A little bit regarding the commonality of psychiatric illnesses (February 2007)

Dear friends:

What follows is a recent egroup post that I made in regard the commonality of pscyhiatric illnesses. This post also includes a little at the end in regard to Willy’s willingness to try NCD (zeolite) for further detoxification soon.


Dear (name removed):

I really appreciate your very insightful reply to my recent post in here.

I do see a great commonality between the correction of other psychiatric illnesses (such as autism) and the correction of ADHD and bipolar disorder. It certainly appears that the proper correction of all psychiatric illnesses seems to involve using a broad array of nutrients, correction of the gut (of common malabsorptive and toxic issues in the gut), and detoxification.

“Understand the human cell, and you understand the human body.” A friend of mine taught me this simplistic but rather profound truth many years ago. And Dr. Charles Gant taught me many years ago (in 1997) that all chemical influence on a human cell can be divided into only three classes of substances; (1) nutrients, (2) allergens, and (3) toxins. Getting “the nutrient, allergic, and toxic equation” right sure seems to correct a lot… if not may inevitably be found to represent the core of “a foundation therapy to recover human health”.

I do follow a number of autism egroups. Willy will soon be trying NCD (zeolite), which is being used for autism in regard to detoxification. I am very thankful to have such a trusting son, and one that is willing to try new things in which to achieve better and better health. Willy seems to be doing a great job “as a guinea pig for the world”. He sure taught me a great deal in the past few years, just as I taught him a great deal as well. I expect us to continue to learn from each other in the future, and to share what we are learning with others (whom we may learn from as well).



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