ADHD and bipolar disorder commonality

Dear friends:

What follows is an old egroup post that I made in June 2006. I thought that this
copy might also be helpful to some persons in here.

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Dear (name removed):

Perhaps the following information might be helpful to you.

Bipolar disorder and ADHD are very similar conditions in regard to both their true causes and their best corrections in the great majority of persons so afflicted.

Bipolar disorder and ADHD are, far more often than not, primarily caused by multiple hidden food allergies, candida, and/or other intestinal dysbiosis issues. Other common malabsorptive factors (such as a lack of digestive enzymes, etc.) or common gut problems (such as leaky gut) are likely to be involved as well. Both illnesses often, if not nearly always, have an excess toxicity component as well.

A faulty nutrient/allergic/and toxic equation underlies a myriad of illnesses, to include bipolar disorder and ADHD. Correcting this nutrient/allergic/and toxic equation adequately should fully resolve these illnesses. At least this is my opinion, an opinion based on a great deal of research and (self) experience since 1997.

William Crook was a pioneer author on ADHD… and he primarily addressed food allergies and yeast. You would be wise to become familiar with William Crook’s written work on ADHD, food allergies, and yeast, even if some of it is a bit out of date (as much of it is not out of date as well). William Crook’s written work on food allergies and yeast HEAVILY applies to bipolar disorder, just as it does ADHD, even though bipolar disorder is hardly mentioned.

Doris Rapp is another great author on the same issues as Crook. I’d sure get her book “Is This Your Child?” is I was in your shoes. (Don’t confuse this book with the book “Is This Your Child’s World”, which deals with toxic exposure.) Doris Rapp’s written work on food allergies and yeast HEAVILY applies to bipolar disorder, just as it does ADHD, even though bipolar disorder is hardly mentioned.

There are many other alt med doctors that concur with the above authors, but these two rather immediately came to my mind on the subject of ADHD.

Also, some of Sherry Rogers books deal with issues germane to both ADHD and bipolar, such as “Depression Cured At Last” and “No More Hearburn” (this book goes way beyond heartburn for sure). All of Dr. Rogers written work can be found on

Sherry Rogers was by far “my greatest teacher”. Although she does not know hardly anything in regard to using amino acids therapeutically, she sure knows a great deal on many other alternative health topics. Her books greatly helped me to beat bipolar disorder, although I admittedly needed to find some other answers elsewhere. I had Sherry Rogers book “Depression Cured At Last” in 1997, when it first came out. I have read every other book she has written as well, many of them more than once. In my opinion, Dr. Rogers is a “must read” author for so many people with a wide variety of conditions of ill health. I believe that she is also a “must read” author (there are others of course) for anyone that is seriously into alternative medicine.

Another resource for you is the net… just do linking searches such as ADHD food allergies, bipolar food allergies, ADHD candida, bipolar candida, etc. In addition to this, there are a number of Yahoo egroups that might be helpful to you. These Yahoo egroups deal with treating ADHD or bipolar disorder naturally, candida, food allergies, etc.

Many people equate me with “just amino acids”, due to my rather extensive experience with them. Sure, these are very helpful substances, if not incredibly so. However, to ignore the issues of hidden food allergy, candida, a lack of digestive enzymes, leaky gut, etc., etc. and just skip to amino acid use and other nutritional supplementation is simply not wise. The root causes of chemical deficiency (and/or excess toxicity) need to be both identified and dealt with (“fixed”) to correct bipolar disorder and ADHD, and many other illnesses as well.

Lastly, I ahould perhaps mention to you that I am not a doctor, nor do I have any formal educational (beyond high school) or medical credentials whatsoever. I am simply a lay person that is self educated in alternative medicine.

All the best,


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