) some day.

At this point the drug companies have to know that unless they can legally take supplements out of the public’s hands they are inevitably going to lose their dominance in the marketplace, as broad based supplementation, other alternative measures, and alternative medicine in general “take over”.

Who would not feel intimated by being repetitively “hacked and tracked” for the last seventeen months, knowing what I know about the power of broad based supplementation to heal? I certainly do feel intimidated. For I realize that “if I live”, and “if there is still legal access to nutritional supplements on the open market, as there is today”, the drug industry is going to fall… and fall hard… and that they are going to fall far sooner than most think.

Lastly, anecdotal video evidence of the resolution of a handful of cases of severe and longstanding depression via natural means (which can often be done within a matter of one to three days), when put on YouTube, may be “the beginning of the end of drug oriented medicine”. I can’t wait to find the means to do this, for when I do, my job is essentially over… as the world will pick up broad based supplementation, and the rest of what I know, from there.

What else can I say?


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