Doctors Helped Cause Willy’s Sickness (2007)

If it was up to conventional medicine, my son would most probably be on one drug or another, and he would have been doomed to lead a very compromised life.

Thank God for nutrients and other natural measures. They profoundly cured my son. And the amazing part is that I am a non-custodial parent and Willy’s mother is not “alternative medicine familiar”, a situation which essentially forced Willy, beginning at age thirteen, to learn “how to cure himself”. What an amazing job he has done.

In August of 2004, Willy was a weak and sickly child. At this point he could bench press 60 lbs. four times.

Thirty three months later, at sixteen and a half years of age, and weighing about 175 lbs., Willy can bench press 300 lbs., leg press 400 lbs. over twenty five times with no difficulty whatsoever, do 150 push-ups or more, do one arm pull-ups, three with one arm and one with the other, and do the maximum weight on almost every exercise machine at the health club he goes to, if not every single one.

Willy also won the Principal’s Award (only four students out of over 200 won this award) at the completion of ninth grade last June (2006). He also won three other acedemic awards last June as well. After a childhood history of being severely learning impaired, especially in reading, Willy made the Honor Roll for the first time in his academic career last June. He also made the Honor Roll this past November, and although he just missed making it by less than a point in January, Willy did get a 98 (out of 100) on the only mid term NYS Regents exam that he took (in Global Studies).

Willy’s success in school this past year or two vs. what was expected of him academically prior to the use of “a lot of nutritional supplements and a little bit common sense” is no less than amazing.

Willy’s success in going from almost the weakest child in his class (of about 200 kids) to almost the strongest child in the entire school (of over 600 children) in only two and a half years is no less than amazing as well.

And despite Willy having mood swings and classic bipolar symptoms throughout most of his childhood, beginning at six years of age, Willy is now “rock solid mood stable”… and he will almost certainly be so throughout the rest of his natural life. Willy simply knows far too much about “how to cure himself”, and how to remain very healthy, to ever suffer from “bipolar” mood swings again.

Willy sure seems to be one heck of an anecdotal example that both bipolar disorder and ADHD are completely curable, even by someone in their teen years. Although Willy admittedly used a wide array of supplements, both Willy and I are rather amazed at how simple “his cure” actually was, as the bulk of his supplementation was “taken every few days or so all at once” (nutrients appear to work in synergy with each other).

It is almost a known fact at this point that conventional doctors contribute to the formation and/or severity of ADHD, bipolar disorder, and autism in children. In addition to this, conventional doctors ignore virtually anything and everything that alternative medicine has overwhelmingly found to be helpful (“curative”) in regard to treating these illnesses.

One way that conventional doctors contribute to the formation of such illnesses is by giving children multiple rounds of antibiotics for ear infections or “whatever else ails them”. Antibiotics kill almost all of the “good bacteria” in the GI tract; allowing a lot of “bad biology” to take over (yeasts, molds, fungi, “bad bacteria”, and/or parasites). “Good bacteria”, also known as probiotics, is (1) critical to adequate nutrient absorption, (2) critical to keeping various “bad biology” in the gut in check, and (3) critical to general human health as well. Antibiotics decimate “good bacteria” in the GI tract, and chlorinated water out of the tap does not help either (it kills “good bacteria” as well).

Another way that conventional doctors contribute to the formation of such illnesses is by assaulting so many children with toxic laden (mercury, etc.) immunization shots. These shots have been linked as being a causative factor in autism. I am sure they don’t help in a child that has been diagnosed with either ADHD or bipolar disorder as well. My son Willy got “a large dose of mercury” from his childhood immunizations, as did tens of millions of other children, and this dose of mercury certainly did not help him brain-wise or otherwise.

A third way that conventional doctors contribute to the formation of such illnesses is that they never mention hidden food allergies as being causative of any illness whatsoever. They continue to do this despite the fact that hidden food allergies have been overwhelmingly linked by alternative medicine as being a primary causative factor in both ADHD and bipolar disorder. Food allergies have also been linked as being a “must issue to address” when treating autism properly (and a wide range of other illnesses as well).

A fourth way that conventional doctors contribute to the formation of such illnesses is that they assume that all children make a sufficient quantity of digestive enzymes such that they will properly digest their food well. These digestive enzymes need many essential nutrients to be created. The essential nutrients that these enzymes rely on to be created are almost always in short supply in ANY person with an ADHD diagnosis, a bipolar diagnosis, or an autistic diagnosis as well.

A fifth way that conventional doctors contribute to the formation of such illnesses is that they assume that all children that have them have a full array of all 90 or so essential nutrients inside of their bodies. Given the sad state of affairs of the standard American diet, and the rampant malabsorption that exists in American children due to unrecognized food allergies, low amounts of “good bacteria” in the gut, the presence of candida, a lack of digestive enzymes, and the like, this assumption of essential nutrient repleteness in American children is nuts.

A sixth way that conventional doctors contribute to the formation of such illnesses, is that they assume that any ADHD, bipolar, or autistic child is not “too toxic”, and that the detoxification system in their body is working well. Both of these assumptions are false. Excess gut and body toxicity are issues that should always be addressed when dealing with ADHD, bipolar disorder, or autism properly (and many other illnesses as well). Weakened detoxification capability due to low essential nutrient status should always be addressed in this populace as well.

And a seven way that conventional doctors contribute to the formation of such illnesses as ADHD, bipolar disorder, or autism is that they assume that something called leaky gut syndrome is not an important issue to address in the healing process. In fact conventional medicine claims that leaky gut does not even exist. The books “No More Heartburn” by Sherry Rogers, M.D. “Gut Wisdom” by Alyce Sorokie, “Digestive Wellness” by Elizabeth Lipski, and other “alternative gut books” all claim that leaky gut is a very common malady underlying many illnesses, especially when hidden food allergies, candida and other intestinal dysbiosis issues, and chronic constipation are ignored. I firmly believe that these authors are right, and that once again, modern medicine is intentionally ignoring a critical issue in regard to healing.

Conventional doctors simply want to keep prescribing young children powerful psychotropic drugs…. just as they did to my son for about four and a half years… rather than to address any nutrient, allergic, toxic, digestive, malabsorptive, leaky gut, or dietary issue which could actually cure them.


For the money, of course.

As soon as it is becoming clearly known that nutritional supplements, probiotics, digestive enzymes, allergic food avoidance, etc. can be profoundly curative…. the FDA, a Federal agency that the drug companies control, is pushing to label all nutritional supplements as “drugs”; to include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes. Virtually everything in my son Willy’s baggie ingredient list (the supplements that he takes) is currently being proposed by the FDA to be labeled as a “drug”.

This move by the FDA to classify all supplements as drugs is not for the betterment of human health at all. It is simply a move towards getting nutritional supplements out of the publics’ hands, in order protect the power and profits of the drug companies, as well retain many drug pushing jobs (I am referring to doctors, of course).

What is happening within the FDA at present has to be the result of either drug company bribery or drug company control of FDA policy making of some sort. There is no other way to explain what is going on.

There should be a class action lawsuit “some day” against both the drug companies and the doctors for continuing to push drugs on an unsuspecting and unaware public, despite the fact that better answers for ADHD, bipolar disorder, depression, autism, and many other illnesses have been found. In my mind, this “some day” cannot happen soon enough.

Allen Darman

5 thoughts on “Doctors Helped Cause Willy’s Sickness (2007)

  1. Allen, I had to do the same with my daughter’s exzema. The FDA is worried about us finding out other ways to help our children by not taking their ineffective drugs. God help us though when the FDA starts to take control on vitamins and supplements.

  2. Unfortunately, in European Union countries this will be the case as well. How can they control supplements when they are not exactly controlling alternative treatments? It is completely stupid. This will only push people to make their own medicines where possible or go an buy them illegally almost as if they are buying street drugs. If my incompetent doctors were good enough they would have solved my problems before I had to resort to taking these supplements and looking for cure in these supplements. I really think, particularly after that swine flu incident, big pharma companies are causing more menace then cure these days. We should all make sure that we do let the necessary people who makes decisions on these things across the world know that what they are doing is wrong and if they are concerned about people’s well being they should aim to research the good that the people are getting from these therapies rather than scrapping them or putting them at the mercy of a doctor who only thinks a cure to each disease is to swallow a pill. We want to know the causes and treat the causes and not the sypmtoms and the Internet has let us share many anecdotal incidents which are clearly showing that these supplements are better at curing the causes and not just symptoms.

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