An upgraded “Resume” in paragraph form

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Over the years “the world in general” has not accepted what is represented in the material below. (There are a number of exceptions here, and I wish to deeply thank you all.) It is hard to move “new truth” forward sometimes… a rule that definitely applies to me (and what I have discovered).

It seems that Big Pharma, or some party or parties being paid for by such, have been monitoring the Internet. They are looking for persons or parties that are learning “healing things” that might harm their sales, their profits, their stock value, and/or “their position of dominance in the healing arena”.

To date, this monitoring of the Internet by Big Pharma has not resulted in “any action being taken”, with one single exception that I am aware of. This exception is “me”. I have lost four computers to hackers since June 2006, when my son Willy’s amazing ADHD/bipolar recovery story was widely posted to the Internet. This fifth computer that I am working on has been heavily hammered on “attempted intrusion-wise”, but thankfully it does not yet seem to be breached (it still works).

Big Pharma essentially knows that I have caught them “in a number of Big Lies”, as a result of learning how to use broad based free form amino acids properly (and so much else). “We” are both quite concerned about each other (Big Pharma and I), and justifiably so.

This resume is being written “just in case”, such that “if I happen to disappear or die” within the next handful of months to a year or so, the world might realize what really happened here. My hope in this regard is that “if the worst does actually happen”, what I have been saying on the Internet for years might be looked at by humanity again. (Perhaps then it will be realized for what it truly represents, and “how helpful healing-wise that it can be”.)

There is no doubt in my mind that what I have learned about broad based amino acids, “the gut”, etc. threatens the COLLAPSE! of Big Pharma “in a very big way”.

I might actually be able to “sow the seeds of this collapse” by Xmas. All that would be needed then might be a little time for these seeds to grow. This is why I am going public again “with my plight”, as “my war with Big Pharma” may be coming to a head within a matter of months.

I fully understand that by posting what I have been posting to the Internet of late, that “I may not get away unscathed”. I just have to “trust in God” in this regard (and hope I live a long and healthy life). Regardless, I am going to “move forward” without “any fears that I may have” paralyzing me from speaking or acting in any way. And I am going to “move forward forever”, as best as I am able to, for the rest of my natural life.

Due to the unjust and untrue claims by some persons over the years that “I am manic”, or “manic delusional”, or “have paranoid symptoms” when I write copy such as contained herein, I will be going on YouTube very soon to “look the world in the eye” when I say such. My appearance on YouTube will tell a powerful story in regard to “my state of wellness at the present time”. This video material should greatly dispel “the various mistruths of my unjust attackers over the years”.

Allen Darman

An upgraded “Resume” in paragraph form

Much of what is below was taken from another blog that I wrote, and then upgraded quite a bit.

What follows is a non-traditional resume, one that follows no rules. It is simply a resume written “from the heart”.

This resume is “non-commercial”, as I am, quite literally, giving away everything that I know on YouTube, and on many other places, on the Internet.

My Resume:

The Five Most Important Achievements In My Life

1. I have had a world leading degree of understanding of how to correct bipolar disorder and depression since January of 1998. This was the point in which I gave an hour and fifteen minute long presentation on such to an audience in San Rafael, CA. (If anyone that reads this material still has a video copy of this presentation, I would really appreciate “a copy of it” being sent to me, and I am willing to pay for this. I freely gave out over 120 of these videotapes, hopefully someone has one left.)

My goal at all times since the fall of 1997 when I first began posting to the Internet about how to overcome manic depression naturally has been “to try to help millions, and not just a few”.

2. I am the first person on this earth that really knows “how to use broad based free form amino acids” properly in order “to get the healing job done”.

3. I am the first persons on this earth that “profoundly understands the gut” in a practical everyday sense. (I know how to “fix my gut” from an absorptive standpoint faster than anyone else.)

4. In achieving the above, I am #1 in the world in regard to knowing how to biochemically correct a state of depression (in most so afflicted) via natural means. (I got to this place in April 2000, over eight years ago. It seems that it often takes a long time for “new truth” to be heard.)

5. In achieving the above, I am #1 in the world in regard to knowing how to biochemically correct for “so much else”. (I lead the world, both “conceptually” and “in a practical sense”, in regard to how to regain human health by using nutrients, natural measures, logic, and “just plain common sense”.

In trying to share the above-mentioned knowledge with many other persons and/or parties over the Internet for years (my only real means to effect change is the Internet), I was either (1) not believed when I honesty stated what I knew to be true, or (2) simply ignored, or (3) called “manic delusional”, or (4) “those few that believe me” simply happened to be persons without the means to effect real change, just as I was.

Unfortunately the above-mentioned knowledge has “yet to be truly heard”, such that appropriate action is taken by some party with the means to effect real change.

Who I Am, Where I Am Coming From, And Where I Am Going

Even though I have achieved all five points made above, I am admittedly no better than anyone else. (“We are all equals in the eyes of God” has been my motto for my entire life.) Despite the appearances of my written words on the Internet, in truth I am a very humble man. Just look at me on YouTube; do I appear arrogant or egotistical to you? Doesn’t the man on YouTube (me) seem that he would most probably listen to you, and show you respect, if you and he ever met?

I just got lucky here. I also worked hard for over fourteen years “to get where I am knowledge-wise” today.

In addition to this, I was borne with “a little bit of genius” in “some ways”. You can blame my parents for this.

My father, Arthur Darman, tested second highest in the entire U.S. after WWII of all personnel in the Navy that were tested after the war for college entrance. This college entrance exam was taken by many hundreds of thousands of men, if my mother told me correctly (Arthur never talked about himself to us children).

My mother, Marion Darman, had a photographic memory, and was a voracious reader. She was also a “great duplicate bridge player” (she could remember all of the cards as they were being played hand to hand, over twenty hands worth, about 1,000 cards worth, at a time!).

For many years, my mother was a person “with only a high school degree”. She first attended college (a junior college) in the mid 1980’s, when she was over fifty years old. Marion got a 4.0 average, and a full scholarship for “academic achievement”, two years in a row. This happened despite her having taken a medley of psychiatric drugs for bipolar disorder since the early 1970’s, to include lithium, thorazine, haldol, risperdal, etc., etc. ( I could not even begin to list all of the medications my mother took from 1970 or so until she passed away in 2005. This list would have to involve “dozens”.)

My mother had seven children. Although she knew not to “play favorites”, she just could not help taking me aside from time to time when I was a child and tell me that “I was their smartest child”. (She was so proud of me; she knew that she and my father had “brought forth the gift of at least some degree of genius”.) Even as a young child, she would buy me sets of encyclopedias “one volume at a time” in the grocery store. (I read two or three sets of these in their entirety as a child, while my siblings were out playing. At a very young age, I had picked up my mother’s “love for books”.)

My IQ, as tested years ago, is not the highest, it is only between 141 and 148 (many people are a lot smarter than me). However, I have a work ethic that is “second to none”. Perhaps this “makes up for things a little bit”.

I am not the best writer, by any means, and I readily admit to this. My mental gifts are “math and science ones”. I hated English in high school. My brain excels at logic, visualization, puzzle solving (and I don’t mean “puzzles with pieces”), and “big picture thinking”.

Whatever gifts God may have given me at birth did not go to waste. I have a long life history, spanning over four decades, in which I achieved “great or unusual” things as a result of “using my brain”, “using my stubbornness to succeed”, or both. Many of these accomplishments were assisted by “self-education” (by reading, or by listening to what others had to say). However, most, if not all, of these achievements involved some “original thought” as well. None of these accomplishments was the result of “going to school”, as “I could always learn faster than any school could teach me”. Such a life history is indicative of “at least some degree of genius”, if not a good deal.

I just got lucky. This luck, in a very big way, stemmed from the fact that I had Sherry Rogers book “Depression Cured At Last” in my hands just as it was published in 1997 (and I had a number of her other books as well). I had this book in my hand only a few months after I had started to use free form amino acids, and a wide range of other nutritional and natural supplements, in order “to cure myself of bipolar”. This was some piece of luck. Due to it, I was able to rather readily put “Sherry Rogers wisdom on the gut” together with what I was learning from self-experience with free form amino acids, and what Dr. Priscilla Slagle’s book “The Way Up From Down” (and a bit later Robert Erdmannn’s book “The Amino Revolution”) had taught me in regard to the same.

The bottom line of all of this is that I am simply “a near-genius” that worked real hard for over fourteen years, and also “got lucky at just the right time”. As a result of this, I have “a number of great gifts to give to the entire human race”.

These gifts are (1) how to profoundly resolve depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and the like naturally, (2) how to profoundly resolve, or profoundly help to resolve, “almost every psych illness under the sun” (the entire DSMIV), and (3) how to profoundly resolve a number of serious addictions naturally, or at least “greatly help”.

All of these gifts that I have to give the world stem from the fact that I am apparently the first person on earth that really knows “how to use broad based free form amino acids” properly in order “to get the healing job done”. I am also one of the first persons on this earth that “well understands the gut in a practical everyday sense”. (To repeat myself from copy written above, I know how to “fix my gut” faster than anyone else.)


Couple the facts that (1) I know how to work with the entire nutrient range, especially the amino acid class of nutrients (the rest is “common knowledge”), and (2) I understand how to fix the gut in a practical sense (as well or better than anyone else), with (3) God, in the form of “the wisdom of the human body”, will “often do the rest”, as far as healing is concerned… and perhaps you may realize what a special place I seem to have gotten myself into. (I am not just dealing with a cure for depression, or a cure for bipolar disorder, or a cure for any other specific illness. In truth, I am essentially defining for the world “a foundation therapy to recover human health”.)

Don’t credit me here, as “I” have nothing to do with this. Credit “the little piece” of God that every human being has in them, “the piece” that tells you to “do the right thing”. I only obeyed my conscience the entire time. “I” am nothing, except “a little humble worker bee for God”, perhaps.

I seek nothing for myself. I do not seek fame, recognition, money, or anything else. (Indeed, as much as Big Pharma has been “hacking and tracking me”, I may not live that long to enjoy such. I can only trust in God and hope in this regard.)

I only seek to reduce, if not END!, a great deal of human suffering that results from “nutrients either being used improperly when healing, if not ignored altogether, especially the AMINO ACID CLASS of nutrients”.

If there is one single thing left in my life that I wish to achieve, it is to wake alternative medicine up worldwide to the fact that “IT IS MISSING THE TREMENDOUS THERAPEUTIC POWER OF BROAD BASED FREE FORM AMINO ACIDS”, when (1) they are used in an adequately balanced fashion, and with the “right” nutrient cofactors involved, and (2) when they are used in an adequate therapeutic dosage, a dosage that is best determined by the person taking such. (If there is a second thing left in my life that I wish to achieve, it is “ALWAYS REMEMBER TO CARE FOR THE GUT”.)

For those of you that do not believe what I am representing herein, I ask you “to hold your judgment in abeyance”, until “more facts are in”. Just wait and see what happens by Xmas, as the result of my knowledge being applied to other human beings. Perhaps then would be a better time to judge me than now.

The world will be able to watch “the results of what I know about healing” on YouTube, under my YouTube screen name of “nutrientscure”, as I generate it in the months to come. (Believe me, I will generate such, maybe not many people, but probably “enough”.)

I intend to, quite literally, GIVE AWAY ALL THAT I KNOW about the correction of human health over the Internet FOR FREE (via YouTube and via other websites as well). I may also sell book and DVD video material at some point in the future at “rock bottom prices” for those that may still want such. However, virtually everything that “I do in video or may write” will always be on the Internet for free. Making money for myself is not my agenda here at all. (I could not care less about money. It is the health of humanity that I care about. Everything pales to this.)

Lastly, I wish to deeply thank all those that “have taught me so much”. I also wish to thank all those that have helped me in one way or another over the years, or may help me in the future. Without so many of you, “I could have done nothing”, or “a whole lot less”, than I eventually did. Again, I thank all of you. (((Hugs)))


Allen Darman

Much “world changing new knowledge” and discovery is contained on the above mentioned site. I am #1 in the world in regard to correcting depression, manic depression, and many other illnesses and addictions, naturally. I have been such since April 2000. This was the point in which I learned how to use broad based free form amino acids with profound healing effect. Big Pharma has been “hacking and tracking” me since June 2006, when my son Willy’s amazing ADHD/bipolar/weak and sickly health recovery story was widely posted to the Internet. Big Pharma seemed to realize that what I had discovered years ago in regard to broad based amino acids being profoundly corrective of a depressive state was finally going to get recognized because of what happened to my son Willy. These discoveries about how to treat depression properly could virtually collapse the entire class of antidepressants “overnight”. I may end up dead from all this. This is “no game”, nor it it “delusion” (see the video below… I am clearly well). This is “Hollywood in real life”. (I am a humble man… I have no idea “why God picked me” for such a special destiny.)

I am “nutrientscure” on as reflected above. NUTRIENTS DO CURE! This is only common sense. The American public is finally becoming empowered to treat broad nutrient deficiency in themselves. This has historical implications. It could start “a health revolution world-wide” within a matter of months, as the anecdotal evidence grows. This material was only put on the Internet a week or so ago. In the next month or two, there is far more video to come, right up to and beyond the election. The first video to see is (This video takes the claim that I am “manic delusional” at the moment right out of the equation, as I am not manic at all in it.)

Some other helpful references

Dr. Sherry Rogers books can be found on

Dr. Priscilla’s Slagle’s book “The Way Up From Down” can be found on

Robert Erdmann’s books can be found on

An old and a bit out of date version of my bipolar recovery story can be found on

An old speech draft on bipolar; still a worthy read

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An Anecdotal Case; Depression Resolved in One Day, Rv.2

(I intend to generate enough of these “miraculous depression remission stories” by Xmas 2008 that what I have been representing to the world for a number of years can no longer be ignored.)

Antidepressants; The Achilles Heel of Big Pharma

(The above mentioned blog is not yet edited, finalized, or done. There is no point in completing it at the moment, as I am going in another direction. I intend to “anecdotally prove” what I know about the resolution of depression and put this material on YouTube by Xmas 2008.)

Adelle Davis; a true pioneer

The possible implications of broad based nutrition taken all at once

(The word “possible” in the above mentioned blog should be “probable” at this point.)

Introducing the Concept of an “Educational Healing House”


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