The Truehope Supplement, the Equilib Supplement, Willy, and Big Pharma (7-9-2009)

Important Note: Many of the blog links at the end of this blog (and a number of other Nutrientscure WordPress blogs) refer to blogs on Yahoo that are no longer be on the Internet. This is because Yahoo closed it’s Yahoo 360 blogging platform in July 2009 (at which time I had to move quite a few blogs to WordPress). It is going to take me some time to straighten out this mess, but it will be done as soon I am able to within the next two months (by late April 2011). Allen

Dear friends:

My son Willy Darman’s recovery from an ADHD diagnosis, classic bipolar symptoms and weak and sickly childhood health was achieved without the use of either the Truehope or the Equilib supplement.

I admittedly may have made a mistake here… but “we” (Willy and I) still “got the job done”… to the point where Willy generated an amazing recovery story, if not a “world leading one”.

The use of Equilib in “Willy’s baggie” of broad based supplementation is simply a recent improvement to what Willy was doing prior to this. (He changed to using Equilib in his “baggie of supplements” in August 2008.)

Willy also takes a second dose of six capsules of the Equilib supplement later in the day. At one point he even took a third dose of six capsules of Equilib, but then he backed down to two, as he did not see much difference in himself in regard to using two doses of Equilib vs. three. (Many have a differing need for this product. The Equilib people may be the best persons to advise one on such. This same goes for the Truehope product, if one chooses to use such.)

I consider both Truehope and Equilib to be “very good” supplements, if not exceptional ones. This is especially true in regard to their mineral content.

However, both Truehope and Equilib lack a number of nutrients that I have found from experience are needed, if not critical. to achieve the best healing results.

In my opinion, the Truehope people do “somewhat oversell” what their supplement can do. I am less familiar with the Equilib people in this regard, but perhaps they do a bit of the same as well. (In my mind, this is very forgivable. These supplements have had a profound healing effect for many… who would not be a bit enthused?)

Despite my saying the above, I have nothing against the Truehope or Equilib supplement. I also have nothing against the companies and people behind these supplements as well.

Indeed, these are excellent products, and I am extremely thankful that both of these supplements exist.

WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT both the Truehope supplement and the Equilib supplement HAVE PROFOUNDLY HELPED MANY PERSONS that suffer from depression, bipolar disorder, and the like.

I met a number of Truehope people personally when I was in Canada for almost five weeks back in the winter of 2001 or 2002. The recovery stories from people using the Truehope supplement that I heard “face to face” sure “rang true” to me. (When I was visiting the Truehope people the Equilib company was actually producing Truehope’s supplement product for them. I believe that this has changed, thus making these two different companies “competitors for the same market now”.)

I firmly believe in the validity of the medical research that has been done in regard to what the Truehope supplement can do. This research was carried out by capable people without “an axe to grind”. (As Equilib and Truehope are such similar products, any research done on one of these products heavily applies to the other as well.)

Incidentally, over the years some of the medical researchers doing research on the Truehope supplement have taken “quite a bit of flack” from a number of parties within the confines of conventional medicine. (Almost no party associated with conventional medicine wants ANYONE investigating “what nutrients can do” in regard to the resolution of mental illness.) The people involved with doing research involving the Truehope supplement had to battle with conventional medicine persons to either do this research and/or to get its results recognized. (This latter is still very true today.)

I wonder sometimes if some of the medical researchers involved in research with the Truehope supplement have actually “had to almost put their careers on the line” for what they were doing (researching the nutrient connection to mental illness).


Nutrients and other natural measures can CURE virtually every mental illness “under the sun”…to include autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia as well. (The anecdotal evidence that this is true has been absolutely overwhelming for a number of years now. The only exception here is schizophrenia, of which only recently do I feel that a solid cure has been found.)

Sadly, conventional medicine has chosen to ignore the fact that nutrients and other natural measures can cure mental illness.

And sadly, Big Pharma is fighting “with everything they have” against this fact being found out by the general public. (They are even monitoring the Internet and hacking and disrupting the computers of persons that they feel represent a threat to them. I should know, as I am one of these persons. Mike Adams of is another… and he knows of others as well.)

Make no mistake about it… for years Big Pharma has been throwing a great deal of money, and all of its power and influence, towards the goal of getting healing nutritional supplements out of the general public’s hands worldwide. Big Pharma is quite literally “bribing governments” to change their laws such that nutritional supplements are taken away from “us” (the general public). And they have succeeded in using the force of law to get healing nutritional supplements taken out of the public domain in many countries worldwide. (“We are like sheep being led to slaughter” by these people… and sadly, they have been getting away with it.)

The people running the drug industry are deathly afraid of “the truth” in regard to the resolution of mental illness.

What is the truth?

The truth is that DRUGS NEVER CURE ANY MENTAL ILLNESS, but NUTRIENTS (and other natural measures) CAN CURE THEM ALL.

The truth would cause the collapse of drug oriented medicine.

Why would the truth cause the collapse of drug oriented medicine?

Because the general public would not stand for the fact that ALL SEVERE MENTAL ILLNESS WAS CURABLE NATURALLY, BUT SUCH CURES WERE BEING DENIED, simply for the sake of the many billions of dollars being made (by both Big Pharma and “Big Medicine”).

I pray that the majority of the American public (such that “we can win by vote”) wakes up to the truth before healing nutritional supplements are taken away from them. America may be “one of the last countries left” as far as readily available public access to an adequate range of healing nutritional supplements is concerned.

So many countries have fallen in the past few decades to “Big Pharma’s grand plan” already. Many critical healing nutritional and natural supplements in these countries have been taken off the market altogether. Or they have been placed in the hands of doctors, which greatly inflates their cost, if not makes it “virtually impossible to heal”.)

If America falls in regard to losing free public access to a wide range of nutritional supplements, we may all become “slaves of a sort” to Big Pharma some day.


Allen Darman

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Willy’s Baggie II is the crowning achievement of my life. To the ingredients in the blog reflected above I have recently added 400 IU of vitamin E, and some potassium and magnesium. I am also considering the addition of some other supplements as well. All of this will be reflected in another blog soon.

Willy’s Baggie II is amazing in regard to its power to heal. It is even lessening a number of liver spots that I had on my hands, arms, and head. God only knows what this comprehensive nutrient formula can do, especially when coupled with hidden allergic food avoidance, comprehensive “gut corrrection”, and a very healthy diet as well.

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