Attempting to go back online soon

Dear friends:

I find it impossible to keep up with my email correspondence and writing to the blogs in here via the sole use of public library computers. There is just not enough access, and not enough time. (I sincerely apologize to all those persons that I am late in responding to via email.)

As a result of the above, I have made the decision to attempt to go back online again at home, despite the fact that I have had extraordinary difficulties in this regard… ever since I posted Willy’s original recovery story to the Internet in June 2006.

I should be back online by late July or early August at the latest.

Let’s see what happens this time… will I be able to stay online, or will the computer that I am using at home get hammered with close to 1,000 attempted intrusions a day (as counted by a firewall), and hacked into and disrupted within a matter of days, as has happened repeatedly before.

Some day the truth that candida and other intestinal dysbiosis issues are a major causative factor in most cases of bipolar disorder and depression (and so much else) is going to be found… and some day the truth that antibiotics greatly aggravate candida and other intestinal dysbiosis issues is going to be found as well. (This means that conventional medical doctors are unwittingly causing these illnesses in a very big way.)

Big Pharma sure does not want the above two events to occur… nor do they want humanity to realize that broad based nutritional supplementation (to include vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, AND free form amino acids) can profoundly help the health of hundreds of millions of persons as well.

God help us all if Big Pharma can continue to step on, silence, and/or stop the truth about how to correct depression and manic depression naturally. All these people seem to care about is protecting corporate profits… they don’t care a whit about the true resolution of illness at all.


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