Willy’s baggie; do you need to copy it exactly?

Note: This is a blog that has been moved to WordPress from Yahoo 360, which is closing on July 13, 2009. The blog links in this blog refer to blogs on Yahoo that will no longer be on the Internet. It is going to take me some time to straighten out this mess, but it will be done eventually (such that all of the links in this blog work). Allen

Dear group:

What follows is an email that I wrote another person. This person was having a bit of difficulty finding “the exact ingredients” in Willy’s baggie. After I wrote this person the following email, I thought that maybe it was appropriate as a blog on http://360.yahoo.com/allen_dar


Dear (name removed for confidentiality purposes):

Willy’s baggie is “a conceptual raw discovery”… you don’t need to copy its ingredients exactly. Here is what someone else did in Australia to give you an idea:

The above came out of http://www.somahacker.com/

Both vitacost.com and iherb.com are much cheaper than natur-tyme. I only used the latter as it was a health food store that was close to me.

Willy is now using the Equilib supplement in his baggie vs. the Source of Life vitamin that he took for years. He takes a second dose of Equilib later in the day. Willy says this is a little bit better than what he was doing before… not greatly so, but enough that he noticed. This supplement can be found on http://www.equilib.us/

I’d use the amino acid prescription that Willy is using as a starting point… and then slowly ramp up from there if you feel a need. (See http://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-Kgb7fcYwd6q.3mLsjmULpwU-?cq=1&p=307 for this.)

I use 20 Pureform and 12 WAC vs. Willy using 15 and 7… as I am under a lot of stress and my needs seem to be greater at the moment. However, I got by very well on exactly what my son used for years… and the fellow in the above mentioned website is using and having success with more or less the same as Willy is (amino acid-wise).

I will try to get the “oils” video series on YouTube this coming weekend, if I possibly can. This should answer most of the questions that you may have in regard to using oils. I use one capsule of every oil taken.

My computer online time at home “temporarily ends” as of September 25, 2008. After this, my online time for a few months may become extremely limited. You will have to rely on material that I have already posted to http://360.yahoo.com/allen_dar or on YouTube.

All the very best,


An addendum: Shortly after I posted this blog, I noticed that many of the links in the previous blog titled “Depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, or sleep issues; some blog links that may be helpful” no longer worked, and a number of them “just disappeared”. I did not do this. (I did fix all these links… hopefully I won’t have to do this again.) Apparently, this blog, more than any other I have posted to the Internet, has to bother Big Pharma the most. And apparently my fifth personal computer since June 2006 has also been hacked as well. Add these five computers to all of the computers of other persons (and even many of those in public libraries) that have been hacked since June 2006 when I have been using them… and perhaps you will get an idea of how evil Big Pharma really is. Big Pharma simply does not want natural non-drug answers to depression and bipolar disorder to be found. Big Pharma also wants the the world to remain ignorant in regard to the tremendous healing power of broad based free form amino acids as well. The blog titled “Depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, or sleep issues; some blog links that may be helpful”, with all its links, is NOT something that Big Pharma wants to remain intact on the Internet. It is going to be interesting what happens in the future if it does… as this “great seed of truth” is destined to grow.


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