Willy, Equilib (or Truehope), and Situps

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Dear friends:

What follows is some of the copy that I recently wrote a researcher involved with the Truehope supplement. This is a person that has had some prior awareness of my written work. One of my goals in writing this person was to get him or her to “look beyond” just the use of the Truehope supplement when dealing with the natural correction of mental illness.


Dear (name removed for confidentiality purposes):

I deeply appreciate all that you have done, and are doing, to show the world that “nutrients make a real difference”, as far as mental illness goes. I sure wish that their were thousands more persons involved in medical research with an agenda such as yours.

In regard to Truehope/Equilib

Willy is now using Equilib in his baggie, and taking a second dose later in the day. The Equilib and Truehope supplement are nearly identical, as you probably know. This change of Willy’s supplement routine (“Willy’s baggie”) occurred last summer… and resulted in an amazing story, which I have yet to publicly tell.

Here is the gist of it:

Willy has been competing regularly for years in informal weightlifting contests at the health club that he attends. One of the events in this competition was doing “uphill” situps (on an inclined plane) with a 50 lb. plate on one’s chest. A “many years old record” at his health club of fifty situps on an inclined plane with a 50 lb. plate on one’s chest was broken by Willy about a year and a half ago, when he did fifty-seven situps this way.

Over a period of a year or so Willy “upped his own record” to sixty-two situps on an inclined plane with a 50 lb. plate on his chest.

Last August, about the same time Willy switched to using Equilib, Willy began football practice for high school. He temporarily stopped going to his health club to work out because of this.

When Willy resumed going to this health club in November, they had another informal weightlifting contest in which this situp event was a part of it. At one point in mid-November I called Willy from Arizona (where I was for two months). Willy said “Dad, I got a lot stronger in everything since last summer, and I broke my old situp record… I did 122.”

Willy told me that the people who witnessed him doing one hundred and twenty two situps with a fifty pound plate on his chest were AMAZED. Later he told me that someone looked on the Internet, and found a site which suggested that “Willy broke the NYS record for his weight and age group” for situps done this way.

I attribute this amazing gain in my son’s abdominal strength to the use of the Equilb supplement vs. what we were doing prior vitamin and mineral-wise in his baggie of supplements… as it was the only change that was made in Willy’s supplement or diet routine at this time.

As a result of the above “I am VERY pro-Equilib” and “VERY pro-Truehope”, despite the fact that I also know that what we are adding to this supplement amino acid-wise and otherwise is critical to achieve the best healing results as well.

[I was aware of both of these supplements many years ago, and have had personal positive experiences in using both of them. The ONLY reason that I did not use one of these supplements in Willy’s baggie when we began such in 2004, was that Willy had tested so high in copper in 1997 that I was afraid of giving him as much copper as either of these supplement contains. I explained this a little bit on my YouTube material. (Perhaps I made a mistake here, in not using one of these supplements from the very beginning. Willy achieved so much recovery-wise without them for years… but I will always wonder “could he have achieved even more?”.)]

To put the above story in perspective a little bit, Willy was a weak and sickly child throughout his childhood. He regularly exhibited “easy bruising”, he regularly exhibited “unusual sensitivity to cold”, he regularly had “spontaneous nose bleeds”, he had a very thin frame with weak bone structure, and he was one of the weakest children in his class. One solid example of how compromised Willy was health-wise was that when he was about eleven years old a dentist said to my ex-wife “I don’t know if this filling is going to stick, because Willy’s teeth are so soft”.

Today Willy is amazingly healthy, and amazingly strong, despite eating a standard American diet, for the most part. He is one the strongest and healthiest young men to ever “soon graduate” the high school he attends (if not high school anywhere). Willy has often won informal weightlifting contests against grown men at the health club he attends (or come in second to a man significantly older and much larger than he is). All of this due to (1) some allergic food avoidance (self-administered by Willy himself), (2) regular probiotics use (self-administered), and (3) regular supplementation (self-administered as well).

A bit of a personal statement

Back in the winter of 2001 I spent almost five weeks in Alberta hanging around waiting to “give the Truehope people what I knew”… but they decided not to take me up on this offer. They were not interested in any collaboration with me. Nor did they wish to incorporate what I was telling them in regard to “what they were doing to correct bipolar disorder”, despite the fact that I was freely offering such advice.

I am extremely disappointed that “the world continues to essentially ignore what I am saying”. I am being ignored despite the fact that some party or parties allied with the drug industry has been hacking into every personal computer (six of my own, and three of family members that I know of) that I have used to go online with since June 2006, when Willy’s original recovery story was posted to the Internet. I have even been repeated hacked and disrupted numerous times using public computers in a public library near me, and when using other public library computers as well.

To the best of my knowledge, I am the ONLY person in all of alternative medicine that is being repeatedly hacked by parties allied with and/or paid for by Big Pharma. Whomever is doing this knows that what I have learned about the correction of severe psychiatric symptoms within a matter of hours to a matter of days THREATENS THE COLLAPSE OF DRUG ORIENTED MEDICINE. (This assumes that critical healing supplements, especially free form amino acids, are not taken off the market.)

What I have learned about the correction of depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, alcoholism, heroin addiction, etc. has extremely broad implications. It applies to every mental illness under the sun, to include autism. It also applies to all addictions, and all, or nearly all cases of degenerative illness (as one example, I am ALMOST CERTAIN that “I have found the cure for MS”).

For almost fifteen years of hard work, and sometimes great sacrifice, what do I often get? I get called paranoid, delusional, egotistical, and everything else.

Sadly, as slow as the world is to understand me and come to my aid, nothing may come from all of the genius God gave me, and all of the hard work that I did trying to figure out how to cure depression and manic depression for the world.

All I may have done is “wake the drug industry up” to the fact that free form amino acids and other supplements need to be taken off the market by bribery of governmental officials (by force of law).

Any sort of income for myself, or any solid recognition for what I have done is “unlikely”, despite it being justified. (Indeed, great fame is justified, although I never sought such, nor do I seek such now. Fame to this degree almost certainly comes “with a death sentence attached”, as much power, prestige, and money would be lost by so many if the truths I have discovered about the correction of mental illness are acted upon by the human race.)

Whomever is repeatedly hacking me in an attempt to discredit me, to intimidate me, and to slow me down in regard to trying to educate persons over the Internet knows full well that they cannot let me succeed in regard to the profound and fast acting healing truths I have discovered “seeing the light of day”. They know if I do succeed, “Big Pharma as we know it today is toast”.

Incidentally, my prior life history for almost three decades was “a euphoric manic” (vs. a “confrontational one”) some of the time, depressed some of the time, with episodes of normality in between. Any and all degrees of dysfunctional mania ended TOTALLY in the late 90’s, as a result of my gaining the great degree of knowledge that I did, and as a result of the regular use of inhibitory nutrients. I have no history of unjust paranoia or paranoid symptoms in my life whatsoever. Despite these facts, I have been called by many since June 2006 (when the hacking started) both “manic delusional” and “paranoid” at the same time. For a euphoric manic to be paranoid at the same time “is virtually impossible”. Despite this fact, I still find it impossible to be believed by any party with the means to effect real change.


I have no self seeking agenda. “I do not primarily care about me”. What I care about is the health of the planet and its inhabitants. I also care that the evil industry called Big Pharma does not succeed in suppressing the truth (as they are clearly attempting to do by hacking me so much for almost three years, and disrupting my educational efforts on the Internet).

Many people think “there is no conspiracy” by Big Pharma and Big Medicine to “make us all a little or a lot sick” with antibiotics, toxic laden shots, drugs that cure nothing but just burden the liver, etc., and then get rich on “the sickness that results”. I STRONGLY beg to differ. THERE IS MOST CERTAINLY A CONSPIRACY in this regard. There is a conspiracy to do far more than this. There is a conspiracy to take healing nutritional supplements away from us by bribing lawmakers worldwide. There is a conspiracy “to brainwash us all on TV”. And I know in a very personal sense that there is a conspiracy to monitor Internet dialogue in order to suppress “any great new healing truth”.


Allen Darman


“nutrientscure” on YouTube

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