Adelle Davis; a true pioneer (September 2007)

Dear friends:

I just finished rereading Adelle Davis’s book “Let’s Eat Right To Keep Fit”. Despite the age of this book (copyrighted 1954 and 1970), it still has quite a bit of useful concepts and useful information for those persons that are interested in nutrition and health. (I cannot recommend this book enough for those persons wishing to overcome mental illness naturally, as it has so much information I have not found published anywhere else. Adelle Davis had only one gaping hole in her knowledge; she did not have an adequate degree of insight about the power and prevalence of hidden food allergy.)

Decades ago Adelle Davis foresaw the decline of the health of the American populace as a result of nutrient deficiencies, processed food intake, “junk food” intake, etc.

I dare say that Ms. Davis would be appalled at the extent of processed food and “junk food” intake today. She would also be appalled at the enormous growth of the drug industry, an industry that espouses medication and only medication for every essential nutrient deficiency under the sun.

Adelle Davis had the concept of the use of broad based nutrition “right”. On page 106 of the book I just read she stated “Because all nutrients are used together in the body, health can be rebuilt faster when as many nutrients as possible are furnished together and thus made available at one time”.

It is unfortunate that Ms. Davis did not have the range and the quality of the nutritional supplements that are widely available today. Perhaps if she had, she could have done much more healing-wise than she did.

Willy’s baggie of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, and helpful cofactors can be considered an extension of the wisdom of Adelle Davis.

It is perhaps only a matter of a little more time before the wisdom of broad based supplementation (such as Willy’s baggie or similar) is realized as being a big part of “the right approach” for the correction of depression, bipolar disorder, and so much else. Many psychiatric conditions and states are simply nutrient deficiency states. The wisdom of using broad based supplementation, and then letting “God sort things out”, applies to many “psychiatric labels”. (The single notable exception to this is copper, which many persons with psychiatric conditions are high in. It may be wise to be tested for minerals if you have any mental illness, and one of the key things that you should look at is copper vs. zinc. As always, educate yourself! Don’t just rely on a doctor’s advice.)

It is also only a matter of a little more time before the antidepressant class of medication is going to be shown for “the big lie” that it is.

Very simply put, drugs don’t stand a chance against broad based and balanced nutritional supplementation when treating a state of depression, especially when common malabsorptive factors such as hidden food allergy, candida, a lack of digestive enzymes, etc. are dealt with as well.

Allen Darman

14 thoughts on “Adelle Davis; a true pioneer (September 2007)

  1. I am also very influenced by Adele Davis. Can’t understand why her findings are not more widely known and available!

    I am so glad to hear about your son’s improved health. My daughter also suffers from many allergies. From what I understand of Adele Davis’ findings – she advises that all allergies in the body are created from some kind of stress. Getting to the route of that stress is a different matter entirely as we all suffer in different ways. I know from my daughter that she is quite highly strung and gets upset easily so there could be the cause and effect. I use a variety of natural remedies to cure her – including alkalizing water, a blend of omega oils and apple cider vinegar, plus more….

  2. I have been reading Adelle Davis for years, the reason the information in her books are not widely distributed is because she had always denounced a corrupt food and pharmaceutical industry that now is the major cause of the obesity related illnesses in the western world. Why cure people with nutrition (giving the person control) when you can make billions from “foodless food” as the junk food industry does, and then reap the benefits of supplying the recipients of this mass produced over-refined rubbish with medication for the illnesses ie heart disease and diabetes that this type of food produces. Adelle Davis was spot on but the medical associations, food companies and the FDA have always minimised and belittled her work.

  3. I ‘discovered’ Adelle Davis in the 1970s and have been a ‘disciple’ ever since. I have followed the advice in her books at all stages of my life, including pregnancy. The efficacy of her advice has been constantly reaffirmed to me throughout the past four decades. By following the anti-stress formula I have brought myself back to health on many occasions and maintained my health by taking the vitamin supplements she recommends. Since discovering Adelle Davis’ books (in my local library) I have lived my life by her principles and precepts. I absolutley agree with the sentiments expressed by Allen, Erica and Lucy. The woman was a genius. I remember a new medical ‘break through’ being announced in the 1980s when the role of folic acid in preventing spina bifida was discovered. Adelle Davis had been writing about this very subject 30 years previously. Over the years when I have heard of some particular ‘new medical break through’ I am aware that Adelle David was making this information available through her books 50 years ago. I often wish she was still alive (although I appreciate she would be almost 100 years of age if still alive) so that she could keep me informed of new information and research in the fields of nutrition and vitamin and mineral supplements. I wanted to call my daughter Adelle, after Adelle Davis but my husband did not like the name! I like to read information on the internet about her and find references to her being a “quack”, which saddens me. I often wonder if there is a nutritionist out there who writes in a similar vein to Adelle Davis and has contined where Adelle Davis left off.

  4. My mom was constantly reading Adelle Davis in the 70’s. “Adelle Davis says you need this vitamin”, “Adelle Davis says you need that vitamin”, “Adelle Davis says…” I asked her, “Can’t I just take a multivitamin and be done with it?”

  5. Me too, all of the above!
    Adelle Davis was one of the greats, I still have her books and she influenced me throughout my life.

  6. My mother treated 5 children by reading Adell davis’s book. I began reading her books when my older sister shipped it with some of my stuff. I didn’t have health insurance at the time so I was using the book to give me insite to what i was dealing with looking at the symptons…today @ age I am so glad I didn’t have health coverage so I could see another way plus found the vast knowledge this woman [way before her time] had. I now rely on her books first before going elsewhere. Her books are amaizing good and ”
    right on”

  7. I’ve been an Adele Davisist most of my life, introduced by my mother. I recall a mention in one of her books about creases in fingertips but I cannot find it again. Can anyone help?

  8. My mother followed Adele Davis and I am 70 years old. I’ve searched all of her books and I can’t find a recommendation for little creases on the fingertips and vertical lines around the mouth. I’m sure I read it years ago –and it may have been for Vitamin B-2 — but I can’t find it now. I tried the AD Foundation but “no soap.” Any ideas are welcome. Thanks,

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