A coming blog; Candida, probiotics, depression, bipolar disorder, etc.

Note: This is a blog that has been moved to WordPress from Yahoo 360, which is closing on July 13, 2009. Any blog links in this blog that refer to blogs on Yahoo 360 will no longer be on the Internet. It is going to take me some time to straighten out this mess, but it will be done eventually (such that all of the links in this blog work). Allen

Dear friends:

Many times over the years I have told Willy that his taking probiotics on a daily basis to the point of his having at least one good bowel movement a day (if not two or three) is “almost as important” as all of the nutrients contained in his entire baggie of supplements. I told Willy over and over again to consider probiotics intervention as “the other half of his baggie”.

This coming blog will fill in a great deal in regard to issues regarding candida, probiotics use, etc. and their relationship with depression, bipolar disorder (and other mental illnesses as well).

The sad truth here is that the use of antibiotics is very probably the largest aggravating cause in regard to candida overgrowth and “low good gut flora”.

What the above means is that conventional doctors, by following conventional medical practices when prescribing antibiotics, are unwittingly aggravating a major causative factor in almost all mental illness.

Always remember that almost all “mental illness” is simply “gut illness and poor dietary intake in disguise” (for the most part. Excess toxicity is also a part of all mental illness. However, please remember that a “big chunk”, if not the clear majority, of excess toxicity that affects your mood and overall state of wellness comes from your own gut.).

Depression and bipolar disorder are not exceptions in the above regards. Neither is schizophrenia, in my opinion. These are all simply simply some form of “gut illness and poor dietary intake in disguise” (for the most part. Excess toxicity is also a part of all mental illness.)

I will work on this upcoming blog as my time allows. I do expect that this coming blog will be completed fairly soon.


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