A coming blog further explaining the use of free form amino acids


I should note that I have used powerful digestive enzymes of various sorts for over ten years, and my son Willy has used powerful digestive enzymes for a few years as well. Despite such usage, one that most certainly helps us to break down protein foods into their constituent amino acids, both Willy and I feel great benefit from taking broad based free form amino acids, and we have felt such benefit for years (about eight years for me, and about three and a half years for Willy).

Even if someone is using powerful digestive enzymes therapeutically, it is my firm belief that a trial of supplementing with adequately balanced broad based free form amino acids as per a prior blog on http://360.yahoo.com/allen_dar titled “The Neurotransmitter Precursor Group of Nutrients in Willy’s Baggie; and their cost” is “an absolute must” for almost EVERYONE that suffers from depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, autism, schizophrenia, and almost every psychiatric “label” under the sun. If such a simple trial is not done, a very powerful healing modality could rather easily be missed.

Dear group:

This blog is simply a rough introduction to another… a blog that I hope to post in here within the next month or so. This blog will contain quite a bit of the thought, knowledge, and experience underlying why I gave my teenage son Willy broad based free form amino acids (amongst other things) to help him to heal himself of ADHD, bipolar disorder, and weak and sickly health.

This blog will also contain what I know in regard to making amino acid dosage adjustments for persons of various ages, weights, and/or needs, for those of you that are asking for such (as a result of my previous blog).

Thankfully, I think that most persons between 110 and 180 lbs. or so will probably respond quite well to a very similar supplement routine as delineated in the blog titled “The Neurotransmitter Precursor Group of Nutrients in Willy’s Baggie; and their cost”. (Thankfully, the brains of “most of us human beings” have similar nutritional needs.) However, some persons may have to adjust upward or downward, depending on individual need… and I will try to help supply wise guidelines in these regards in this upcoming blog.

I knew in the fall of 1997 that free form amino acids are best “self-applied”. In an hour long speech that I gave in San Rafael, CA in January of 1998 on how to overcome bipolar disorder naturally, I introduced the following concept: “Doctors might be able to give you the names of the substances you need (I was talking about amino acids here), but they cannot give you the dosages that are right for you. You can determine amino acid dosage better for yourself better than ANY doctor can. This is because you are the person that knows the most about how you feel as a result taking amino acids. Therefore, you are the best person to make any dosage adjustments when need be.” (I think the same way today, only I have over ten years experience behind me, instead of only a handful of months.)

Finding a very safe and very useful balanced broad based amino acid dosage for oneself is not that hard to do at all. And one does not have to be “exact” here, by any means… as the range for such a safe and effective dosage is fairly broad (if not amazingly so). In addition to this, the body and brain are capable of making quite a few adjustments that they need to in order to remain in balance in these regards as well.

It may be worthy to note here that amino acids are used up daily to some degree as we go about our day. These are substances that need to be adequately replenished on a fairly regular basis, or a compromise in mood and/or one’s ability to function (work, play, think, etc.) is the inevitable end result.

The brain is very amino acid dependent. Ninety-nine out of the hundred or so neurotransmitters that are scientifically known are composed primarily of amino acid molecules, with perhaps a vitamin or mineral molecule (or molecules) needed in their production, depending on what these specific neurotransmitters are.

Please don’t let a big word like “neurotransmitter” throw you, or put you off. Anyone can learn about this stuff. The word “neurotransmitter” is simply a smokescreen, in regard to the general public knowing the plain truth of the matter. ALL neurotransmitters (as well as hormones and enzymes) are made from essential nutrient molecules; molecules with names such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids. Increasing the levels of these essential nutrient molecules will automatically increase the levels of any and/or all of the neurotransmitters, hormones, and/or enzymes that these nutrient molecules make in the body and in the brain.

No neurotransmitter molecule in the brain “lasts forever”. All neurotransmitter molecules are eventually broken down, and need to be replaced.

Neurotransmitters (1) are (sometimes) made in the brain (another place they are commonly made is “the gut”), (2) then used by the brain, (3) then eventually “used up”, and (4) then need to be adequately replaced… or (5) a low level of any (and/or all) of these neurotransmitters is the INEVITABLE end result. (All five of these irrefutable scientific facts continue to be ignored by conventional medicine as a whole when treating any “mental illness” whatsoever. This is ludicrous, if not is going to be found criminal some day.)

I told my son Willy right off the bat when he began to get well naturally that “You don’t have to know hardly anything about neurotransmitters, hormones, and enzymes in order to get better from either ADHD or bipolar disorder. All you need to know is (1) how to safely apply essential nutrients to yourself, as well as (2) identify and fix whatever reasons caused you to lack so much essential nutrition in the first place. Doing so will fix any neurotransmitter, hormone, or enzyme deficiencies that you may have. This is because essential nutrients are the “chemical building blocks” that actually manufacture all of the neurotransmitters, hormones, and enzymes in your body. Don’t let big words like neurotransmitter fool you Willy, this stuff is all about nutrients. The doctors are lying to you Willy, or they just don’t know any better; you don’t need drugs to fix ADHD or bipolar disorder in yourself, you need to (1) learn how to use nutritional supplements to correct a lot of essential nutrient deficiencies that you have in yourself, (2) make whatever dietary changes are necessary so that you are eating healthy foods, and ones that you are not allergic to, and (3) use gut corrective measures such as probiotics, and whatever else it may take to heal your gut, in order to heal yourself.” (Willy was only thirteen years old when I began to empower him with the basic fundamentals of health and health recovery. What a great job! he has done with this fundamental knowledge since then.)


I sincerely look forward to writing this upcoming blog; one that tells many of the lessons that I have learned as a result of my taking well over 100,000 capsules of free form amino acids since September of 1997 as “a guinea pig for the world”. I also look forward to telling you what my teenage son Willy has learned in regard to his taking free form amino acids as well, besides his simply saying that free form amino acids are “awesome”, and that they have helped him a great deal. And I look forward to telling you more about how to make amino acid dosage adjustments; such that you can better apply free form amino acids to yourself.

Allen Darman


One thought on “A coming blog further explaining the use of free form amino acids

  1. I really appreciate what you have written as have totally spiralled downward myself and know intuitively it isn’t all in the mind. Am investigating the amino acids even as I type this… Would be great to hear from you….

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