An update on Willy and I (December 2006)

What follows was recently posted to dozens of egroups involving over 20,000 people in total. This post may truly represent the end of the erroneous medical model for manic depression some day.


Dear group:

This material has been long delayed, mainly due to the fact that a party or parties) unknown to me repetitively hacked my computer all summer long, an oddity that began soon after my son Willy’s ADHD/bipolar recovery story was widely posted on the Internet in June 2006. In being hacked, I lost all of the data on my hard drive, and I lost the motherboard of the computer I was using as well. Who hacked me? Was this just a random event? Or was it a person paid for by pharmaceutical interests in an attempt to slow me down or discredit me, as Willy and I represent such a huge threat to their treatment of ADHD and bipolar disorder? I’ll never know who proactively acted to “shut my writing efforts down” by hacking me so repetitively all summer long and in such a damaging way. I sure hope that this does not happen again. [It unfortunately did]

Unfortunately, my new computer (an old one that was “fixed up” for me) shows signs of being targeted as well. I only had my cable connection installed at 5 PM on November 29th. In the first five days of being online, my Zone Alarm Firewall says that I have had 2108 intrusion attempts, 11 of which were high rated. It is now Thursday, December 7th, at 10 PM, only eight days and five hours after I got online with what was essentially “a new computer”. Zone Alarm now says that I have had 3071 intrusions blocked, and 16 of them were high rated. Five days after being online (on Monday), Ad Aware found 47 critical objects, one of which was a browser hijack attempt. BufferZone Security (another free security program that I downloaded as soon as I got online) counted 10,564 “unauthorized changes prevented” in the first five days of my being online. All of these numbers are unusually high, for a computer that has only been online for such a short time and is only being used an average of six to eight hours a day. I am apparently being targeted by someone. I have had a number of people that are far more computer knowledgeable than I confirm this.

I knew over six years ago that what I had discovered what going to cost the drug companies billions of dollars someday. With Willy, I now know that number is tens of billions… and that this day is coming soon. In my opinion, “our twin recoveries” (father and son) represent the end of the medical model for bipolar disorder. And what I have known for years would obsolete every antidepressant on earth… if I ever got some real help in regard to working out the details. No wonder the drug companies are scared of me.

On the positive side, there is much progress to report since I first wrote Willy’s amazing recovery story in June. The following is Willy’s updated recovery story, one that I sincerely hope that you will enjoy.

Lastly, the specifics of Willy’s supplement regime and any other natural measures that he used will be posted to the Internet by the end of December 2006.


Allen Darman

From ADHD To The Honor Roll And More… Willy’s Story as of December 2006.

Every time I see my son, I realize that I am witnessing a miracle. Willy’s recovery from ADHD and childhood bipolar disorder in the past twenty-eight months (beginning in August 2004) has been no less than miraculous. Willy has gone from being severely learning impaired to making the Honor Roll twice. He also went from being nearly the weakest child in his class to the second strongest. Willy won four academic awards last June at the completion of ninth grade, to include the Principal’s Award, which is the most prestigious award given. (Only four children out of over 200 received this award, from a school system that is considered one of the better ones in the US.)

My son has certainly come a long way from being a sickly child, his ADHD diagnosis, taking Ritalin for four and a half years, and failing the third grade.

Although Willy was diagnosed with ADHD at six years old, he was actually third generation bipolar (my mother, myself, and then Willy). At six years old Willy said a few times “I think about suicide a lot”. And as young as six Willy could talk non-stop for over an hour with four people in a car, the rest of us hardly able to get in a single word edgewise. Willy’s ADHD diagnosis was a misdiagnosis; he exhibited
classic bipolar symptoms, just as my mother and I did for decades. (I became well naturally from bipolar disorder in the late 1990’s.)

However, none of this matters now! Not only did Willy overcome ADHD, he overcame bipolar disorder in himself as well. He now exhibits no ADHD or bipolar symptoms whatsoever, after having done so for about seven years prior to his using natural therapies. No more mood swings! Willy is one happy, stable, and content child. A teacher asked him last year “why are you so happy all the time?”

The beauty of my son Willy’s recovery story is that “he essentially cured himself”. I may have taught Willy what he needed to know, but as a non-custodial parent, I did not have the liberty to apply alternative medicine to my son, nor bring him to an alternative doctor for the same. I had to teach Willy beginning at age thirteen what he had to do to become well. However, he had to apply this knowledge to himself, with no one in attendance to help him while he did so.

In regard to Willy’s physical health, there have been many remarkable changes in the past two years. During his childhood he exhibited both “easy bruising” and chronic spontaneous nosebleeds, as well as had very soft teeth. He no longer bruises, nosebleeds are rare vs. common, and his teeth are much healthier. Willy’s ability to avoid getting sick, his ability to tolerate cold temperatures, and his ability to heal from an
accidental cut he might get are all remarkably better as well.

Willy was also a very small child throughout his childhood vs. others his age. This is not the case today. He has grown about six inches in height in the past twenty-eight months and has gained about 60 lbs.
as well. He has also gone from a sickly child that could barely bench press 60 lbs. in August 2004 to being able to bench press 240 lbs. in May 2006, 250 lbs. in June 2006, and 280 lbs. at the end of September 2006. Willy can also leg press “over” 400 lbs. today. (Willy told me told me that 400 lbs. is the exercise machine’s maximum. He also told me that he can do this leg press four times, which means that the maximum weight Willy can for this exercise would actually be something “over” 400 lbs. Willy also told me that he exceeds (can do) the maximum weight on other exercise equipment besides the leg press machine at the gym he goes to as well. Yet he is only 5’6” tall and only weighs only 175 lbs. himself (a gain of about 24 lbs. of healthy weight since June).

Willy is much stronger than most grown men, despite the fact he just turned sixteen on September 18, 2006. Never in my life have I seen such a weak sickly child gain the degree of health, physical strength, and stamina that my son has, or come even close. And Willy did so in such a short time (beginning in August 2004), with no parental pushing of any sort, but rather by his own free choice and by using his own self-discipline to do so.

I did question my son a few days ago on how much time he actually spends lifting weights. Willy said he goes to the gym about 3 or 4 times a week, and stays for only about 45 minutes or so. Willy also has a weight set at home, which he said he usually spends about 15 minutes a day on. Willy is certainly not a kid that spends all of his time in the gym or at home lifting weights… that’s for sure. Like a typical
child in America today, Willy spends the bulk of his free time on video games, computer games, or watching TV. He is not working out all the time, or being pushed to work out by either of his parents. Willy
just does what he wants to, as most teenagers do… but he also gets his homework for school done on time.

A few months ago I questioned Willy on “what do you normally eat for breakfast, and he said “a bagel and cream cheese” (to which I said “Ouch! Can’t you do better than that? Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day”.) And he is eating a standard (nutrient deficient) American diet (SAD) at home for the most part (other than more fresh fruits and vegetables than most his age), as well as he is
eating standard (nutrient deficient) school lunches at school.

Only recently (in October and November), after Willy had bench pressed 280 lbs., did I get him any “standard weight lifting supplements” such as creatine and glutamine. Willy’s amazing gain in strength, health, and wellness has come from probiotics taken
daily, some reduction in allergic food exposure, some digestive enzyme use, baggies of supplements that he takes every other day or so, a multivitamin and some of the other baggie nutrient components on the days in between, and his own self directed exercise program at
home and at the gym. Willy does skip taking baggies of supplements every day due to cost… as he knows that I just can’t afford to “supplement him and heal him all the way, if money was no object”. (What a lesson the world is losing here, as the result of a lack of a few dollars that I just don’t have.)

Willy is admittedly still somewhat reading impaired. However, this is steadily improving, and it will hopefully no longer be an issue soon. Despite being reading impaired, Willy made the Honor Roll twice (the
last two times he received his grades last June and this November), and he got an 89 and a 91 on his two New York State Regents Exams last year.

How did all of this happen?

It may have helped that I was Willy’s father. In being his father, I was able to visit Willy often enough on weekends to be able to teach him what he needed to know in order to cure himself. As a non-custodial parent I could not control his diet, monitor his digestive or bowel health, or give him the supplements that he needed to take. The only way we could succeed is that I had to teach Willy to “become
an effective doctor of himself”. (I estimate the total time I have used to teach Willy was about 50 hours in aggregate in the past two years… mostly given in snippets of conversations on the weekend while I
was driving somewhere, usually on a “woods or creek adventure”, with my son. Much of the time I spent teaching Willy, I was simply continually harping on hidden food allergy and other common problematic gut issues, and teaching Willy how and why to cope with
them over and over again.)

I had another serious roadblock in my way in regard to helping my son Willy to become well. Due to the fact that my ex-wife staunchly believed in the medical model and I had no legal say in my children’s health care decisions, this meant that for Willy and I to begin to use alternative therapies we had to sneak around my ex-wife to get away with this, or I could be taken to court. This situation sure put a restriction on how things are normally done supplement-wise. My
son insisted at the beginning that we only use one supplement period (regime) a day. He was as scared as I was of being caught, as he knew how adamant his mother was against my suggestions to use nutritional and natural supplements. So we decided in late July of 2004 to do something very unusual supplement-wise. This was to combine over sixty capsules or tablets of a few dozen different supplements into a small plastic bag (we call this a “baggie”), and take them all at once in order to minimize the risk of his being caught. In truth, Willy “invented the baggie”, not I.

About five months after Willy and I began working together, Willy did get caught. Thankfully, by the time this happened Willy had already become so much better that my ex-wife wisely decided to let me
continue to work with my son without any further interference.

From almost day one Willy knew that the baggie of supplements that he requested and that I put together for him in the summer of 2004 was extremely helpful to him. He clearly felt better on the days he took his baggie vs. those days he did not.

Almost half of the capsule count in Willy’s baggies involved fourteen grams or so of broad spectrum (over 20) free form amino acids, to include one gram of tryptophan, one and a half grams of glutathione
precursors, and some taurine.

Willy’s baggie also contained the key “brain braking” nutrient combination of L-carnitine and phosphatidyl choline, in order to cover the single neurotransmitter (acetylcholine) that amino acids don’t make. (I personally feel it would almost invariably be a big mistake for a bipolar person to take the amount of broad based amino acids that Willy and I do withouttaking carnitine and enough phosphatidyl choline as well at the same time. I also feel that it would be a big mistake for a bipolar person that is recovering naturally to ignore the tremendous therapeutic power of broad based amino acids, or to ignore the therapeutic power of certain individual amino acids as

Willy’s baggie had an “off-the-shelf” multivitamin in it, one that contained many minerals as well. Additional capsules of vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, and zinc were added to boost the dosages of these essential nutrients, even though they were all in the multivitamin. (I felt the dosages of some nutrients in this multivitamin were inadequate for my son’s needs.)

Willy’s baggie also contained capsules of the “good oils” of fish, flax, borage, evening primrose, cod liver, and coconut. In addition, it contained digestive enzymes, super blue-green algae, chlorella,
spirulina, grape seed extract, quercitin, and milk thistle. (Willy’s specific supplement regime will be widely posted to the Internet in December 2006.)

Nutrients definitely seem to work in synergy with each other. As Adelle Davis alluded to decades ago, “give the body the full range of nutrient tools it may need to heal, and let the wisdom of the body (God? Nature?) do the rest”.

Besides using baggies, Willy has been taking quality probiotics almost daily from August 2004. Probiotics were, and still are, a critical intervention for him.

I am absolutely awed by my son’s mental and physical wellness, and how relatively easy it was for him to effect such wellness on himself over the past few years. Willy sure seems “to set the bar” (the
standard) for bipolar and/or general health recovery worldwide. And yet he tells me in regard to his recovery “Dad, what I did was so easy” (both of us are amazed at how easy it was).

Willy belongs on prime time TV… what a story he (or he and I) could tell. Willy does not even have to say a word and he shows wellness… his aura is one of health and happiness for sure.

Perhaps some day the world will appreciate what my brave son Willy did in regard to taking as many supplements as he has in order to cure himself of ADHD and bipolar disorder. Thank You Willy for trusting me when I told you that the baggie of supplements that I concocted in the summer of 2004 would be helpful to you. And Thank You Willy for accepting my guidance throughout your remarkable recovery journey to much better health.

Unfortunately, Willy and I now realize that there exists a very substantial prejudice in most people at taking as many supplements as we regularly do all at once. Willy and I both know that this prejudice is in error. Taking many nutritional supplements at once is not harmful (assuming they are adequately balanced).

This prejudice against taking many supplements all at once will probably be overcome in a little time. The truth here is that drugs affect people in small amounts (a tablet or two), while nutrition needs much greater physical mass to have adequate therapeutic effect (and thus sixty or more tablets or capsules may be needed to get “the healing job done”, as is the case with both Willy and I).

For both Willy and I taking baggies is by far the most helpful approach in regard to us “curing ourselves” and staying cured (getting well and staying well). I cannot help but believe that some day it is perhaps
inevitable that millions of persons will be saying the very same thing…. that “their baggies” of broad based nutritional supplementation have helped them tremendously in regard to their recovering their physical or mental health.

However, please remember that supplements cannot do it all, especially if you continue to eat your allergic foods, you have too much candida, etc. poisoning you, or you lack an adequate amount of digestive enzymes in order to digest your food intake well. When dealing with ADHD or bipolar disorder, even if you use an alternative doctor to guide you, it is wise to learn all you can about the common malabsorptive issues of (1) hidden food allergy, (2) intestinal dysbiosis (candida, too many “bad bugs”, parasites, etc.), and (3) a lack of digestive enzymes, as these are the three most common malabsorptive issues that actually cause ADHD or bipolar disorder in the first place. Other health issues “that you can learn to fix in yourself better than any doctor can” such as leaky gut, detoxification, acidosis, hypoglycemia, environmental allergens, liver cleansing, kidney
cleansing, possibly low stomach acidity, inadequate hydration, etc. may all also be worth learning about as well. (Sherry Roger’s books, found on, may be a good start as far as this learning is concerned. But don’t just read her, many other alternative health authors have written great books as well.)

Don’t fall victim to the drug companies, due to the fact you lack a little bit of knowledge that you could learn by yourself. And don’t fall victim to medical doctors that do not understand the therapeutic use of
nutrients, hidden food allergies, intestinal dysbiosis, why and how to use digestive enzymes, etc. These parties summarily either promote or prescribe toxic medication for the sake of lining their pockets and keeping their jobs. And don’t fall victim to alternative medical doctors that say you need a lot of expensive and marginally useful laboratory tests (some tests may be wise, but many are not). Educate yourself, like my teenage son Willy did. (At age fourteen, after only a few dozen hours of my teaching him, Willy knew more about how to “cure himself” of a lack of physical and mental health than any medical
doctor that had ever treated him.)

God forbid I ever have the luxury of living with my son. Willy has an even higher level of wellness to show the world, as I teach him “hands on” how to rather readily effect such on himself at home, with no
medical doctor either present or necessary. Willy continues to learn more over time in regard to what he needs to in order to become “a more effective doctor of himself”. There is more that I hope to teach him if we live together some day.

Lastly, Willy has generated one of the most remarkable childhood bipolar recovery stories in the entire world. (Even though Willy was only formally diagnosed with ADHD, he was truly bipolar.) As a result of my son Willy’s amazing recovery, one that I essentially orchestrated with “two hands tied behind my back” (I have not lived with my son for ten years), I sure hope the world will begin to take a look at my prior knowledge and my prior written work. As far back as October 1997 I had made some crucial discoveries in regard to properly understanding and treating manic depression (bipolar disorder). And by April 2000, I had developed a revolutionary degree of insight in
regard to how to treat depression (this knowledge has become even better over time). These discoveries may actually be important to the survival of the very planet, as mood is such a crucial determinant to human behavior. Even if they are not, these discoveries are certainly very important to the survival of tens of thousands of persons that “die by their own hand” every year (suicide). Yet these discoveries are still
at a standstill, due to the fact that I have yet to get any of the help or the collaboration that I need. Hopefully, my son Willy’s story will result in my finding the resources that I need in order to “finish
the contribution that I wish to make to the world”.

Allen Darman


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