A great book! on liver cleansing

Dear friends:

Over the years I have had recurrent problems with gall bladder pain due to its being plugged up with gallstones.

My first episode of this occurred in the early 90’s, and I really was not sure what was going on at this point. I thought I had “liver pain”, and I was not really aware of my gall bladder at all. This pain was rather severe, and had me doubled over at times, in order to get a little bit of relief.

Oddly, I did guess correctly what had caused this pain… and that was my repeatedly drinking a number of cups of hot tea with lemon while playing long poker sessions in Atlantic City. I knew this guess was correct when I had a second serious episode of gall bladder pain within a month or so due to drinking too much tea with lemon over a period of a few days. Simply removing the lemon and/or stopping drinking a lot of tea with lemon altogether completely stopped these major gall bladder pain attacks from occurring altogether for a number of years.

I am sure glad that I did not see a doctor when these first two episodes of gall bladder pain occurred, as I most probably would have had my gall bladder removed if I did. I knew nothing of alternative medicine at this time. It is likely that I would simply have become another innocent victim of a very corrupt and “intentionally ignorant” medical system if I did see a doctor for gall bladder pain in the early 90’s.

In the late 90’s I became far more aware of alternative medicine, to include liver cleansing, which I have dabbled with from time to time, but not to any great degree. I have drank olive oil and lemon juice about three times between 1999 and 2004 or so in order to cleanse my liver, but I really did not know a great deal about what I was doing when I did this, nor did I remove any stones that I was aware of, with a single exception. This exception involved my last attack of major gall bladder pain, one that occurred about four years ago.

About four years ago I experienced great pain in my gall bladder area after eating a half gallon of Breyer’s Ice Cream with a lot of pecans in it (admittedly a poor food choice for me, as I know that I am dairy allergic.)

It so turns out that pecans can cause the liver to release gallstones, a fact that I found on the net shortly thereafter (by doing a simple linking search of “pecans gall bladder”). Due to this net research and the way I felt, I strongly suspected that I had a boulder of a gallstone in my gall bladder, one that was severely blocking bile flow.

I knew a bit more at this time about liver cleansing, as a result of what I had read on http://www.curezone.com, and my own experiences with liver cleansing in the past. Therefore I immediately armed myself with the basic ingredients for a liver flush of Epsom Salts, apple juice, olive oil, and lemons. Surprisingly, I never even got the the olive oil and lemon juice stage of this cleanse. After drinking a half gallon of apple juice (I think I used apple cider here), and taking the Epsom salts as suggested, within an hour or so I soon felt great relief from this large stone moving into my small intestines. I could actually feel this stone as it moved through my small intestine for a number of hours. It must have been a boulder of a gallstone for me to feel it move through my small intestine, but I never saw it come out. (This gallstone must have become buried in my feces, and I did not use gloves or some sort of a filter to retrieve it when I pooped it out.)

Lately, I have had minor but definitely noticeable and recurrent pain in my gall bladder area. I realize that I need to do a liver cleanse again. However, this time I wanted to know quite a bit more about what I was doing, so I bought a book that I found on the subject. The title of this book is “The Liver and Gall Bladder Miracle Cleanse” by Andreas Moritz.

What a great book! Andreas Moritz is right on the money as far as liver cleansing is concerned. But even more, this man is one of the great conceptual thinkers in alternative medicine, right up there with Dr. Sherry Rogers of http://www.prestigepublishing.com (my greatest teacher), and a few others that I highly respect. His knowledge of human health, and health recovery, extends far beyond liver cleansing.

I learned a ton from reading this book, and I will soon reread it again. I cannot recommend this book enough for all those that suffer from any mental illness label, no matter what it may be. I also cannot recommend this book enough for literally everyone, especially as they grow older, as gallstone and liver stone issues apply to many hundreds of millions of persons.

I have sensed for quite some time that my liver is below par, as is my bile flow though my gall bladder. I expect my liver and gall bladder to have thousands of stones, and many of them may be quite large. One indication that I am getting of this is that my stools have often begun to float, an indication of undigested fat, and bile is involved in fat emulsification and digestion.

I can’t wait to get my liver free of the thousands of gallstones that most probably reside there, and I strongly believe that this cleansing measure is going to help me a great deal.

Over the next six months or so, I intend to do repeated liver cleanses as per Andrea Moritz’s suggestions, and I am going to follow his advice to a “T”. I believe that this man really knows what he is talking about, and I am not going to second guess him at all.

If you are dealing with overcoming bipolar disorder naturally, as I am, gallstones and liver stones are very likely to be serious problematic issues that apply to you. I suggest that you buy the book “The Liver and Gall Bladder Cleanse” by Andrea Moritz and do exactly what he suggests in regard to liver cleansing. (This same statement also applies to schizophrenia.) I also suggest you look into and perform kidney and colon cleansing as well. Colon cleansing and straightening out my problematic gut floral issues helped me enormously in regard to overcoming manic depression in myself.


The liver and its health definitely affects the brain and its health, as does the liver and its health affect every organ and cell in the body. All “mental illness” is not really “mental illness” at all. It is “whole body illness”, of which the brain is only one of many organs affected. In every single case of “mental illness” (a true misnomer), all organs and cells of the body are compromised from the standpoints of (1) lacking a wide range of essential nutrients, and (2) excessive toxic exposure and (3) excessive allergic food exposure … bar none. Indeed, this is what “mental illness” is all about.

“Mental illness” is a simply crock of bull being sold to us by Big Pharma… for the sake of the many billions that they are making by perpetuating this massive fraud. And they are perpetuating this fraud despite the fact that “they most certainly know better”.

Why do I say that “Big Pharma knows better”?

The anecdotal proof on the Internet that virtually all mental illness is curable is absolutely overwhelming at this point, and this has been true for quite some time. Make no mistake about it, Big Pharma is listening to the Internet in these regards. There is too much money involved for them not to be listening to the net, as entire drug classes (such as cholesterol meds, high blood pressure meds, antidepressant meds, etc.) are in danger of collapsing, and the Internet is the ONLY way that these new truths are really getting spread around (as so much major media worldwide is controlled or heavily influenced by tons of drug company money).

I personally know that “Big Pharma is listening” to the net, as many times as I have had home computers that I am using hacked into and disrupted since I first put my son Willy’s original recovery story on the net in June 2006. Big Pharma would lose tens, if not hundreds, of billions of dollars if some of my discoveries over the years are finally adequately recognized and acted upon by a party or parties with the means to do so. This is especially true in regard to how to overcome depression naturally. Antidepressants don’t stand a ghost of a chance vs. the power of broad based nutrition when applied properly (such as “Willy’s baggie” represents), especially when such supplementation is coupled with both dietary correction and “adequate correction of the gut”.

God help us all if such an evil corporate monster is able to suppress the truth forever by taking healing nutritional and natural measures out of the hands of the general public such that “we cannot cure ourselves any more”, as they are heavily attempting to do all over the world.



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