An encouraging initial anecdotal report

Dear friends:

A person contacted me fairly recently in regard to her son. She was looking for a natural remedy for her son’s bipolar diagnosis.

What follows is her original email to me dated January 27, 2008, as well as a follow-up email dated February 14, 2008.

Despite the fact that the person referred to in this email was only taking baggies of supplements for a fairly short time, the wording in this follow-up email is very encouraging.

I have also included a third email in this blog. This email was my response to the encouraging anecdotal report that I had received. It was sent by me due to the fact that as much as baggies of supplements similar to what my son Willy and I take can do for many persons, in the case of bipolar disorder they just cannot do it all (as one’s malabsorptive factors also need to be dealt with as well).

After these three emails is a conclusion.


Email #1, dated January 27, 2008:


I’ve been researching all night on alternatives to any medication for bipolar.

My son was admitted to the emergency room last night because he was hallucinating after taking a new anti psychotic medication for 3 days.

We keep changing medications and I just feel like there is no light at the end of this dark tunnel. He has a high tolerance to medications so it has been difficult finding something to work in normal doses. He has already developed the tics that come from anti psychotics and now I’m really ready to try something new. We did try Seredyn and he said it didn’t work for him. We’ve also tried various other herbs.

I made a copy of Willy’s bag and I’m going to go buy everything on the list to get him started on it when he gets home.

I just wanted to write to you to let you know I was going to try this since I don’t really have anyone else that understands what I am going through. And I’m sure he feels the same way.

I will let you know how it turns out.

Thank you so much for sharing all of your information and spending all the time, money and effort in helping others.

(name removed for confidentiality purposes)

Email #2, dated February 14, 2008

Hi Allen,

I just wanted to let you know that my son is getting better every day.

We have discovered that B-12 makes him too hyperactive so we are staying away from that right now. He is really coming around and seeing for himself that this is really working. He’s staying away from the cheese too. He’s a little hesitant about cutting back on the anti psychotic medication, but I think, in time, he will cut back and eventually come off of it.

Thank you again for all of your help. You really have been an answer to my prayers.

(name removed for confidentiality purposes)

Email #3, written by me and dated February 15, 2008:

Dear (name removed for confidentiality purposes::

This is great news! Keep up the good work.

Your son should continue to get better and better over time, as he learns how to use nutritional supplements, corrects his diet, and learns how to identify and correct various malabsorptive issues in himself (the same ones that led him to become so seriously nutrient deficient and/or toxic in the first place).

When I first started using “shotgun nutritional supplementation” in the fall of 1997, it took me about two months to feel like a million dollars vs. being unable to sleep without heavy meds, and chronically symptomatic of bipolar for years (either one way or the other). During this two month period of time I did not just use a wide range of supplements… I also underwent a series of colonics to remove a lot of “ten year old gunk” in my colon, and this step helped me a great deal. In addition, I eliminated dairy, wheat, other gluten grains, and eggs (I began to deal with at least some of the hidden food allergies that I had). I also started using probiotics on a regular basis (dosing up slowly to avoid a die off reaction), as well as took a 50 mg. B complex vitamin and 3,000 mg. of vitamin C at every meal (later as I learned more I added powerful digestive enzymes to this mealtime supplementation).

I could not believe the difference that the above logically obvious steps made in how I felt and functioned… it just took me a little bit of time. I told my son Willy when he first began using supplements on himself…. “think of yourself as a deep well (of water), and you have a garden hose in which to fill yourself up. Taking nutrients is like using this garden hose to fill a deep well… it is going to take you a little time to fill yourself up with nutrients such that things in your body and brain work right”.

I also told my son Willy when he began to use supplements, that “sometimes people react differently to various supplements that I am giving you”. I told him “to listen to your own body and brain, and make whatever adjustments that you feel you need to… as only you really know how you feel when you take this stuff”. Your son will undoubtedly learn over time what he has to in regard to making “necessary supplementation adjustments for his own self”, just as mine did… and I am glad to see that you and he are already making a correction in this regard (the B-12).

Once the baggies have had another week or so to work, if I was your son, I would focus on the following as three major improvements to just using baggies all on their own; (1) introduce FRESH raw organic vegetable juices such as cabbage, kale, swiss chard, etc., (2) dose up SLOWLY (to avoid a die off reaction) on a HSO probiotic called Primal Defense Ultra, or dose up SLOWLY using Primal Defense in powdered form (the Primal Defense caplets, or tablets, are NO good here, as they just don’t work well at all), and (3) go on an elimination diet (once you have properly educated yourself on how to do so).

The three major improvements to “baggies alone” that are suggested above should achieve very profound results within a matter of one to four weeks, depending on how long it takes for dosing up on the HSO probiotic to clear up poor gut floral issues adequately, and how well one’s hidden food allergies are identified and eliminated.

[Warning: whenever introducing any probiotic for the first time, and whenever using such a powerful probiotic as Primal Defense powder or powder in capsules, FULLY educate yourself on what a die off reaction is, as well as read what one of my blogs says in regard to die off reaction resolution using lots of vitamin C, lots of water, bentonite and psyllium, etc.]

At some point the meds will become unnecessary, if not counterproductive to your son’s healing progress. He and you can best determine this, not I. Tapering off of meds is not my strong suit at all, and I am not your best advisor in this regard. (There is a great deal of information on tapering off meds in both books and on the net. I should perhaps mention that the use of nutrients, such as your son is doing at the present time, may shorten drug taper time considerably.)

Good luck on your son’s continued success… and don’t hesitate to contact me if your son ever “gets stuck” in regard to what he is doing to become well. I will continue to help you all that I can, as my time allows.

All the very best,


Conclusion to this blog

Bipolar disorder is absolutely curable. It is simply a question of getting one’s essential nutrient status “up to par”, such that bipolar symptoms are no longer present. It is also a question of dealing with whatever dietary and malabsorptive issues caused such substantial essential nutrient deficiency in the first place.

Malabsorption of essential nutrients should be considered “the major cause” of bipolar disorder almost 100% of the time. The most common malabsorptive causes in virtually everyone that suffers from such are: (1) hidden food allergies, (2) a yeast called candida, (3) other intestinal dysbiosis issues besides candida, (4) a probable lack of digestive enzymes, (5) a possible lack of adequate stomach acid, (6) inadequate hydration, (7) not enough exercise such as walking, and (8) a clogged liver and/or gall bladder, which impairs the secretion of bile.

Incidentally, the best person to deal with each and every one of the malabsorptive causes listed above is the person affected by them, once they are properly educated in how to do so. (No doctor can fix this stuff as well as You can!, that’s for sure.)

I cannot recommend enough that persons whom are diagnosed bipolar try a broad based supplement regime similar to that of my son Willy (as is detailed in two blogs on, as well as identify and correct all common malabsorptive causes in themselves. I cleared up over three decades of bipolar symptoms in myself by doing such. And my son Willy has generated perhaps the most profound ADHD, childhood bipolar, and weak and sickly health recoveries on the planet. (Willy looks and feels just awesome! whenever I have the pleasure to see him. In my opinion this young man sure belongs on a show like Oprah… as the story that he and I have to tell is so important.)

Lastly, I sincerely believe that it is only a matter of time before enough anecdotal reports in regard to persons that are diagnosed bipolar using “Willy’s baggie” of supplements, coupled with these same persons effectively dealing with all of their common malabsorptive causes as well, will end the conventional medical model for bipolar disorder. Enough similar anecdotal reports will also end the conventional medical model for depression worldwide as well. (Both of the aforementioned statements assume that the general public in the U.S. still has free legal access to a wide range of therapeutic nutritional supplements, of course. If this ever becomes no longer the case, the “true healing” of bipolar disorder, depression, and so much else, is doomed… and God help us all, for the drug industry never will.)



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