Willy’s Baggie II Shortcuts The Resolution of Depression (7-9-2009)

***Important Notes: Willy’s Original Baggie Profoundly Shortcuts the Resolution of a State of Depression in Myself within a matter of days, no matter how longstanding or severe this state of depression is and/or was. (I proved this out Many Dozens and Dozens of times in myself over the years. Willy’s Original Baggie HAS NEVER FAILED ME IN THIS REGARD.) This particular blog below was written while I was using the second version of Willy’s Baggie called Willy’s Baggie II. There was a third version of Willy’s Baggie developed called Willy’s Baggie III, but this Version was not used very long. (I grew unhappy with the “base multivitamin” in Willy’s Baggie III over time.) As of January 8, 2012, I think that Willy’s Original Baggie is *Almost As Good* (and is less expensive) than any Baggie I have used thus far. (Note: For Persons with a Schizophrenic Diagnosis Willy’s Baggie II is Worth a solid look at.) If I live long enough there will be a fourth version of Willy’s Baggie developed, as well as a stripped down “Basic Baggie” (that is almost as good in a therapeutic sense) with only about twelve to fifteen ingredients or so in it. This will be called “Willy’s Basic Baggie”. My intent in developing this “Basic Baggie” is to provide a simplified broad based nutrient formula that will provide the user with “the most bang for the buck”. Please Note that I do not sell ANY baggies. If I did, I’d end up in a Federal Prison for practicing medicine without a license. Allen***

Dear friends:

A pioneer nutritionist named Adelle Davis postulated many years ago that “when healing, it is best to take the entire nutrient range all at once”.

Willy’s Baggies are a modern rendition of this simple, yet profound, thought of Adelle Davis in supplement form.

Something in Willy’s Baggie II makes it significantly better than the original formula. The more nutrient cofactors that are taken with broad based free form amino acids the better… or so it seems. Adelle Davis was right… when attempting to heal “take the entire essential nutrient range all at once”.

Those of us using baggies to treat depression, bipolar disorder, or “hearing voices” symptoms in ourselves have had quite a bit of success with baggies that contain 1 or 2 tryptophan capsules, one taurine capsule, and Pureform and WAC capsule counts of 15/7, 20/10, 30/15, 30/20, 40/20, 40/25, 50/25, and 50/35. (These capsule counts do not include any of the detoxifying amino acids involved in glutathione production that are in Willy’s Baggie II.)

The general safety rule when taking both individual and blended amino acids is to “dose up over a period of days, while monitoring how you feel, and make adjustments accordingly”.

One key for success is to achieve balance between the tryptophan and taurine, which are inhibitory amino acids (for most), and the WAC, which is excitatory. (Pureform is generally neutral. It is not excitatory very much, nor is it inhibitory very much as well.) If you take too many inhibitory amino acid capsules in a baggie, often the effect is to feel a little sleepy or to feel “an energy dip” for an hour or two until this resolves. If this happens, simply reduce the amount of inhibitory amino acid capsules in your baggie. And if you feel too hyperactive from taking a baggie, add an inhibitory amino acid capsule or two. (It is VERY easy to make these adjustments. The person actually taking a baggie is best able to do this.)

The only contraindication in using higher amounts of capsules of Pure Form and WAC amino acid blends that I know of (as long as “balance” in regard to excitation and inhibition is achieved, and carnitine and phosphatidyl choline are taken at the same time as well) is that the WAC blend can, and does, increase blood pressure. A person with high blood pressure needs to be careful when using WAC.

For those of you that are going to try a “Willy’s Baggie approach” to treat a state of depression or “low energy” in yourself, I highly recommend that you review all of the below material. I also recommend that you look at a number of other blogs on http://360.yahoo.com/allen_dar related to the gut, food allergies, probiotics, malabsorption, etc.

I personally LOVE baggies that contain 40/25, 50/25. and 50/35 amounts (of capsules) of Pureform and WAC blend, especially when I am either seriously depressed or under a great deal of stress. A good maintenance baggie for me is 20/10, 30/15, or 40/20. (Note: Pureform is ALWAYS the higher number of the two listed.)

In all of the amounts of Pureform and WAC blends listed above, I either put in one or two tryptophan capsules, and one taurine capsule. I also commonly take tryptophan, taurine, other inhibitory amino acids, etc. before I go to bed at night (there is material on this site on this).

The great thing about baggies for me is that they can correct a longstanding state of very serious depression in myself within a single day… and they can do so despite the fact I am “high candida” and “low good bugs” in my gut. (I do know that it is wise for me to avoid my allergic foods when self-treating a state of depression in myself.)

Other than using a simple fiber purge (I use psyllium for this, but there are many other options) I can virtually ignore correcting my gut biology by the use of probiotics, candida control measures, etc., and still be profoundly helped mood-wise by baggies.

Despite ignoring flawed gut biology in myself, to include high candida, baggies can get me out of, and keep me out of, a state of depression forever (as long as I do not run out of them).

Note: I am not saying it is wise to ignore problematic gut floral issues when dealing with a state of depression, as such are often a big factor in causing or perpetuating such. I am saying that with baggies, you can delay the resolution of problematic gut floral issues until a later time (if you are simply trying to “get out of depression quick”). I am also not saying to ignore the common problematic issue of hidden food allergies when treating a state of depression, as food allergy ingestion often underlies a state of depression as well.


Baggies are the best shortcut ever defined in regard to self-treating a state of depression in oneself.

I have seen other persons respond similarly to myself when taking baggies. After a fiber purge (even eating a few apples often do enough in this regard), baggies, in the right amino acid dosage for the need of the person taking them, can readily correct a very serious state of depression within an amazingly short time (one or two days).

Maybe baggies will not work for everyone in regard to correcting a state of severe depression in themselves within a matter of days. However, it is my sincere belief that baggies would work for literally millions of persons in this regard.

Baggies are “like gold” to both my son Willy and I. For some other persons that have taken baggies with great success, they are “like gold” to them as well, especially when self-treating a state of depression.

Willy’s Baggie II is the crowning achievement of my life. To the ingredients in the first version of Willy’s Baggie II that I made I have recently added 400 IU of vitamin E, and some potassium and magnesium. I am also considering the addition of some other supplements as well. All of this will be reflected in another blog soon.

Willy’s Baggie II is amazing in regard to its power to heal. It is even lessening a number of liver spots that I had on my hands, arms, and head. God only knows what this comprehensive nutrient formula can do, especially when coupled with hidden allergic food avoidance, comprehensive “gut corrrection”, and a very healthy diet as well.

Allen Darman

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