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Note: This is a blog that has been moved to WordPress from Yahoo 360, which is closing on July 13, 2009. Any blog links in this blog that refer to blogs on Yahoo 360 will no longer be on the Internet. It is going to take me some time to straighten out this mess, but it will be done eventually (such that all of the links in this blog work). Allen

Dear friends:

What follows is some additional copy that I put on the prior blog in here, the one titled “I am in a real collaborative mood; and I need some help to continue my work”. I have reposted this copy as a stand-alone blog for those that may have missed it.


The additional copy is as follows:

In an indirect way, the following two blogs are related to this one as well. An explanation of this follows these two blog web address listings. It is best to read this explanation first, prior to looking at the blogs themselves.

Willy’s Three Year ADHD/Bipolar Recovery Story

Doctors Helped Cause Willy’s Sickness; A Picture When He Was Not Well

Simply look at the picture in the blog titled “Willy’s Three Year ADHD/Bipolar Recovery Story” of Willy at 17 and a half years old (this picture was taken in March 2008).

Then compare this picture to the picture of Willy at about ten years old contained in the blog titled “Doctors Helped Cause Willy’s Sickness; A Picture When He Was Not Well”.

These two pictures represent the power of Adelle Davis’s wisdom carried out with “modern supplement tools”; some of which were not readily available in her day.

Adelle Davis had the concept of broad based nutrition “right”. On page 106 of her book titled “Let’s Eat Right To Keep Fit” (copyrighted 1954 and 1970), Adelle Davis stated “Because all nutrients are used together in the body, health can be rebuilt faster when as many nutrients as possible are furnished together and thus made available at one time”.

“Willy’s baggie” represents the first profoundly effective rendition of Adelle Davis’s ideas that I am aware of, in regard to it being taken by a teenager (Willy was only thirteen when he started taking baggies), or by anyone else.

I fully admit to the world that “Willy’s baggie” is not “exact in detail”, and that it could be easily improved.

This concept of putting vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, free form amino acids, and a number of critical and/or helpful cofactors together was also my son Willy’s idea in July of 2004 as well. (Willy could hardly read in the summer of 2004, much less have read Adelle Davis.)

Willy simply guessed at what Adelle Davis had taught us all many years ago, a guess borne out by his circumstances in regard to his having had to hide his supplementation from his mother at that time. And I had had enough experience with supplements by July 2004 (probably the most extensive degree of experience in existence at that time, especially in regard to free form amino acids) to know what to put in Willy’s baggie after he adamantly said to me twice in July 2004 to “put it all together and I will take it all at once”. (Willy adamantly refused “multiple supplement periods a day”, as he was too afraid of getting caught.)

When Adelle Davis says “health can be rebuilt faster” she named no specific illness at all. Adelle Davis was talking about “sickness in general” and “health in general” here. What this means is that assuming Adelle Davis was right, “broad based nutrition taken all at once” (as Willy’s baggie represents) is UNIVERSALLY APPLICABLE in a very big way to health recovery in general, whether it be physical or mental health that is involved.

Prior to rereading Adelle Davis’s book in 2007 after an over thirty-five year hiatus from reading it for the first time (I was a big Adelle Davis fan back in the early 1970’s), I also realized that broad based nutrition was UNIVERSALLY APPLICABLE in a very big way to health recovery in general, whether it be physical or mental health that is involved. At this point, I wrote a blog on this and posted it all over the Internet. (This blog is titled “The possible implications of broad based nutrition taken all at once”, and one version of it can be found at

I now know that I was correct in my assumptions when I wrote the blog titled “The possible implications of broad based nutrition taken all at once”. The word “possible” should be taken out of this title… as these ARE the implications of the concept of healing that Adelle Davis, Willy, and I believe in; if not, these implications are even broader than I stated in this blog. “Broad based nutrition taken all at once” is a healing concept that is 100% correct. All that needs to be worked out are the details, as far as the substances used, and the dosages used at well. I “welcome the world” to help us with this, by “trial and error self-experimentation” performed at home.

I do not mean to diminish the importance of dealing with food allergies, candida, a lack of digestive enzymes, other common malabsorptive issues, toxicity, and other supplementation that should be taken as well. “Broad based nutrition taken all at once” is only one part of a comprehensive answer to rebuild one’s health, albeit an often critical one.

This world is far too small for both Big Pharma and broad based nutrition taken all at once. One of these healing postulations “has to go”… it perhaps is only a matter of time in this regard. Both Big Pharma knows this (as much as they have been hacking computers that I have used since June 2006), and so do I.

I only hope that I am going to still be here a few years from now, to keep teaching the world more in regard to both the great significance of Adelle Davis’s wisdom and all the rest that I have learned, and to be a father to my two teenage sons, Willy and Max, both of whom I love dearly. And I hope that the world finds a way to extract whatever wisdom that it can out of me, before it may be too late.


Allen Darman


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