Bentonite, vitamin C, and yeast die off (August 2006)

***Note dated 9/2/2011: This blog has surprised me in regard to its often being one of my most popular. Due to this I will upgrade this material at some point if I possibly can (my writing plate is full right now). The anecdotal story that I have generated with the use of bentonite, psyllium, and vitamin C is one of great importance. Allen***

This is an egroup post I wrote in 2006 in regard to bentonite, vitamin C, and yeast die off.

Dear group:

I have been using bentonite and psyllium shakes to help fight yeast issues in myself since I first discovered the power of this measure in August of 1999. Prior to using bentonite/psyllium I had used caprylic acid, grapefruit seed extract, and other measures… and had gone through a few very serious die off reactions due to improper use of such (too much too fast).

Bentonite and psyllium shakes really help to physically remove yeast from the gut, as well as help in dealing with a number of “bad bacterial” issues as well.

Bentonite cannot do it all, but it can sure do a great deal. The biggest thing that a high dosage bentonite/psyllium shake does for me is that it physically removes a lot of “bad stuff” from the gut, such that shortly thereafter (four hours or so) I can take high dosage probiotics (or things such as GSE) without suffering nearly as much of a die off reaction as I would have had prior to taking bentonite and psyllium.

I did learn that yeast grows back pretty quickly in the gut. If I do a bentonite and psyllium shake and then wait until the next day to introduce yeast killers or probiotics I would get a pretty serious die off reaction, almost as bad as if I had never taken bentonite in the first place. I once read somewhere that yeast can double in the gut in 20 to 30 minutes. It is my feeling that a number of other problematic bacterial issues can grow back pretty fast (after the use of bentonite) as well. The gut seems to be a very dynamic biological environment.. things can change pretty quickly for both the better or the worse.

Some resources for more information on the use of bentonite are the Yahoo egroup “eytonsearth” (which deals with healing clays), the website (which has a lot of P $ B shake info), the website (which describes a bentonite protocol), and the web address

If more information is desired, simply type bentonite candida into google and a lot will come up. Or type bentonite psyllium yeast autism into Google. (Google just returned 48,500 hits for bentonite psyllium yeast autism typed in all at once).

Incidentally, the best tasting and seemingly highest quality bentonite that I have used thus far is Sonne’s #7. However, the Sonne’s website ( has little information on how to use such. The website has far more information on the use of bentonite than the Sonne’s website does (and some of Sonne’s links don’t even work).

Also, I have found that when I do get a yeast die off reaction that high dosage vitamin C as per Robert Cathcart’s classic treatise on it ( and lots of water really helps.

In die off I would not hesitate to take anywhere from six to fifteen grams of vitamin C initially, and then three grams of C every hour or so thereafter with lots of water until my die off symptoms resolved. (I am a 160 lb. man, this might be different for a child, but it might not as well… as Robert Cathcart recommends some pretty high dosages for C when dealing with candida, and I am not coming even close to what he recommends on the high end of the range.)

I have been literally crippled mentally and physically from severe die off between four and six times since 1997, but since I found the helpfulness of high dosage vitamin C and water, I am no longer as scared of stumbling into a severe die off reaction as I once was. (I would not hesitate to take a bentonite psyllium shake or get a colonic or give myself an enema or two in die off as well.)

It may always be wise to use caprylic acid or introduce coconut to the diet (caprylic acid is derived from coconut) when dealing with yeast. Caprylic acid really helps to kill yeast roots, and bentonite might only be good in removing the yeast stalks that grow into the gut. Grapefruit seed extract, oil of oregano, and other herbal anti-yeast supplements can also be used as well. Yeast and various other intestinal dysbiosis issues often need a number of measures in which to win the war… and it is not wise to rely on just one or two.

Despite the fact that bentonite can not do it all, bentonite and psyllium shakes have been a miracle for me in regard to correcting depression and manic depression in myself. They were a crucial key for me in order to overcome my illness, as they enabled me to rather readily remove at least the bulk of a number of common problematic issues in my gut (allergic food residue, excessive mucous, excessive toxins, excessive “bad bacteria”, and excessive yeast).

I sense the elegance of clay for healing is going to be more fully realized fairly soon… zeolite (a clay) for the removal of internal toxins, bentonite (another clay) for at least the partial removal of a number problematic issues in the gut, and perhaps even clay baths for the removal of toxins as well (this latter I have no experience with, but I hope to some day).

Allen Darman

7 thoughts on “Bentonite, vitamin C, and yeast die off (August 2006)

  1. what are die off symptoms i hear people talk of them but dont know what they are. i have been told thatr the brown “age spots” that are all over me is really yeast they continue to multiply i am only 52 and have had them for 10 yrs
    be safe

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