My First Website Years Ago (2001)

Dear friends:

My first website on the Internet was created in August 2001.

The title of this website was “Natural Treatment of Manic Depression Explained”

Almost all of the copy on this website is still germane today.

I taught my son Willy all of the key concepts that this website contains, such that he could “cure himself”.

In turn, Willy gave me back “the healing idea of the century”. He did this in 2004 when he insisted that I combine all of the supplements that had helped me over the years, such that he could take them “all at once”.

[I should note that Willy also used probiotics daily, and took these supplements separately from his baggie. For years I told Willy over and over again that probiotics supplementation (such that adequate therpeutic effect was achieved) was AS IMPORTANT, or almost as important, as taking all of the nutrients in his baggie.]

The above website connected me with a woman in Kentucky. This woman gave me a huge clue in regard to the proper resolution of schizophrenia (I cannot thank her enough for this). This is a story for another blog that I hope to post fairly soon.

Allen Darman

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