A picture of Willy; and some on the “food allergy puzzle” (March 2007)

Dear friends:

I took a few pictures of Willy this weekend. This is one of them. In one hand Willy is showing the baggie of nutrients that did so much for him (along with regular probiotics use, some digestive enzyme use, and some allergic food avoidance).

Thirty two months ago Willy was a weak and sickly child, far behind most his age in regard to both his physical health and his physical strength. Such is not the case now. Willy has amazed both his classmates and his teachers at the high school that he attends at how strong and healthy he has become in the past two and a half years or so. At the end of February, Willy bench pressed 300 lbs. for the first time. (He is only sixteen and a half years old, and he weighs about 170 lbs.)

And thirty two months ago, Willy struggled to read even a sentence or two (he was severely reading impaired). A few weeks ago Willy told me he had just completed reading a nine hundred page book. Although I feel that Willy still has a way to go in the “reading and writing department” (Willy himself admits he is a very bad speller), he has clearly made very major progress in regard to his academic skills. This is evidenced by the 98 he received on the only mid term NYS Regents Exam he took in January, and the fact that he made the Honor Roll last June, this past November, and just missed doing so by less than a point in January.

Thirty two months ago Willy was also a very “moody child”, and he had been such since he was six years old (his mood swings were rather severe at this age). Depressive symptoms were common to Willy in the winter months throughout his childhood, and hyperactivity was common during the spring and summer ones (similar to myself when I was a child).

At the present time, Willy exceeds almost all of his classmates in regard to his physical strength (even those that are older), he seems to have finally turned the corner in regard to his ability to read and achieve academically, and he is no longer “moody” or hyperactive at all, regardless of the season.

Willy’s serious lack of both physical and “mental” health is over! He got well. Thank God.

And Willy just keeps trying. He continues to get better month after month. I have no idea where his wellness will end given more time.

In regard to “the food allergy puzzle”:

What puzzles me about Willy’s ADHD and bipolar recovery is that he tested allergic (via RBC, and the testing lab was Metametrix) to wheat and milk in 1997, yet he recovered despite not fully eliminating these foods from his diet. Willy did stop drinking milk about three or four years ago at my suggestion, but he does not hesitate to eat foods such as lasagna, if they are the dinner that his mother has cooked for him that night. (Perhaps, needless to say, lasagna is a pretty big dose of dairy and wheat.) Willy does try to avoid the foods that he knows he is allergic to, or that he reacts to (such as eggs, popcorn, ice cream, and pizza). However, he does not always “obey his own rules” in these regards. Willy will have a bowl of ice cream or some popcorn every once in a while, and then clear out such exposure as best he can by eating a few apples or some fibrous vegetables later.

Many food allergy problems that Willy seemed to have three years ago or so seem to be greatly reduced in their effect. In some cases they seem to have been resolved altogether.

The only thing I can surmise here is that whatever Willy did supplement-wise (his baggie of synergistic nutrients), and otherwise (the regular use of probiotics and digestive enzymes), certainly seems to have mitigated many hidden food allergies that he seemed to have prior to the use of such. Willy definitely seems to be far less allergic to foods than he was when he started healing naturally back in 2004. (We recently had a discussion about this.)

Incidentally, both Willy and I use (1) swollen fingers and weak grip strength upon “wake up in the morning” as our primary “food allergy exposure indicator”, (2) excessive nasal mucous production as a second potential indicator, (3) the onset of an unusual degree of abdominal bloating as a third indicator, (4) a sense of “real tiredness” after eating as a fourth (eggs do this to both Willy and I. Eggs are my most serious food allergy, and they may be Willy’s most serious as well.), and (5) the appearance under our eyes as a fifth indicator of food allergy exposure. (These allergy indicators come from suggestions from Dr. Doris Rapp’s books, Dr. William Crook’s books, suggestions from other sources, and from our own experience as well.)

Willy has never undergone the use of an elimination diet to determine his potential hidden food allergies. An elimination diet is considered “the gold standard” for determining hidden food allergies, and is considered better than any laboratory test for such. I personally benefited greatly from the use of such in order to overcome bipolar disorder in myself. My son has yet to do this, in part due to the fact that I could get no cooperation whatsoever from his mother in this regard. I never thought Willy would become so well, due to the fact that the food allergy issue was never dealt with properly. I was admittedly wrong in this assumption. Willy became amazingly well, despite only partial avoidance of foods he was very likely allergic to, at least in the beginning (before such allergies were either partially or wholly resolved).

Jordan Rubin (of Garden of Life) claimed in his recovery that when he “straightened out his gut”, he eliminated over fifty food allergies in himself. Perhaps some sort of substantial allergic reduction happened to my son as well.

It is a known fact that the walls of the small intestine (where roughly 85% of nutrient absorption takes place) slough off and are replaced every three days or so. As such, the walls of the small intestine seem to be one of the most active tissue sites in the body, almost “like an open wound of sorts”, and one that is constantly and continually healing. Due to this constant tissue replacement, the lining of the small intestine may be one of the most nutrient dependent sites in the body. The “complete slug of synergistic and/or essential nutrients” that Willy’s baggie represents must really help the lining of the small intestines, if not the entire GI tract. (This is logical conclusion. I am not “using a microscope” here.)

Willy’s baggie, coupled with the regular use of probiotics, and some digestive enzyme use, seems to be profoundly “gut healing” and/or “gut corrective” in some way. Perhaps this is its greatest value. When taken on a regular basis every few days or so (as my son is doing, while taking baggie components in between), Willy’s baggie, coupled with other things I have mentioned prior (such as probiotics use, digestive enzyme use, some allergic food avoidance, etc.), seems to greatly help both the condition and the function of the gut. And Willy’s baggie, coupled with the regular use of probiotics and digestive enzymes, also seems to have reduced Willy’s predisposition to be allergic to certain foods. (Again, this is all logical conclusion. I have no way to prove what simple logic tells me must be so.)

Conclusion to “the food allergy puzzle”

Willy’s profound health recovery does not make “alternative medical sense”. He got amazingly better, while breaking a lot of “alt med rules” at the same time. In his recovery, Willy often ate some of his “known” allergic foods, such as dairy and wheat. Willy also got better despite eating the Standard American Diet, as deficient as it tends to be. (The notable exceptions to Willy eating the S.A.D. are he eats much more fresh fruits and vegetables than the norm, much less sugar than the norm, and he avoided milk, eggs, and some of his other food allergens, at least some of the time.)

In stating that my son became well despite not religiously avoiding some of his probable food allergens, I am not suggesting that others do the same. Certainly the chronic ingestion of food allergens can cripple the gut, as well as cripple one’s mental and physical health. I am only suggesting that whatever Willy did to become well seemed to take a great deal of the food allergy issue out of the equation. Perhaps there are some clues here that are worth investigating.

The gist of Willy’s ADHD and bipolar recovery and some if its social implications:

Willy’s baggie carried the brunt of his health recovery, the regular use of probiotics definitely helped (if not was crucial), the use of powerful digestive enzymes helped, and some allergic food avoidance helped as well. Willy and I are both astonished at how easy it was for him to get as well as he has.

Willy and I quite literally went for weeks on end over the past thirty two months not collaborating with each other at all. Willy simply continued to supplement himself, as he had learned how to do in the beginning. And he was watchful of his diet. Willy continued to take care of his own needs throughout his recovery, often with no one in attendance to help him or further guide him at all.

In essence, my son Willy, who was a very “learning impaired” teenager (in the beginning of his recovery), learned what he had to in order to “cure himself” of both ADHD and bipolar disorder. At the same time he seemed to profoundly overcome a lack of general physical health as well.

In truth, “the best doctor of you is you”. Willy is an example of this. I taught Willy in his teen years to take full personal responsibility for his own health, and to be “an effective doctor of himself”.

Willy’s recovery strongly suggests that self-empowering health education should be “the medicine of the future”, and that it should be universally taught to the public (perhaps in high school).

Unfortunately, no medical practitioner, either conventional or alternative, wants you to know the abovementioned things, and they will stauchly fight against such change. Why? Because self-empowering health education would profoundly cure far too many people, as well as bankrupt and shame much medical practice.

I sincerely hope that some research party in the world can find a way to extract any and all of the wisdom that can be had from my son’s amazing health recovery in the past two and a half years. It would seem to be a bit of a waste if any of the possibly significant lessons that might be learned here are never investigated by any research party at all. (However, such would not surprise me. This paragraph may be absolutely pointless, as modern medicine has “a totally blind eye” towards any cure that does not involve the prescription of medication, or any cure that cannot make them a good deal of money in some way.)

I pray to God that a way is found to look at illness sensibly some day, such that many are cured like my son Willy, and not just a few.

Allen Darman


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