Willy’s Baggie and Schizophrenia

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I first realized that my son Willy and I had stumbled on to a huge discovery for all humanity from our taking “the entire nutrient range in supplement form, and in an adequately balanced fashion, all at once” in June 2006.

Since this time I have seen Willy’s baggie help some persons to get better from whatever “pseudo-psychiatric illness” or “pseudo-mental illness” they may currently suffer from. This help was noticeable by the person taking Willy’s baggie. Sometimes this help was quite substantial. (All of these persons suffered from one or more of five “pseudo-psychiatric illnesses”. These “pseudo-psychiatric illnesses” are commonly known as bipolar disorder, unipolar depression, ADHD, schizoaffective disorder, and schizophrenia.)

In using phrases such as “pseudo-psychiatric illness” or “pseudo-mental illness” in this material, my intent is to show complete disagreement with the current medical model for such illnesses. These are NOT incurable illnesses involving only the brain, as we have been led to believe by modern medicine.

The truth is that ALL psychiatric (mental) illnesses are whole body illnesses. When the brain is chemically impaired, every other organ and cell in the body is chemically impaired as well. (This is only common sense. Unfortunately common sense is often in short supply in the modern medical realm.)

I also disagree with the commonly held belief of modern medicine that mental illness requires medication in which to treat it properly. This is a big lie. It is a lie being foisted on the general public primarily for the sake of the money. (Many billions of dollars are being made from prescribing medication for life to millions of persons with a mental illness label.)

The use of medication to treat mental illness completely misses the point as far as “cure” goes. Medication is only a symptom masking effort (mask means hide or suppress). Despite whatever symptoms a medication may mask, medication never really cures mental illness. (This is one reason why many psychiatric medications are prescribed for life, as the patient is never cured.)

All medications are toxic to the body. They contribute to the liver’s burden and the body’s toxic load. Numerous studies have shown that many persons that take certain psychiatric medications on a long term and daily basis live as much as fifteen years less than the average person. Perhaps the substantially shortened lifespan of those that regularly take certain psychiatric medications for a long period of time is, at least partially, a result of medication’s additional toxic load on the body.

If medication is not the answer to mental illness, then what is?

It will be inevitably known worldwide that (1) maximizing one’s functional nutrient status, while (2) reducing one’s allergic load (especially food allergens), and while (3) reducing one’s toxic load (to include toxins that are commonly self-generated in one’s gut) can be profoundly symptom-corrective of the symptoms of all mental illness.

It will also be inevitably known worldwide that (1) maximizing one’s functional nutrient status, (2) reducing one’s allergic load (especially food allergens), and (3) reducing one’s toxic load (to include toxins that are commonly self-generated in one’s gut) can be CURATIVE of many physical and mental illnesses, when these measures are carried out properly over a period of time.


Indeed, multiple essential nutrient deficiencies ARE A MAJOR CAUSATIVE FACTOR of ANY psychiatric or mental illness that one may be labeled with. (When one is short of a full deck of essential nutrients, no organ in the body works right, to include the organ called the brain. And almost everyone falls far short of a full deck of essential nutrients given the quality of food these days. This is especially true due to the fact that so much of what we eat is (1) grown on seriously mineral deficient soil (fruits, vegetables, and grains today often have less than 15% of many of the minerals that they contained fifty or sixty years ago). It is also true due to the facts that (2) much of our foods are processed in a factory (further depleting essential nutrient content), and (3) much of our foods are cooked as well (cooking destroys some essential nutrients, especially vitamins B complex and C, and it destroys nearly all, if not all, of the enzyme content of raw food).

When correcting (“curing”) ALL PSYCHIATRIC ILLNESSES it is best to use the entire essential nutrient range in as broad and balanced a fashion as possible.

The body and the brain both call for broad based nutrition in order to properly heal (from either physical or mental illness). When the body and brain get such broad based nutrition, the innate natural wisdom of the body and the brain can often do the rest, as far as healing is concerned.

It will be inevitably known worldwide that when treating ANY broad nutrient deficiency state (all mental illnesses are such) the use of the entire nutrient range in supplement form should ALWAYS be one of the healing measures that should be used. I suggest an approach similar in scope and content to what my son Willy and I are using. (Admittedly a little tailoring of vitamin, mineral, essential fatty acid, and amino acid dosage to the individual, done by the individual using such supplements, is often wise.)

In stating the above, I do not mean to diminish the importance of other natural measures that should always be addressed to correct all mental illness as well. (The avoidance of allergic foods, the resolution of candida and other intestinal dysbiosis issues, a possible lack of digestive enzymes or HCL, and insuring proper (adequate) hydration are some natural measures that immediately come to mind here. There are other common dietary, gut, and malabsorptive problems that should be addressed when correcting any mental illness as well.

I admit to all that Willy’s baggie is not perfect, by any means. However, it is a very good conceptual and practical starting point for a number of illnesses, to include schizophrenia.

I do credit Adelle Davis with the primary concept underlying Willy’s baggie. Adelle Davis is the first person that I am aware of that postulated “when attempting to heal from whatever illness you may suffer from, take the entire essential nutrient range ALL AT ONCE” (due to the fact that nutrients act in synergy with each other).

Willy’s Baggie and Schizophrenia

Although I am far less familiar with schizophrenia than bipolar disorder (my own illness), I have often wondered what a supplement approach such as Willy’s baggie (my son’s broad based supplement regime) would do for the illness of schizophrenia.

What I have seen since the summer of 2006 in the response from three persons diagnosed with either schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder strongly suggests that Willy’s baggie can help, or even greatly help, to resolve schizophrenic symptoms.

Two of the persons that took Willy’s baggie both had the diagnosis of schizophrenia, and both of them took only a single baggie.

The first of these persons emphatically stated, “Willy’s baggie is good stuff!” He also said that he felt a lot better and could think a lot clearer as a result of taking only a single baggie. Unfortunately, I lost touch with this person, and do not have any means of reconnecting with him. If I did have a means of getting in touch with this person I would send him more baggies in which to try (to see how much more that they could do for him than the single one he took).

The second person with a schizophrenic diagnosis that took Willy’s baggie reported that his depressive symptoms were somewhat relieved by his taking only a single baggie. In regard to this anecdotal report I did not get a lot of detail, as it was not being reported to me directly by the person that took Willy’s baggie… it was being reported to me through a third party.

Neither of the above two anecdotal reports gave me enough confidence in regard to making a judgment as to whether Willy’s baggie might really make a difference with a person with a schizophrenic diagnosis, even if such a judgment was only a temporary and inconclusive one. Two single baggies taken by two different schizophrenic persons with positive results was not nearly enough information such that I felt it worthwhile to post to the Internet on the topic of what Willy’s baggie can do for schizophrenia.

Then the following occurred…

In my recent travels I met a man with a schizoaffective diagnosis. This particular person expressed an interest in trying Willy’s supplement regime to see if it could help him. So I left him with a sample baggie in which to try and my phone number and continued on my way (travel-wise).

About a week later I got a phone call from this man. He told me over the phone “I took the baggie you gave me and it noticeably reduced both my depressive symptoms and my hearing voices” (both of which were current symptoms for him at the time).

I immediately sent this man via Parcel Post five more baggies in which to try, to see how much more they could help him. I also told him over the phone that it might help if he did some sort of a fiber purge before taking the baggies I was going to send him, as doing such often helped to increase the amount of nutrients absorbed. (I learned this years ago from experience.) I suggested that he eat an apple or two as a fiber purge before he went to bed, and then take a baggie when he got up in the morning, along with a large glass of water. (We discussed “An apple a day helps keeps the doctor away” on the phone, and he understood the thrust of what I was telling him in this regard.)

After taking a few more baggies from the shipment he received this man told me over the phone on a subsequent call that every single baggie that he took reduced his depressive symptoms and his “hearing voices” symptoms that much more. He also told me that after his taking another three or four baggies after the first that his depressive symptoms AND his “hearing voices” symptoms were GONE!

Although the above anecdotal report is only a single instance of Willy’s baggie reducing one of the hallmark symptoms of schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder (“hearing voices”), I am extremely encouraged by it. The gentleman describing the baggie’s effects upon him was pretty emphatic in regard to how much Willy’s broad based supplement routine had helped him to resolve his problematic schizoaffective symptoms. He could not have been more pleased with the results of his taking Willy’s baggies than he was, or so it seemed while talking to him on the phone.

I only wish I had enough baggies (or funds to afford such) to send this man a dozen or two dozen more baggies in which to try… such that more anecdotal evidence could be generated from this man. (Unfortunately, I don’t have the means to do this at the moment. Hopefully, this will change fairly soon.)

Other Successes With Willy’s Baggie

Willy’s baggie has helped a number of persons that have used it to correct their physical and mental health.

One of these persons is Willy himself. Despite his only taking a baggie every other day (to reduce its expense), my son Willy has very profoundly changed both his physical and mental health. Willy has taught the entire world a huge lesson about what health and health recovery is all about. (I am so proud of him and what he has done.)

A second person that Willy’s baggie approach has greatly helped is myself. As a result of having great success in personally using Willy’s baggie, I have discarded many of my old ideas about how to use nutritional supplements in order to correct bipolar disorder in myself. It seems that the quality of my mental health is heavily dependent on baggies. Without them for any extended period of time I invariably get depressed. However, I do not worry when these depressions set in. I do not worry because I know that as soon as I get enough money for more baggies that within a matter of a few days I will no longer be depressed.

A third person that Willy’s baggie approach has greatly helped is a woman in Columbus, Ohio that was able to profoundly recover from a state of longstanding depression within 24 hours as the result of taking two of Willy’s baggies, and drinking some raw vegetable juice. This particular woman was able to immediately cease a series of ECT treatments that she had been undergoing for the treatment of her depressive state.

A fourth person that Willy’s baggie approach has greatly helped is a man in Australia that has been very successfully using “his own version” of Willy’s baggie to correct bipolar and/or attention deficit symptoms in himself.

I have seen two other persons that respond very positively to Willy’s baggie. Both of these persons live in Utica, NY. One was treating a state of depression in herself, and the other one was treating a state of low energy.

I have also received a few positive reports via the Internet since 2006 from people that have tried Willy’s baggie, and were happy, or very happy, with the results.

As profound as some of the above anecdotal stories are, none of them may be as important as the recent anecdotal report that I received in regard to Willy’s baggie resolving the hallmark schizophrenic symptom of “hearing voices” in a man with a schizoaffective diagnosis.

It is my sincere belief that if Willy’s baggie can help one person to resolve the symptom of “hearing voices”, then it can help thousands of others. The potential of broad based nutrition taken all at once is absolutely enormous. It is so enormous that it is destined to topple pharmaceutical medicine, as we know it today. (This assumes that the drug industry is not successful in bribing lawmakers in the U.S. to pass laws that take healing nutritional supplements out of the general public’s hands.)

Failures With Willy’s Baggie

Since June 2006 I have witnessed three failures where Willy’s baggie was not enough to make a big difference healing-wise (vs. about seven or eight successes). All of these failures involved persons that were fairly heavy and had substantially bloated abdominal areas. (None of these failures involved a schizophrenic or schizopaffective diagnosis… in this regard, I have hit three out of three success-wise.)

My feeling is that the three persons that I am aware of that failed to be noticeably helped by Willy’s baggie could still be greatly helped by it (or a similar supplement approach). However, these persons first needed to do quite a bit of work on their GI tract (to fix it function-wise and toxic-wise). They also needed to substantially change their diet as well.

The baggie just can’t do it all sometimes. This is especially true if someone has a very toxic, inflamed, bloated, or malabsorptive gut… malabsorptive for ANY reason. It is also true if the person in question is heavily ingesting hidden food allergens, another situation that cripples the baggie’s effectiveness.

Despite these failures, Willy’s baggie supplement approach (tailored to the individual by his or her self) is the big part of a real chemical answer in regard to healing the illnesses of bipolar disorder, ADHD, and depression. Willy’s baggie supplement approach also holds great promise in regard to its being a big part of a real chemical answer in regard to healing illnesses such as schizophrenia and autism as well.

Big Pharma and Modern Medicine vs. the Truth

Mental illnesses are illnesses that modern pharmaceutical medicine commonly claims are incurable. It seems that pharmaceutical medicine claims that these illnesses are incurable simply for sake of the hundreds of billions of dollars they are making by continually treating such illnesses “for life” with various medications. (These people most certainly know better. However, they cannot act on this knowledge, as it would cost them dearly to do so.)

Mental illnesses are illnesses that are very poorly treated by conventional modern medical practice (psychiatry). And there is no motivation to change. Psychiatry is making billions of dollars from treating mental illnesses improperly, just as Big Pharma is (from selling psychiatric medication). Why change, when so many dollars and so much medical prestige is at stake?

The truth is that the vast majority of cases of ALL mental illnesses can be adequately chemically corrected via the use of nutritional supplements and other natural measures.

The use of nutritional supplements and other natural measures (to correct one’s nutrient, allergic, and toxic status) can result in complete, or almost complete, control of ANY mental illness symptom, bar none. The degree of symptom reduction that can be achieved via the use of nutritional supplements and other natural means can be far superior than that which any medication(s) ever invented could ever provide.

The use of nutritional supplements and other natural measures can even “CURE!”… despite the fact that you may have had your “mental illness” for decades.

The degree of symptom reduction or cure that the use of nutritional supplements and other natural measures can provide to you is really up to you (the person applying such to his or her self). This is as empowering as it gets… You can cure yourself of mental illness to whatever degree you desire. Indeed, you are the only person that can truly do so, once you learn how, and you have access to the means to do so.

If a nutrient or natural cure to any mental illness is found, unfortunately the pharmaceutical industry is likely to do everything it can to stop such a cure from hurting its sales or profits. This is almost certainly the reason why I have not been able to stay online without being repeatedly hacked, or repeatedly suffer from other heavy and undue computer interference, since June 2006. I have had five different personal computers hacked into and disrupted since then. I have also had three computers of various family members hacked into and disrupted while I was using them. In addition to this, I have had at least a half dozen computers in a public library I often used hacked into and disrupted when I was using them as well. I strongly believe that a party paid for by a drug company (or drug companies) is doing this. (At this point, I believe that I will have multiple and unusual computer problems whenever I get online for any length of time for the rest of my natural life, regardless of what antivirus, firewall, or spyware removal software that I use.)

To me, this situation of Big Pharma vs. the truth about healing is simply a race. To explain…

Big Pharma knows that it is doomed if the general public realizes that illnesses such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia are better treated by the use of nutritional supplements and other natural means than by using any medication whatsoever. As a result, they are doing everything that they can to get healing nutritional supplements out of the public domain by bribing lawmakers all over the world. They are also doing everything that they can to disrupt the truth about natural non-drug healing growing over the Internet, or so it sure seems.

In this race, if Big Pharma succeeds in slowing the truth about healing down long enough to legally get nutritional supplements out of the public’s hands before their great healing power is discovered by the masses, then they win.

And in this race, if Big Pharma does not succeed in getting nutritional supplements out of the general public’s hands before their great healing power is discovered by the masses, then they lose.

[Incidentally, most mental health activists worldwide are totally unaware of this “race”. The fact that nutrient chemistry and other natural means can be fully corrective of mental illness symptoms is not commonly known amongst persons affected by such. Even persons that are proactively fighting Big Pharma and conventional psychiatric practice for human rights violations or other reasons do not commonly know this. Few mental health activists realize that nutrient and other natural chemistry that can cure mental illness, and effectively treat mental illness symptoms in short order, even when such symptoms are quite severe. Hopefully, this situation will soon change. Perhaps it will change as a result of it being determined by other persons that Willy’s baggie can greatly help to reduce the symptom of “hearing voices”.]

Who knows what Big Pharma will do to protect their prestige, to protect their markets, and to protect their sales and profits other than what they are already doing in these regards? Perhaps God only knows. I sure don’t.

All I know is that my son Willy and I seem to have stumbled into a healing idea that could help the entire human race (as all persons become broadly nutrient deficient eventually, especially as they grow older).

At this point, I also believe that what Willy and I have discovered about how to use nutritional supplements and other natural measures to heal from the “pseudo-mental illnesses” of ADHD and bipolar disorder is likely to represent a very significant breakthrough in regard to properly treating the “pseudo-mental illness” called schizophrenia as well.

The world in general apparently does not know quite what to make of me, or what I have been posting on the Internet for quite some time (thankfully, there are a few exceptions here).

Apparently, Big Pharma does know what to make of me. They are likely to have been monitoring what I have been posting to the Internet for eight years, if not more. (I first noticed odd computer problems on the computer that I was using online in the year 2000. These problems began soon after I learned how to use broad based amino acids and other nutritional supplements and natural measures to profoundly treat a state of severe depression in an incredibly short time in myself.)

Big Pharma most assuredly knows what a huge threat nutritional supplements and other natural measures are to them. This is the reason that they have been successfully bribing governments worldwide for years to pass laws to take nutritional supplements and other natural measures out of the hands of the general public.

If nutritional supplements and other natural healing measures are left in the public domain much longer, the truth about their healing power is likely to destroy entire classes of medications currently offered by Big Pharma. This would include medications for virtually every mental illness, bar none. It would also include medications for cholesterol, high blood pressure, arthritis, acid reflux disease, and asthma. It would include most medications used to treat cancer as well. All of these illnesses (and many others) are better treated by the use of nutritional supplements and other natural measures vs. the use of ANY drug whatsoever (as Big Pharma and our own Federal government would have us believe.)

Sadly, modern medical practice is primarily concerned with the great deal of money that can be made from treating people that are not well. True recovery from illness is not an issue that modern pharmaceutical medicine cares to address at all. This is due to the fact that persons that become well from whatever illness that they may suffer from are no longer “paying medical customers”.


Big Pharma, or some component thereof, apparently knows that I, despite only being a layman, am essentially the first person to figure out how to properly apply Adelle Davis’s wisdom to mental illness, such that profound symptom reduction can often be achieved in a very short time.

It is my belief that unless I generate further anecdotal proof that nutritional supplements and other natural measures can cure mental illness (or greatly help) the world is likely to continue to ignore what I am saying (for the most part). It is also my belief that unless I generate more anecdotal proof than is contained in this material that the world is likely to continue to ignore my plight vs. Big Pharma. (Some portion of this industry is extremely likely to be aware of me, as much as computers that I have been using online since June 2006 have been hacked or otherwise disrupted.)

I could generate more anecdotal proof that Willy’s baggie can greatly help to correct depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia, if I had the means to do so. It is not that difficult to find volunteers for Willy’s baggie, and to gather anecdotal reports. All I need is enough money to make up “free sample packages” containing three to five baggies each and send them to persons via Parcel Post (or hand them out to people that I meet). I then have to gather anecdotal information in regard to how various persons respond to taking Willy’s baggies. Doing all of this would be fairly simple and straightforward.

[It would admittedly be better if “I was there” when a person first began taking baggies. In doing so, I could help such a person much better than if I was simply shipping baggies to them from afar. Distance means that I have no way to help persons in regard to monitoring response to baggies (and making adjustments, if necessary), providing “gut counseling”, helping to effect positive dietary changes, juicing raw organic vegetables, suggesting other supplementation that may be wise, etc. Despite my saying this, my being there or not would not stop me from being able to generate some pretty amazing anecdotal stories… or so I strongly believe. The baggie is that powerful, at least for some. The baggie is especially powerful for those without seriously compromised, malabsorptive, and toxic GI tracts.]

I pray that someone that reads this document has the wisdom to believe in me, and has the means to act appropriately on what I am saying. My progress in trying to help the entire world is virtually dead in the water due to the lack of adequate fiscal means.

If I am not granted the means to move forward on my own, I pray that someone in alternative medicine that is in a position to effect change simply plagiarizes my ideas, such that these ideas reach their true potential, and ultimately help millions of persons some day. (I don’t care if I get any credit here or not.)

It seems that many persons in history have died for the sake of a great deal of power, prestige, or money. What Willy and I have discovered about the recovery of human health does not just threaten millions of dollars; it threatens hundreds of billions, if not the collapse of drug oriented medicine as we know it today. What Willy and I have discovered about the recovery of human health also threatens a great deal of power and professional prestige as well.

I expect to gain nothing from my efforts on the Internet and elsewhere… except maybe an early grave if I succeed in proving what I know to be true. What I know about healing mental illness could cost drug corporations and tens of thousands of persons a great deal of money (hundreds of billions of dollars in total). Perhaps one of these corporations or persons may take this loss personally, such that they then act negatively against me.

Regardless of what may or may not happen to me personally, I sincerely hope that “some great good” for the entire human race comes out of what Willy and I first discovered in August 2004 as the result of “fortuitous accident”. It does not matter to me whether Willy or I are involved in the future development of this “great good” or not. It also does not matter whether we gain anything from what we have done. (I have never had any self-seeking agenda in writing what I do and posting it to the Internet.) Willy and I seek nothing for ourselves… we are only trying to help those that still suffer from “the big lie” called “mental illness”.

Allen Darman


Note: I am willing to ship out a few dozen “free sample packages” containing three to five baggies each to any person in the U.S. with a schizophrenic or schizoaffective diagnosis that is willing to take them to try to resolve the symptoms of depression or “hearing voices”, as soon as I can afford to do so. The cost for this is no charge (freight is free as well). All one has to do is to email me and ask for such, as well as provide me with a snail mail address. I currently do not have the means to send out “free sample packages” to anyone. This should change within a matter of months. (I will keep all requests for such, and send out these packages as soon as I can afford to do so.) All I ask of persons that receive free sample packages is that they email me back with a short report of what Willy’s baggies did, or did not do, for them. (I may use these reports in an anonymous fashion. Your name, initials, location, and/or email address will never be mentioned, unless you specifically want any of this personal information to be mentioned and tell me so via email.)

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