Willy’s Baggie, Candida, and Myself Rv.2

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Dear Friends:

This is a very unusual post. Substantial portions of it come from a post that was originally made in
However, many portions are new, as I have upgraded my original post to this egroup substantially.

What I am admitting in the material below is that my son Willy took “the baggie learning process one way”, and “I took it another”, over the past four years (especially the last two). These “two directions” that Willy and I took baggies seem to hold “many valuables lesson for the world”.

I would like to preface the following a bit. All I do is learn… by whatever means I have at my disposal. I don’t care a whit about me or my health. I place far greater value on “what my body can teach me”, rather than on “my body itself”.

You have all heard Willy’s baggie story a number of times. Now I offer you mine.

All of what is described in the material below was “done with intent”, an intent that was “borne out of poverty” to a great extent.

Feel free to glean whatever you can from the following anecdotal story in regard to using “Willy’s baggies”, as was first told “in part” to a candida egroup on Yahoo.

For most of the past six years (since my money ran out in August 2002), abject poverty has greatly limited my choices health-wise.

At some point, I am going to get well and stay well forever, in an optimal sense. Unfortunately, despite my having the knowledge in which to do this, it can not occur unless I can afford it. (My access to enough money to “regularly afford wellness” ran out in late 2002.)

It so turns out that “you need adequate money” in which to “buy good health”. And I cannot use “my health knowledge for payment” in a grocery store, or for payment to a supplement house on the Internet.

For most of the past six years, I was “sleeping on the floors of friends”, moving from place to place “trying to be heard”, and nearly “dead broke” or very poor most all of the time.

The friends I stayed with are as poor as I am, and they all had very little food in which to feed me. (I regularly went to the local soup kitchen despite staying with these friends, so as not to overly burden their food budget.)

For two and a half years of the past six years, I had to buy Willy’s supplements out of my already insufficient funds. This happened because Willy’s mother refused to pay for them. I finally had to “put my foot down” on this in January 2007, after buying Willy’s supplements for thirty months straight. I “put my foot down” because I felt that I had suffered long enough buying what Willy’s mother should be paying for. (She is the custodial parent that “has all the dough”.) During these thirty months Willy and I were more concerned about her stopping us from doing what we were doing, than we were about whether she was willing to pay for all this. During these thirty months Willy had baggies and/or a wide range of supplements the entire time. Out of poverty, and my need to buy supplements for him, I simply “had to go without”.

For the last two and a half of these six years I was fully aware that Willy’s baggies can help a person greatly, despite “high candida” and a “terrible diet”. I was also aware that this baggie approach is better at correcting broad nutrient depletion than “what I knew before”.

I did not fully realize the power of the baggie until “the second time around, when I beefed it up a bit in regard to amino acid content, and especially in regard to the “supergreens”. I only had chlorella the first time around, which was between 8/2004 to 12/2004. (I have personally known of the healing power of using baggies shortly after I began taking them in May 2006.)

Unfortunately, for these past two and a half years, I could only afford baggies about a quarter of the time, if not a bit less.

This material that I have been putting on the Internet in early September 2008 as follows is the first time I have ever admitted such in a public fashion. (Only a few of my close friends know what I did here and why.)

Over the past six years I did something very unusual in which to prove out what I know…. I intentionally depleted myself and “let myself go”. I was not worried about nutrient depletion in myself, as I had learned how to correct for such already. (I just did not have the means to afford this very often.) I thought from depleting myself I could learn a number of other valuable lessons, and/or validate what I knew before. ( I sincerely believe that “these lessons will prove out” in time.)

For the past six years or so I have drank a full two liter bottle of Coca Cola almost every day for most of this time. For the past six years I have also eaten a lot of sugary foods on a regular basis. (My favorite was Reese’s Peanut butter cups, which I ate almost daily from time to time, until I got tired of them for while, and then I would “go back to them later” and eat them again.)

In doing the above, I most certainly aggravated yeast in myself. I did have “itchy anus” sometimes. I also had athlete’s foot sometimes as well. In addition to this, being “substantially bloated” in my abdominal area has been an almost constant affair.

During this time, I also did not interfere in a positive fashion with my “good bugs” at all. (I took no probiotics whatsoever.) Nor did I take any “yeast fighters” at all. (I simply could not afford them.)

I do not make hardly any stomach acid. However, I have not supplemented with HCL (stomach acid) at all in the past six years to correct for this. (I could not afford this either. I did supplement with HCL on a regular basis for years beforehand, when I had enough money to do so.) I am either hypochloridic or achloridic, which means I make either little or no stomach acid. I found this out in 1999 (by “dosing up”with HCL at home).

My only positive “gut interventions” in the past six years were (1) using digestive enzymes on an “on and off basis”, mostly “off”, (2) using large doses (4 to 5 heaping tablespoons) of psyllium fairly often (a few times a week, if not a bit more, often to clear out “the contents of my gut” somewhat with fiber), and (3) occasionally using a large dose of bentonite and psyllium when I really felt I needed to “purge my gut” of its pre-existing contents (perhaps once every week to a month or so, depending).

I wanted to see what “Willy’s baggie” would do, despite my having a candida-laden gut, and despite “a very high empty calorie intake”, an intake which included a lot of high fructose corn syrup. In essence, I was trying to prove “could I live on baggies?” for a good chunk, if not the bulk, of my essential nutrient intake, and despite a horrendous diet. The answer to this question was, and still is, “Yes”! (I am not saying one is going to be healthy from doing this, of course. What I am saying is “that one would probably survive, and feel at least “OK” mood-wise and function-wise for the entire time.)

[I am not suggesting to ANYONE that “they even consider doing any of “the crazy things” I have done “to prove Willy’s baggie out”. I learned all this stuff, so that no one else had to.]

Over the past six years, I did get a number of liver spots on my head, hands, and arms. There recently was a study showing a high fat diet combined with high fructose corn syrup intake really “whacks on the liver”. My getting so many liver spots in such a short time is a little anecdotal evidence of this. (I have been aware for some time via Dr. Mercola of http://www.mercola.com that if you have a half dozen or a dozen liver spots on your hands, you could have lots more (millions perhaps) of them inside of you.)

I am sure that I depleted my mineral stores “big time” from so much soda. I did lose my teeth from drinking that much soda, and now have full dentures, but my teeth were bad from childhood anyway, and I was glad to get rid of them. I also seem to have lost some height, but I not yet measured myself for this (I will soon). I would hate to see the results of a bone density test, but I haven’t broken anything yet, and nothing is apparent in these regards (with one minor exception that I will explain in another blog at a later date, as it is not that important).

According to a pH strip on my tongue or in my urine, my body acidity is “off the charts acidic”, and it has been this way for many years. (I do not have any cancer that I know of, despite my body being so acidic for so long.)

It seems that “I have gotten a little dumber in the past six years, as far as my ability to learn new things goes”. However, if such is the case, I attribute this to “a big dose of mercury” that I got from a big filling that “got lost under the gum line” after a tooth I had was pulled in 2001 or so. (My guess here is that the mercury in this filling leached in me over time, costing me some abilities that I had before. This is “guess”, of course, as I have no proof of anything.)

Despite my doing all of the above, I still feel pretty good. I actually don’t feel much different now than how I felt six years ago. Many persons that see me and know me tell me that I look pretty healthy (for an almost 56 year old man). These people do not know what I had done in the above regards, in order to attempt to “solidly learn another big lesson or lessons” for the entire human race (or at least try to).

What is interesting about baggies to me, is they get me “so far up the ladder” mood-wise and function-wise, despite my doing so much wrong. I rate my wellness on a scale of one to ten, and I have done so for about a decade. For me “Ten” is optimal.. and to be here I need to be extensively supplementing, juicing, taking probiotics to reach Bernard Jensen’s target of “three good bowel movements a day”, and eating a “very healthy diet”. Baggies alone taken for a week or two straight once a day can almost get me to a “7” or an “8” mood-wise and function-wise… this is amazing to me. (And I believe that this would apply to a lot of other people, not all, but a great many.) Five is about how “most normal people feel and function most of the time”, to give you a better picture of this 1-10 scale that I am using. And the low numbers are all various degrees of depression.

“Willy’s baggie” has helped me enormously these past two and a half years, despite a horrendous diet for much of this time, and despite my aggravating candida in myself. I can think, I can work, I can function, and in general I feel pretty good whenever “I am on baggies”. It is admittedly another story altogether when I go off… “all depression” unfortunately, no mania at all… lol

There were numerous times in the past two and a half years that I did run out of money, and had to skip using “Willy’s baggies” for weeks or months at a time. These were some pretty tough times depression-wise, no doubt about it. (Willy would give me some of his baggies when things got real bad depression-wise and I asked him for a few.) As soon as I got some baggies in a matter of 1, 2, or 3 days I felt enormously better… and could function adequately again for some time. Stopping and starting these baggies is like “a switch is being turned on and off” in me, as far as my mood and my ability to function (both mentally and physically) goes.

What is interesting about baggies to me, is they get me so far up the “scale” mood-wise and function-wise, despite my doing so much wrong. To explain this in great detail:

The scale I am using is my own. This is a simple 1 – 10 scale. It heavily borrows from ideas about “early warning signs” and “practical coping skills” that I learned from Mary Ellen Copeland’s books, which I read in the mid 1990’s. On a daily basis, I rate myself on this scale.

Initially, I used this scale much differently than I do now. When I first started using this scale in 1996, I was dealing with both depression and mania, as I still had symptoms of both. At this time, a “5” was normal (in mood and function, a “1” was severely depressed, and a “10” was severely manic, etc.

In the fall of 1997, I completely overcame the manic part of my illness, after running primarily on the high side (hypomanic) for about thirty four years. In late 1997 my brain finally slowed down and ran at a normal pace, just like that of most other human beings. And I finally could get to sleep, and sleep well, without using any drugs. Simply by orally taking inhibitory nutrients on a daily basis my mania, hypomania, and inability to sleep virtually vanished. And this after over thirty years of having problems this way.

Soon after the above occurred, I knew for certain the the medical model that had treated me for bipolar disorder “WAS ALL ONE BIG LIE”. I knew that they were essentially trying to treat “a nutrient deficiency (and toxic and allergic) state” with “drugs”.

Upon this realization, I threw the rest of the Klonopin that I had taken daily for eighteen months in the garbage. I was pissed. How could these people be treating “chemical imbalance” with drugs, while ignoring all levels of essential nutrient chemistry that we are made out of at birth? Did they assume that mentally ill people are fully nutrient replete of every one of the 80 to so essential nutrients we are made out of? ( If so, that’s nuts.)

As a result of learning how to use inhibitory nutrients on myself, my “mood scale no longer worked”. This is because I never got to the “manic numbers of 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10” any more. I had to change “what the numbers” on my scale meant, if I was to use “all the numbers”. I essentially became “a unipolar depressive” in the late 1990’s (and I still am almost a decade later).

My “new scale”, one that I have been using since early 1998 when I first defined it, is as follows:

On my “new scale” a “10” is what I consider “optimal”. (I just can’t get any better when I am “optimal”.) In 1998, when I first developed this scale, I felt pretty good, but later felt better, and then even better. My “scale had to adapt as I learned more over the next year.

I achieved my first “10” in February 1999, as a result of discarding the results of two alternative medical laboratory food allergy tests I had, and finally going on an elimination diet for the first time. (details to be filled in later)

I stayed at this first “10” for about a month. Then I realized the following… (1) I can not learn much more in regard to helping others if I stay in this place, and (2) I do not feel that I know enough about my illness yet, (3) now that I “found this place” (a “10”), and I know “how to get back to it”, (4) there is no reason to stay any longer, as I can learn more by INTENTIONALLY inducing and then correcting symptoms. (Intentionally inducing and correcting symptoms has taught me so much over the years. I can not even begin to tell you how much.)

I experimented on myself, using “trials”, as in “trial and error”. This was, and still is, the only real method that I have to learn. What I am learning about is “how” the human body works in a practical and understandable sense. And then I am translating this “how” into simple language that could easily be understood by a young teen (my son Willy).

Some of these were short term trials of a week or less, some of them spanned many months, and some of these trials spanned years.

Unfortunately for me, after my money ran out in August 2002, many of the depressive symptoms I had to deal with were “poverty caused”, and not intentionally induced. Either way, from these trials I learned many invaluable lessons.

In regard to the results achieved on my “new scale”, Willy’s baggies simply amaze me. Just baggies alone taken for a week or two straight once a day almost get me to a “7” or an “8” mood-wise and function-wise. I also feel far better, perhaps a “5”, in just a few days, even if I had been seriously depressed for months prior. (Admittedly, I also have to avoid eggs and dairy, as well as other foods that I am allergic to. I may also have to do “fiber purges” once in a while, to “clean out my gut somewhat. And sometimes I have to tailor Willy’s baggie to my free form amino acid needs (which are a bit greater than his at the moment). This (in its entirety) is all I need to do to hit an “7” or an “8” with baggies. This is absolutely amazing to me.

I believe that the above ideas would apply to a lot of other people, not all, but a great many.

I would like to talk about a “10” for a little bit and what it means, as well as how I achieve such.

My mood and feeling of well being is virtually awesome when I am a “10”. And I am not manic at all. I feel a “deep peace” inside me. This is a “peace” that many persons have never felt in their life. (more details later)

“Ten” on the numerical mood scale that I apply to myself is “optimal”. I feel and look “like a million dollars” when I am a “10”. My aura of health “glows” when I am a “10”.

I don’t have to speak of my wellness when I am a “10”, as “it shows”. Here is one event to give you an idea of what I mean “when it shows”. (to be filled in at a later date…)

I have gotten to what I consider a “10” about six times thus far since 1998. (I will be telling you about a number of these times in more detail at some point.)

I have only seen a few persons in my life (in person) that had such a “glow” from their being what I call “optimal”.

To get to a “10”, I need to (1) be substantially supplementing myself, (2) juicing raw vegetables daily (juicing is “a MUST for me”, and I have both heard about and seen its greatly helping others), (3) taking probiotics and having resolved candida and other “bad gut biology” problems in myself (probiotics, etc. are an ABSOLUTE MUST to reach Bernard Jensen’s target of “three good bowel movements a day”, and eating a “very healthy diet”.

“Willy’s baggie” has helped me enormously these past few years, despite a terrible diet for much of this time (some of this was due to poverty), and despite my aggravating candida in myself. I can think, I can work, I can function, and in general I feel pretty good whenever “I am on baggies”. It is admittedly another story altogether when I go off… “all depression” unfortunately, no mania at all… lol

There were numerous times in the past two and a half years that I did run out of money, and had to skip using “Willy’s baggies” for weeks or months at a time. These were some pretty tough times depression-wise, no doubt about it. (Willy would give me some of his baggies when things got real bad depression-wise and I asked him for a few.) As soon as I got some baggies in a matter of 1, 2, or 3 days I felt enormously better… and could function adequately again for some time. Stopping and starting these baggies is like “a switch is being turned on and off” in me, as far as my mood and my ability to function (both mentally and physically) goes.

If I take baggies regularly, one a day in the morning, I can practically live on them, a two liter bottle of Coke, a four piece “Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup” candy package, and perhaps a hamburger or hotdog once in a while. I can even skip the hamburger or hotdog for days on end, and “be absolutely fine”, as far as my mood, energy, and ability to function goes. This stuff is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING for me, especially when I boost the amino acid content a bit higher than what Willy takes. (I often use 20 Pureform capsules and 12 WAC, vs. Willy taking 15 and 5-7 of the same.)

I am not saying that what is in “Willy’s baggie” is the exact right formula for anyone. It may need to be “tailored” a bit to the individual. This “tailoring” is best done by “whomever may be taking such”. See my YouTube videos on this (more are to come soon).

What I am saying in this post is that, as a “conceptual discovery”, Willy’s baggie does seem to apply to those that have candida. My anecdotal experience is one example of this.

I also have one single anecdotal report that “backs up the above up”. This particular person had candida so bad it really showed on his tongue (redness, lots of cracks all around), it was that bad. This person ordered all of my son Willy’s baggie material, and “baggies have changed his life” (greatly for the better, of course). And they made a big difference despite the fact he had not yet dealt with high candida in himself (he is working on this now). Eventually I hope to get permission to put this anecdotal report in detail on the Internet.

Dr. Sherry Rogers, of
and “my greatest teacher”, often uses the words “people are not dealing with a full deck of nutrients”. She uses these words to describe why people are not healing as they should, or why they “are stuck” on their healing journey for some reason. Having “high candida” is a major roadblock to a person getting “a full deck of nutrients” in their body. Willy’s baggie seems to circumvent this… such that “a full deck of nutrients” can, and does arrive into the body, despite “high candida” (at least this is what appears happened with me).

Adelle Davis taught us all years ago that in regard to using nutrients in which to heal, the best approach, and I quote, is: “Because all nutrients are used together in the body, health can be rebuilt faster when as many nutrients as possible are furnished together and thus made available at one time”. Due to his circumstances, in 2004 my son Willy simply “guessed” the same healing idea that Adelle Davis knew many years before.

Willy’s baggie is “the best rendition” that I have come up with thus far in regard to carrying out the wisdom of Sherry Rogers and Adelle Davis… and it is “still improving”. (Improvements will be coming soon, a few months perhaps.)

I am almost certain at this point that “the right blend of broad based free form amino acids” taken “with the right cofactors” and “at the same time” does represent “a great breakthrough in discovery and understanding” in regard to the proper treatment of candida, just as it does a whole host of other illnesses.

In addition to all that baggies help with illness-wise, I have found that they are “the cure to writer’s block” in a very big way. Of this, I have no doubt, as I am a writer that sometimes suffers from this.

Baggies also improve “mental performance” at a poker or chess table, as well as help with “mental and physical performance” in every other way. Baggies help me with “golf” and “dancing”. They would probably help with baseball, basketball, football, and every other sport “under the sun”.


This baggie idea of Willy’s (he invented baggies, not I) is going to make me famous some day, or I am going to “end up dead”… there is no doubt about this in my mind. And I fully understand that “most revolutionaries in history end up dead”.

I am not real happy about my situation, as I may not be here for my two teenage sons much longer. However, I have accepted the fact that by my 60th birthday… I may not be here any more. (See the prior “Resume” blog, if you have not already, for more details if you wish.)

My biggest concern here is bringing Big Pharma down with me, that’s all. If I get a little help from some other brave souls, I can practically guarantee you that Big Pharma IS going to FALL. (Whoever helps me is in far less jeopardy than I, as “they can’t kill is all”. It is my life that is on the line here, far more than anyone else, to include anyone that may help me in the future in some way.)

I admittedly “took a big hit” to my state of general health by doing what I did in the above. Maybe this was not the wisest thing to do, but I did it, and “it is too late to take it back”. I do hope that some day “this health damage I did to myself was worth it”, by what it taught other human beings.

This “health hit” may not matter a whit, as far as my life span goes. I knew I was “in deep trouble life-wise” over eight years ago. My health and time on this earth were probably no longer related. This is due to what I discovered about how to properly treat depression… and how much power, prestige, and money these discoveries threatened.

I fully admit that some persons may need to do “some preliminary gut work” to get the results that I am getting, or that they might not do as well on baggies as I do. Regardless of either of these, I know “deep in my heart” that what I am proposing as a solution herein is “a big part of an answer” that is going to “help millions some day”.

Lastly, I deeply regret not telling this egroup (and others) about all of the above sooner. However, if you read the my yahoo 360 blog titled “An upgraded “Resume” in paragraph form” perhaps you will realize why I felt the need to wait in order to release the information above. (I felt it wise to release everything “really damaging” to Big Pharma all at the same time.)


Allen Darman

An addendum:

Incidentally, poverty may not be the entire reason for the above “long term depletion trial”. I have often wondered if some of the above came from “a desire to self destruct for not being heard”, or due to some kind of “passive-aggressive” tendency of some sort.

In alternative medicine, there is a common story of a suicide of a Polish doctor that had discovered a great health truth, as I have. (I have actually discovered a number of them, not just one.) This doctor committed suicide after five years “of not finding a way to be heard”. He did it in a way “to prove his point” to the world. (find link to this story on the net and put here)

I can certainly understand the psychological stress that this man had to bear, as I am in his shoes. Only I am not dealing with just infants as they are born, as he was, I am dealing with the whole human race.

I have held up as best I could under this stress, but “I admittedly show cracks in my armor” as a result of the longstanding strain (over eight years now). And add to this strain, being “hacked and tracked” by Big Pharma for over two years. And further add, “insufficient baggies”. (I can handle so much more stress when I take them than when I don’t.)

I am doing the best that I can here, under great duress and poverty most of the time. Sometimes I am going to make mistakes, no doubt about it. I have so much to give to the world. I hope a few mistakes will not ever “hold this giving process up”. This is one of the many reasons that I seek collaboration at this point in time; as I listen to corrective and constructive criticism well from any person(s) that I am working with.


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