Information about aminos, etc. as it is being written

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*****Important Note*****

Dear friends:

The material below was significantly upgraded last on 8/23/2008. It now has a title, a subtitle, and chapters (it is acquiring some solid organizational structure). It is in the process of becoming either a “booklet” or a “book”.

I will continue to upgrade the entire document below repeatedly until I am satisfied that it is done, at which point this remark will be removed.

After I wrote this material initially, I realized it’s great significance. I then decided to “re-title”, restructure, and improve it, to where this material was “the best it could be”, or that I could possibly make it, given my writing skills and my “access to time”.

I am “coming out of the closet here on a number of issues”, after holding my tongue for quite some time. There is no sense holding my tongue anymore, for I finally think I can soon prove what I know. 90 days “more or less”, perhaps that’s all. Maybe, six months, possibly I am wrong in this estimate by a little bit. However, I can’t imagine Big Pharma lasting another year or two in the position of great dominance it now holds, as the truth of what is being taught herein about broad based free form amino acids catches on worldwide.

For any of those who are reading this and happen to own any drug company stock, I give you fair warning, now, or very soon, is the time to sell. I will keep all of you stockholders abreast of “exactly when” the “big axe may be falling, as best as I can”. Just follow my blogs as I write them, for what I am doing from here on out is often going to be “an open book”. (This knowledge of events transpiring that may effect drug company stock value is going to be public knowledge on the Internet. I assume that this means what I am saying here “does not represent insider trading”, as “their are no secrets involved”; this is public knowledge that anyone and everyone has access to, and it is “going to be spread all over the net”.)

My firewall has counted almost 3,300 attempted intrusions, 67 of which are “high rated”, and I have only been online for about a month, and only been real active online for a portion of this time (less than three weeks). Such high attempted intrusion counts are unusual, especially the “high rated” one. Big Brother, in the form of Big Pharma, is most assuredly watching what I am saying. Thankfully, this computer does not seem to be “toasted yet” like my last four were, perhaps in a last ditch effort to discredit me (by this on again off again hacking and computer disruption).

Lastly, I sure hope that I see Xmas this year, not only for the sake of my two sons, both of whom I love dearly, but for the sake of the entire human race.


*****End of Important Note*****

***The “booklet”, one that I perhaps should have written some time ago***

What follows is going to be as succinct as I can be in conveying “some critical healing knowledge”; knowledge that would be helpful to the entire human race.

Title: How to properly treat amino acid and other essential nutrient deficiency in yourself

Subtitle: For all those who suffer from any mental illness or addiction

Gist of booklet: My knowledge vs. that of anyone else in regard to the subject of how to properly address amino acid or other essential nutrient deficiency in yourself (or someone close to you assuming they are willing to have you help them)


So help me God, I am telling all of you the truth in everything that I am saying, to include everything that I am saying in the material below.

I would not lie in the material below, for the very survival of our planet could be at stake. We are going “mad as a species”, and destroying the planet we are living on as well. If it is not too late for us, which it very well may be, the knowledge that follows may be one of “our better chances at our own survival as a species”. (However small this chance of humanity’s survival over the next few hundred years may be, I pledge to do my best at all times to contribute to its success.)

Chapter one: An Introduction

What follows is what I have learned from taking well over 100,000 500 mg. capsules of free form amino acids since 1997, as well as at least another 50,000 capsules or tablets of everything else.

The knowledge that I gained from swallowing the above would enormously help “the health of the planet” as a whole, and enormously help the health of many millions, if not billions, of people in it.

What follows is knowledge that every human being on this planet has “a human right to know, and know in full detail”. (I welcome anyone to help me with the dissemination of this critically important “new health knowledge”; knowledge that universally applies to the entire human race. I give everyone in advance the permission to freely cross post this material anywhere on the Internet that you wish, or to use it in any way whatsoever that you deem appropriate, and in whatever form.)

What follows is also knowledge that suggests that every single human being on this planet should have a “full human right without interference from any other party whatsoever, governmental or otherwise” to free and open access to nutritional supplements and other natural measures; and in a free and open marketplace, similar to the way it is now (8/2008).

What follows is “some good old knowledge combined with significant new discovery” in regard to how 70% of a human being’s function chemistry works, once “the water is taken out” (once you are fully dehydrated). This bulk of your “non-water” chemistry is called amino acids, and it makes up nearly “three quarters of you” not counting H2O. Amino acids also make up the bulk of almost ALL of your neurotransmitters and hormones as well.

There are over 2o different individual amino acids that make up your body, but you don’t even need to learn all of their all of their names, if you don’t care to, in order to be able to use amino acids properly. You only need to learn the names of a few individual amino acids. In regard to treating broad amino acid deficiency in yourself (as is most often the case), I am going to recommend using two stock amino acids blends, and then “tailoring your mixture a little bit by adding a few individual ones”.

The most you have to learn about free form amino acids to make them really work for you is that “you just have to learn how to supplement yourself in a practical sense”. Details and obscure facts are not important. “Healing results” ARE what is important, that’s all. (I don’t argue with what works, and what I know about using free form amino acids “works”, or just needs to be “self-tailored (self adjusted) a little bit”.)

My intent in this material, when it is finished, is to teach “the world” how to how to treat a deficiency of amino acid chemistry in itself; such that anyone that can read can learn how to treat amino acid deficiency in his or her self, using supplements that are ordered from the Internet, and knowledge that is easily learned. (My son Willy profoundly proved that this is achievable to the world).

We humans ALL suffer from amino acid deficiencies at some point in our lives. We ALL suffer from broad amino acid deficiency when “we get older”. And sadly, broad amino acid deficiency is far too common in many children today.

At this point in history, “we humans are broadly essential nutrient deficient as a species” (with a few rare exceptions), to include the amino acid class of nutrients, and the vitamin, mineral, and essential fatty acid classes as well. (And we are getter more and more essential nutrient deficient over time.)

To close this introduction, I know that many will attack me personally for what I am saying here, as has often been the case over the years. This does not matter anymore. It does not matter because I do not think it is going to take me any longer than perhaps 90 or so more days to generate significant anecdotal proof of the above. And I have some “good looking proof” already (all I need is time to write it up).

Chapter two: Preexisting knowledge in regard to free form amino acid and other supplementation taken to heal

First let us look at some of the pre-existing knowledge that is out there, so it can be compared to “some old knowledge combined with new discovery” (as I delineate below this).

To this end of examining “some of what is already known”, for the past few days I have been looking at what is on the Internet in regard to the use of free form amino acids to treat various disorders and addictions.

Although various search engines show differing results, and using more than one search engine might further help a person that has any particular condition shown, I thought that I would list at least one search engine result in this blog.

The following is what a Yahoo search engine returned for a number of illness and addiction situations:

1. amino acids depression returned about 3,770,000 results.

2. amino acids anxiety returned about 2,890,000 results.

3. amino acids bipolar disorder returned about 649,000 results.

4. amino acids schizophrenia returned about 848,000 results.

5. amino acids autism returned about 1,060,000 results.;_ylt=A0geu7sOIK5IPxUA2VVXNyoA?p=amino+acids+au

6. amino acids panic disorder returned about 383,000 results.;_ylt=A0geu996IK5I8McA7mpXNyoA?p=amino+acids+pa

7. amino acids alcoholism returned about 950,000 results.

8. amino acids cocaine addiction returned about 291,000 results.

9. amino acids heroin addiction returned about 410,000 results.…

10. amino acids benzodiazepine addiction returned about 132,000 results.;_ylt=A0geu5BAIa5IFiUAyKFXNyoA?p=amino+acids+be

11. amino acids marijuana addiction returned about 195,000 results.

12. amino acids fibromyalgia returned about 1,760,000 results.

I welcome you to follow me and see what is on the Internet “knowledge-wise” in the links above… and then compare it to what I am saying as you read this booklet.

Chapter three: Some of my thoughts in regard to this preexisting knowledge

I am not impressed with any of the results that are in the above.

Nor am I impressed with any of those persons that are commonly considered by many other persons to be “the amino acid experts” today.

The world is either going to have to “reinvent the wheel” in regard to how to use free form amino acids properly to correct amino acid deficiency, or it is “finally going to have to listen to what I have to say” in these regards.

So much “more” could be done to heal than any of the above mentioned Internet references, or any other alternative medical parties, either currently recommends or currently knows.

This “more” is in regard to “very self-empowering healing”. And it is healing that “you can perform at home by yourself”, once you learn how to do so, as I did a number of years ago.

(I am saddened to report that I have known how to use broad based and other free form amino acids with profound positive effect for over eight years. My attitude here is “I did my best over the years to tell the world what I knew, given my impossible fiscal circumstances”. Perhaps my best was not good enough. Who knows or who cares? Let’s just focus on the positive… and let “bygones be bygones”. It is time to move on so that many are helped, and not just a few”.)

In looking over all of the linking searches above, I do see a lot of products for sale, many of which are both more costly and much weaker in their formulations vs. what I have been doing in regard to free form amino acid use for over eight years (and what my son Willy has been doing for the past four years).

In the above searches, I also see a lot of IV amino acid use suggested for various addictions, when the oral administration of free form amino acids is just as effective (when done properly) and much less expensive. Not only are orally administered free form amino acids much less expensive, they don’t require the services of a doctor, as IV free form amino acids do.

Unfortunately, in looking over the linking searches reflected above, although it is clear that amino acid use is now linked with so many conditions and is being used to treat such, I still don’t see any real solid empowering information for other persons to use in regard to how to properly apply free form amino acids to themselves.

In reviewing what is on the net, I do not see any “dose up slowly while monitoring amino acid affect in yourself, and make adjustments accordingly”. This is a general rule that broadly applies to almost any free form amino acid use, whether it be individual amino acids, or broad based ones.

In reviewing what is on the net, I also do not see any mention of daily balanced broad based amino acid dosages in the 15 gram, 25 gram, 35 gram, and/or 50 gram range, despite the fact that for over eight years I have realized the common need for dosages this substantial in many persons that suffer from serious illness or addiction.

Chapter four: Regarding some of my experiences with amino acids and other natural measures and what I have learned from them

I have never had a conventional doctor or psychiatrist in my entire life even mention the role of amino acids in human health. Isn’t this odd? What is going on here? especially in light of the fact that amino acids represent about 70% of the functional chemistry of the body of an average human being, once the water is taken out. And what is still going on here today? as conventional doctors and psychiatrists still don’t hardly EVER mention amino acids to their patients, despite overwhelming evidence on the Internet that their use is indicated in so many illnesses and cases of addiction.

I will always remember the day in the fall of 1997 when I went to my psychiatrist and brought in both the medication he had been prescribing me for about a year and a half (Klonopin) and the various bottles of inhibitory amino acids I had been using for a few months in its place. (These were tryptophan, taurine, GABA, and glycine. I later added histidine to my inhibitory amino acid regime.) I said “Doctor, what would you do if you were me? Both of these put me to sleep, and I sleep well, but on the nutrients I don’t get any side effects, like I had been getting with the Klonopin.”

I liked my psychiatrist personally, and I was not “just setting him up” here. I was being honest with him, and I thought that he would “return the favor and be honest back”. My doctor was a good man, and he was honest with me. He said to me “I can’t help you with amino acids. All through medical school I only had one three hour seminar on amino acids. I don’t know hardly anything about them. However, if I was you I would keep doing what you are doing. You look really well, and if I was you I would continue on the course that you are on. I guess you don’t need me any more”. Then he shook my hand and congratulated me.

From the fall of 1997 onward, I spread all over the Internet as best as I could the fact that the inhibitory nutrient regime of tryptophan, taurine, GABA, and glycine had helped me to easily overcome an eighteen month addiction to Klonopin in about a month, with very little withdrawal symptoms and no adverse effect. (For this I rarely got thanked, and I often took a lot of “heavy flack” for questioning “what the doctors knew”.)

I do remember that at one point in the fall of 1999, I went on the Internet and did a number of simple linking searches to “see what was already known” and posted to net, such that it showed up in a simple linking search. I searched my own illness, bipolar disorder, and linked it with taurine, tryptophan, GABA, tyrosine, phenylalanine, carnitine, phosphatidyl choline, amino acids, food allergy, and candida. At this time I got ZERO hits for all of these things. It was at that point where I shrugged, and said to myself, “this is going to be a long battle trying to educate people that these issues are linked, but the Internet is all I have to work with, and I am going to do my best”.

In saying the above, I do not claim that many other people are involved in this now, nor do I claim that I did not learn a great deal from other persons, mostly through their books. However, I do know that “I was in this nutrient ballgame early on”. I also know that over time the truths that I have done my best to both learn and generate (discover), and then spread around on the Internet, have made a difference.

As early as February 2000, I was commonly taking 50 grams a day of broad based free form amino acids daily with profound positive effect. (Fifty grams equates to one hundred 500 mg. capsules.) I have taken such dosages daily for both weeks and months at a time since then… always with profound positive effect. I have also stopped and started taking such (and similar) dosages over the years to see what I could learn, or because I was simply “temporarily out of dough” to afford such. (I have learned a great deal from taking over 100,000 capsules of free form amino acids over the years, both when I was taking them, and when I had to stop for whatever reason. And “experience really counts”, as far as knowing how to best utilize free form amino acids is concerned.)

I was actually amazed at how well my son Willy (and others) have responded to taking only about 15 grams of “adequately balanced broad free form amino acids” a day, as is in Willy’s baggie. (Fifteen grams of free form amino acids equates to only about two eggs worth of protein, as an egg is about seven grams worth. However, I could not tell Willy to just eat two more eggs a day, as he and I are both allergic to eggs.)

Some persons admittedly may need more or less than fifteen grams of balanced broad based free form amino acids a day to heal, but only they can truly find this out, by “dosing up (or down) slowly while monitoring amino acid affect in themselves, and making adjustments accordingly”. I do consider ten to twelve grams or so of balanced broad based amino acids (taken with adequate nutrient cofactors) as being “the very low end of the probable adequate therapeutic dosage range” for all but very young children perhaps (these parameters can easily be worked out).

Possibly the fact that there are so many essential nutrient cofactors in Willy’s baggie helps with balanced broad based free form amino acid utilization in some way… as there is always “whatever other nutrients are needed” for amino acids to work well. And perhaps Adelle Davis was right in this regard, when she postulated almost four decades ago that the best healing approach was “to take the entire nutrient range all at once”.

***more to come***

Chapter five: Regarding some of my son Willy’s experiences with amino acids and other natural measures and what he has learned from them

***to be filled in a later date***

Chapter six: Other persons experiences with amino acids and other natural measures and what they have learned from them

***to be filled in a later date***

Chapter seven: Six key truths that the world really needs to hear

I have six key truths that need to be spread around the Internet more in regard to “proper” free form amino acid supplementation.

These are truths that should be known by EVERYONE that suffers from almost ANY illness whatsoever, if not every single one… bar none. This essentially means every person on this planet. At one point or another, EVERYONE could improve their degree of human health.

This is knowledge that every human being on this planet has “a human right to know”. It is new knowledge and discovery in regard to how 70% of a human being’s function chemistry once “the water is taken out” works. It is also knowledge in regard to how to treat any degree of deficiency of this chemistry in oneself. (We ALL suffer from some deficiences, if not a good many of them, as is more often the case. We are “deficient as a species”, and getter more and more so over time.)

1. One is that “adequately balanced broad based free form amino acids” are so much better than simply using a few, or even a half a dozen, individual ones (this is true even if an inhibitory nutrient regime is still used for sleep). (I have been telling this same to the world since February 2000, when I first began to use such.)

2. The second is that an adequate therapeutic dosage of “adequately balanced free form amino acids” is most probably going to exceed ten grams a day for most persons, and may be as high as fifty grams (or perhaps even more), depending on how amino acid deficient the person taking such is.

Incidentally, the largest single dosage of broad based free form amino acids that I ever took at once exceeded 120 grams (this occurred in November 2000). At the time, I really needed a dosage such as this. It helped me enormously (after a gut cleansing using bentonite and psyllium and some glutamine a half an hour prior) to adequately resolve a state of very severe depression within five hours. I did take the vitamin and mineral range, carnitine, and phosphatidyl choline at the same time as well, in addition to drinking A LOT of water. (Amino acids need water; and the more aminos taken the more water is needed.) I had no adverse effects whatsoever from taking this 120 gram plus dosage of broad based and “adequately balanced” free form amino acids at once (the effect was only profoundly positive). (I did know for certain when I took this dosage that I was quite amino acid deficient.)

3. The third is that the person who can best determine their “proper therapeutic dose” of free form amino acids, is the person taking such, by “dosing up slowly while monitoring amino acid affect in yourself, and making adjustments accordingly”.

4. The fourth is that carnitine, phosphatidyl choline, and perhaps inositol are all nutrients that should be added to any free form amino acid supplementation regime (just as broad based vitamins, minerals, and EFA’s should be added as well).(Inositol was suggested to me by someone… thanks, you know who you are, and thanks for the P5P suggestion as well.)

5. The fifth is that when a person is severely health compromised and/or seriously amino acid deficient, dosages of “adequately balanced and broad based free form amino acids” can be taken three times a day. (I credit Robert Erdmann and Meirion Jones with this truth, as theirs is the earliest published book that I am aware of that states such.)

Incidentally, “Willy’s baggie” is not proper for use “three times a day”. Some nutrients in Willy’s baggie should not be “tripled up on”. However, the concept here is correct. This concept is that all three periods of supplementation with “adequately balanced and broad based free form amino acids” should also be taken with the entire vitamin, mineral, and essential fatty acid range at the same time. (Essentially what I am saying here is that “Willy’s baggie” is correct in concept, it would just need to be adjusted in some of its nutrient amounts when multiple dosages a day are taken.)

6. And the sixth is that Adelle Davis was right… putting the entire nutrient range together in as balanced a fashion as possible and taking it “all at one time” is “the best way to heal”… bar none.

Chapter eight: The Gut; some things about it that everyone should know

***to be filled in a later date***

Chapter nine: Other authors books; and where I agree and disagree with some of what they are saying and why

***to be filled in a later date***

Chapter ten: The Conclusion

I am willing to publicly debate with anyone on earth in regard to “what is the most powerful healing modality in full detail” in regard to being “a foundation therapy to correct human health”. I admittedly do not know “all of the minor details” to a “T” here. However, I do believe that I lead the world from a conceptual standpoint, and that I have led the world for quite some time.

As the result of experience, I know some of the details of “proper healing” better than anyone else, especially in regard to how to use the amino acid class of essential nutrients. I am not stating this out of any ego need (or any other self-aggrandizing need), I am stating this because it is the truth.

Isn’t it obvious that every human being should have the right to his own God given chemistry in supplement form? such that “we could treat any degree of nutrient deficiency we may have properly in ourselves”? If it is not, it should be.

And isn’t it obvious that overly restricted access to nutritional supplements and natural measures violates a basic human right? The right we have to ALL of the molecules that make up our own bodies, every single one, in supplement or any other form.

God help us all if Big Pharma wins… by influencing either the FDA or Codex to restrict public access to ANY of the nutrient and natural healing tools that exist in the marketplace today.

Those of us in alternative medicine have to “fire a cannon” so that we are universally heard all over the world; or the force of law that restricts our access to healing nutritional supplements will win at some point, a point that may be fairly soon.

I, as John Q. Public, with no medical degree, have found “a big shell to fire” in this cannon. Let us all work together to make this “cannon fire” for the sake of the health of the entire human race.

I see this all strategically as “a race”. Time is running out on our access to a great many nutritional supplements, if not them all. The force of law and legal deadlines set by Codex and/or the FDA is grinding forward. This force of law and these legal deadlines will eventually “run us all over”, unless “something big is done”, and done fairly soon.

I have great hope that we will “win this race”.

This hope is based on my firmly believing in “the great healing power of what I know” (at least conceptually, if not in a lot of the details as well).

It is also hope based on the fact that I have seen enough “healing in other persons” from “Willy’s baggie, etc”. to know that I have stumbled on to a number of “historic health truths”.

Just as the world has begun to wake up to the tremendous therapeutic power of many individual free form amino acids over the past decade or so, some day the world is going to wake up to the tremendous therapeutic power of “adequately balanced broad based amino acids taken in an adequate therapeutic dosage”, and taken “at the same time” with many other essential nutrients as well. (Nutrients work in synergy, of course!)

The above assumes that Big Pharma is not successful in using its influence with the FDA or CODEX to take a wide range of nutritional and natural supplements out of the hands of the general public before they discover how profoundly healing that they are… or that Big Pharma makes these critical healing supplements unaffordable in some way.

Some day the world is going to realize that if a fourteen year old child (Willy) could learn how to “properly dose himself” with broad based free form amino acids, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, probiotics, carnitine, phosphatidyl choline, and other nutritional and natural supplements in order to achieve profound healing effect… then perhaps anyone can.

And some day the world is going to realize that Adelle Davis was right when she said “when taking essential nutrients to heal, take the ENTIRE essential nutrient range ALL AT ONCE”. (Again, nutrients work in synergy, of course!)

Perhaps the most important paragraphs in this entire document are the remaining ones.

“We who suffer from depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and any other “mental” or “degenerative” illness whatsoever (the list is quite long here)… CAN ALL BE CURED!”.

We don’t need any toxic medications to get better; and we don’t need Big Pharma’s, or our doctors, many lies to us any more.

We can ALL be CURED, if our illnesses were addressed properly. And the best person to address our own particular illness properly is not a medical doctor of any sort; it is each and every one of us ourselves. We all can learn how to become “a profoundly effective doctor of ourself”, just as my son Willy did. This assumes that we are willing to put forth the effort it takes to do so… just as my son Willy was.

It is not that hard to become “an effective doctor of yourself”. (Just ask Willy if you do not believe me in this regard.)

We can ALL be CURED… not by using any medication(s) whatsoever… but by using a wide range of essential nutrients and other natural measures. All that we need to do so is to learn how to properly and safely apply essential nutrients and other natural measures to ourselves in the comfort of our own homes.

Of course, the above assumes that we still have readily available (non-restricted) access to the raw materials in which to do so (such as supplements, “good non-allergic food”, probiotics, etc.)

I sincerely believe that “Big Pharma is going to lose this race against the truth” and that “Big Pharma is going to fall”. These events may only involve the matter of a little more time.

Why do I say this?

Because I know “deep in my heart” that the search to find “a real cure” for almost all mental illnesses, if not every single one of them… is “ALMOST OVER!”. And this search to find “a real cure” will be “TOTALLY OVER!”… once a number of other persons respectfully collaborate with each other to work out some of the details of what is (or will be, once it is done) proposed in what I have written here.

Lastly, Willy, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you did with what little I gave to you. Perhaps some day in the future the world will have the wisdom to thank you too.

Allen Darman

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An addendum: I continue to attach my son Willy’s picture to blogs on, as in regard to overcoming ADHD and manic depression naturally, he has set a course to follow for the entire world. Willy’s baggie of supplements and his taking probiotics daily continues to give him great results, and we continue to learn more and more over time. Willy is still only seventeen (he will turn eighteen in September). He continues to get healthier and stronger month after month. I am absolutely amazed that Willy, after being a weak and sickly child all throughout his childhood, can bench press 315 lbs., do seven one hand pull-ups, and can do handstands against a wall and then do twenty push-ups of his entire body with his feet in the air, despite his weighing about 170 lbs.. And Willy is “mood stable as a rock”, unless he overeats too much of his allergic foods. (He knows how immediately correct for these very minor mood dips from his making poor food choices from time to time, and he has known this stuff for years.)


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