Willy’s Baggie Wisdom on YouTube; the end of Big Pharma or me (August 2008)

Note: The material below concerns the supplements in Willy’s Original Baggie. As we learned more over the past few years this baggie has been replaced with Willy’s Baggie II.

Dear friends:

I put my first rough but usable video material on YouTube today.

I thought that some persons might find this material either interesting or insightful to them in some way.

The current videos that are on Youtube are as follows:

1. Willy’s Baggie : An Explanation – Watch First


2. Willy’s Baggie : Free Form Amino Acids Pt. 1


3. Willy’s Baggie : Free Form Amino Acids Pt. 2


4. Willy’s Baggie : Free Form Amino Acids Pt. 3


5. Willy’s Baggie : Vitamins & Minerals Pt. 1


These videos can also be found by searching for my real name (Allen Darman), or by searching for my YouTube name, which is “nutrientscure” (without the quote marks, of course).

I actually shot the complete explanation of all of Willy’s baggie ingredients last night, but I will not get the time to get all of this material processed and titled and up on YouTube for a few more days. One reason for this is that I am very unfamiliar with video editing and processing, having never done it before. Rather than slow down the posting of this video material in order to learn what I need to know in these regards, my son Max is helping me with this. I have “to work around his schedule” a bit.

I should perhaps mention that the video material above was shot with almost no preparation whatsoever. Before I began speaking, I just sat in the chair I was in and thought for a minute about what I wanted to say. Then I just spoke “off the cuff”.

In looking over these rough videos, I see a lot of places where I could have said things much better, or included a few more pieces of more information.

To correct the above, I have already made my mind to redo all of these videos after I have made a solid outline of what I want to say, and I have prepared for each one of these videos a great deal more than I did last night.

I see this direction of “video empowerment over the Internet” as being “the way to go” in regard to teaching persons how to effectively and safely deal with broad essential nutrient deficiencies in themselves. My goal here is to teach persons “how to become an effective doctor of their own self”, just as I did with my son Willy beginning when he was thirteen years old.

Although I have finally got a good rough idea of the book that I am going to write (as per one of my recent blogs on Yahoo 360), I also intend to develop video material similar to the above as well.

I pledge to “the world” to take video teaching material in the same vein as the above “as far as I can take it, and as far as it will go”. I also pledge to do so as expeditiously as I can, given “whatever restraints to progress that I may have”.

My “biggest restraint to progress” at this point seems to be the following:

I need “a ninety day helpmate” as a live-in that is either “good on computers”, or has video creating and editing skills, or can “improve my written copy” (due to their “good writing skills”), or is good in the kitchen and can help around the house. I also need someone that wants to learn “what I know” about healing; such that they immediately start practicing such on their self, under my guidance and direction. I need someone that can put up with my smoking a lot of cigarettes in “the back bedroom”. (I won’t smoke in the front if I have to stop, but perhaps another smoker is best.) And I need someone that is brave, for Big Pharma has been “hacking me and tracking me” for over two years (if not over eight years, as this is when I first cracked the mystery of how to treat depression naturally “for the entire world”). This is a tall order, but who knows? If you as a helpmate can generate a powerful anecdotal recovery story (and I am SURE that you can, given “the healing power of what I know”), you get a “full and fair slice of the profit pie”, assuming that any educational product is ever sold. This empowering video material will all be given away for free on the Internet via YouTube, etc. no matter what. Despite this information being free on the Internet, their still may exist a market for DVD video product, and this product will be sold. Email me at allen_dar@yaho.com in regard to more details if you have any interest in becoming a part of this venture and can contribute in some way to its success.

Lastly, I did have something odd computer-wise happen while I was with my so Max putting the above videos on YouTube this afternoon that I would like to mention here.

I had brought my computer with me, such that Max and I were both working and online at the same time. I had been complaining to many persons about the number of “high rated” attempted intrusions that my firewall had counted in the past three weeks or so. As of last night when I shut my computer off I had 71 “high rated” attempted intrusions in about 20 days or so, a number that I thought was unusually high for having been on the Internet for such a short time. In about two and a half hours, while I was with Max this afternoon, I got another 26 “high rated” attempted intrusions, to reach a total of 97. Twenty six “high rated” attempted intrusions in two and a half hours is a bit alarming, given all of the problems I have had with hackers ever since I put Willy’s original recovery story in the Internet in June 2006.

It is “almost bizarre” to have so many “high rated” intrusion attempts in such a short time. And it seems a bit weird to me that this happened at a time that coincided with “me finally going video” on the Internet. (Regardless of this, I am simply going to keep working, doing what I am doing, and what I have pledged to do in the above. Nothing changes here, as I am simply going to ignore this stuff.)


Video empowerment in regard to how to properly apply nutrients to oneself is going to happen on the Internet as soon as I can make it happen. I only wish I had some competent, compassionate, and understanding “live-in help” in which to assist me with this goal. One person, the right person, “is all that I need”. Things would be so much easier for me if I had a little competent computer/writing/video/kitchen help. (I will help clean up sometimes, I promise… lol.) I just don’t have enough hours in the day to get done what needs to be done, without having excessive and undue delay. (Heck, I hardly have time to answer hardly any email at this point.)

I have a place “almost set up” to try the healing house idea in the blog reflected below, and I expect to have “a ton of supplements” soon. I have “an adequate roof” over my head with room for two in “a quiet healing place”. I am “almost ready to go” (within a matter of a few weeks or so, I hope), in regard to trying a “healing house approach” with one other human being. This will all be put on video for the world to see, assuming that I can find a single, competent, supportive, and hard working, volunteer.

I am hopeful here. Let’s see what happens over the next three months or so. I can practically guarantee you that things are going to get “interesting”, one way or the other.

Lastly, volunteer or not, the job that I intend to do is going to get “adequately done” by Xmas, one way or the other.

See you all at Xmas, I hope.

Allen Darman

The key related blog to this one is:

Introducing the Concept of an “Educational Healing House”


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