A more detailed explanation of Willy’s Original Baggie (February 2007)

Note: The material below concerns the supplements in Willy’s Original Baggie. As we learned more over the past few years this baggie has been replaced with Willy’s Baggie II.

***Important Note Dated 1/25/2012: Willy’s Baggie III was attempted (made). It turned out to be a mistake. Willy’s Baggie III was a bit of a step backwards, from Willy’s Baggie II.

***Important Note Dated 1/25/2012: I currently recommend Willy’s Baggie II for the fiscally well endowed, and Willy’s Baggie I for those in which *money is an issue*.***

***Important Note Dated 1/25/2012: For those that are willing to try Willy’s Baggie I approach (his Original Baggie, *ALL BLOGS ON THIS nutrientscure dot wordpress dot come SITE STILL CONTAIN ONE ERROR OF OMISSION ON THE INGREDIENT LIST*. I forgot to add 500 mg or one thousand milligrams of COLUSTRUM from New Zealand. Vitacost.com is the place to go for this.***

Dear friends:

This is the first major expansion I did on the specifics of what my son Willy did to become so extraordinarily well. This is not a perfect document by any means, but it is the best that I could do in the limited timeframe that I had on the net (in only another day or so and I am back to the public library for Internet access again). Despite its imperfections, many might find the following material quite useful to them. I sincerely hope that this is the case.

Allen Darman


In first posting my son Willy’s rather amazing recovery story to the Internet on June 12, 2006, and in posting an update to his amazing recovery story in December of 2006, I received one question back from dozens of people. This question was the obvious. Specifically, this question was “What did Willy take supplement-wise?” for him to become so profoundly well from ADHD/bipolar disorder. Although I have posted his baggie ingredient list to another blog http://360.yahoo.com/allen_dar, I felt that a much longer explanation of Willy’s baggie was justified. The following material is just this, and it will be expanded as time goes on.

The material that follows may contain enough insight, enough power, and enough “usable by oneself at home” truth to some day be recognized as an important turning point in changing humanity’s understanding of what human health is truly all about. This is how significant that I believe that the broad based supplementation in Willy’s baggie is, whether it is recognized as such in my lifetime or not.

It is my sincere belief that my son Willy’s baggie (or a similar regime) is a broad essential nutrient (and necessary cofactor) boost that is going to help millions of persons some day. It is perhaps only a matter of time.

It is my sincere belief that the supplement approach defined in this post, or one that is similar in its scope, its concepts, and its contents, would substantially and positively affect a wide range of health conditions, both mental and physical.

However, I am not claiming that Willy’s baggie is an exact prescription for anyone. (It may be close to a good working formula for you, but only you can determine this, not I). Someone else may have to tailor the ingredients in the baggie that is described herein. Or they may have to tailor the dosages of these ingredients in order to achieve maximum beneficial effect (without any adverse effects).

Incidentally, Willy and I are still toying with our baggie ingredients a little bit (we will probably be doing this for years to come). Willy and I are trying to fine-tune our baggie ingredients, and to fine-tune the dosages of these ingredients, such that we are taking “the very best baggie” that we can. Despite the fact that we are still tinkering with the baggies that we take, Willy and I are profoundly happy with the baggie that we take in its current form. Our fine-tuning is not needed for us to take our baggie for months on end (as we have both done). Willy and I always seem to get a substantial health and mood boost out of taking baggies, with no adverse effects whatsoever. (Those rare ones we have had while monkeying with our baggie contents over the years are so minor and infrequent as to not even be worth mentioning). Any fine-tuning of the baggies that Willy and I take is more for the sake of the rest of the world at this point (such that we can offer you the best truths that we can develop), than for the sake of ourselves.

However, supplementation is not the whole story. Broad based nutritional supplementation such as is proposed in this post should always be coupled with sound dietary measures for the best results. Broad based nutritional supplementation should always also be coupled with an adequate degree of knowledge regarding a number of common malabsorptive issues that can lead to serious chemical deficiency in the body and all of its internal organs, including the brain.

The most powerful and prevalent common malabsorptive issues are (1) the presence of intestinal dysbiosis (the most common intestinal dysbiosis issue being the overgrowth of a yeast called candida albicans. Other dysbiosis issues involve other yeasts, molds, fungi, various “bad bacteria”, and/or parasites.), (2) the presence of hidden food allergies, (3) an inadequate production of digestive enzymes, (4) underhydration, (5) a lack of exercise such as walking, which is necessary for proper GI tract function, (6) inadequate stomach acid (HCL) production, an issue that becomes more germane the older one is, and (7) impaired bile production or flow from an impaired or clogged liver (see http://www.curezone.com for liver cleansing if this is the case).

Incidentally, all of the above list of common malabsorptive issues can be rather readily identified by yourself and fixed at home (without any doctor necessary), once you learn how to do so.

No, you do not need ANY doctor!, either conventional or alternative, nor do you need any medication, in order to fix a serious degree of malabsorption in yourself. This is true even if this serious degree of malabsorption is caused by multiple factors (as is most often the case). To fix a serious degree of malabsorption in yourself, all you need is a little bit of knowledge. This knowledge can be rather readily acquired from reading alternative health books or looking at alternative health websites on the Internet.

What does (1) correcting one’s diet, to include the elimination of one’s allergic foods, (2) identifying and correcting for all of the common malabsorptive issues that your regular doctor never mentions to you, nor knows little about, and (3) broad based nutritional supplementation do?

Perhaps cure is the right word here.

Yes, nutrients do cure! once one’s malabsorptive issues are both identified and fixed, once all of the essential nutrients that one may need in sufficient amounts to be able to heal are absorbed into the body. These simple truths are destined to replace modern medicine’s nearly exclusive reliance on drugs to treat every symptom under the sun. It is only a matter of time before nutritional supplements, some dietary common sense, and “a little bit of gut knowledge” replaces many tens of billions of dollars of prescription drugs.

Broad based nutritional supplementation that is similar (but obviously not always the same) to that which is discussed in this post should be a key part of the proper treatment of (1) depression, (2) bipolar disorder, (3) ADHD, (4) autism, (5) schizophrenia, (6) anxiety disorder, (7) panic disorder, (8) sleep disorder (with an inhibitory nutrient regime added at bedtime perhaps), (9) multiple sclerosis, (10) Alzheimer’s disease, (11) Parkinson’s disease, (12) chronic fatigue syndrome, (13) migraine headaches, (14) cardiomyopathy (the heart is nutrient dependent), (15) joint and bone problems (joints are nutrient dependent, and the bones are as well), (16) high cholesterol (cholesterol control is nutrient dependent), (16) high blood pressure (high blood pressure does require amino acid tailoring to avoid adverse effect; educate yourself first before using the supplementation that is suggested herein), (17) acid reflux disease (proper digestion is nutrient dependent), (18) diabetes, especially type II, and (19) almost every other degenerative physical and mental illness not previously listed, if not every single one.

Broad based nutritional supplementation that is similar (but obviously not always the same) to that which is discussed in this post should be a key part of the proper treatment of all cases of substance abuse, to include alcohol, marijuana, cocaine (and crack of course), and heroin. (I helped someone to get off of heroin once years ago using some of the nutrients mentioned in here, and they were incredibly effective).

Broad based nutritional supplementation that is similar (but obviously not always the same) to that which is discussed in this post should be a key part of any anti-aging therapy as well. This means that as one reaches forty or fifty years of age, broad based nutritional supplementation is virtually applicable to everyone, to include you (assuming that you want to live a longer and healthier life that is not compromised by multiple essential nutrient deficiencies, and the lack of health that results from this).

Nutrients have always cured!, and they always will cure!, despite a “drug money corrupted” medical system adamantly saying much to the contrary, and continually putting up a big smokescreen to hide this great and simple truth from an under-educated and unaware public. Modern medicine is simply concerned with retaining its power, its prestige, and its money. Your health (or your health recovery) is not a goal of modern medicine at all.

Lastly, perhaps few persons would do what I am doing by widely cross posting material such as this to the Internet. In doing so, I may have given away the potential to make a great deal of money, as a result of literally giving away my own discoveries and my own original thought. It is quite possible that I may have given away millions of dollars that I may have made some day. However, I know in my heart I have done the right thing.

Regarding my lack of commercial intent:

For the raw materials needed to make up the baggies defined in this document, I recommend that you use any reputable supplement discount house (or houses) that you may find and that you trust on the Internet. I offer no recommendations whatsoever in this regard; no names of any supplement discount houses for you to choose from, and no names of their websites as well. I have no commercial interest in making this post whatsoever.

I do make suggestions in regard to certain supplements in the material below. However, I have no affiliation with any of the sources that I mention. I am not receiving a single a dime from any company mentioned in this post, I am not employed by any of them in any way, nor do I own any supplement company stock.

I am simply a paying customer for any of the products that I mentioned below, just like any other paying customer would be.

Some of the supplement companies that I mention in this material are the same ones that I have been recommending for many years, simply because I know of no other source for the same nutritional products. In saying this, I certainly do not mean to suggest that a person reading this material should not look for alternative sources to any supplement, or supplement company, that I may mention in this post. Indeed, to do so is often wise. You might find better products than I did that will essentially “do the same thing”. And you might find much better prices than I did as well. I highly encourage the reader of this post to educate his or her self, and then “to shop around” a little bit, if not “to shop around” a lot.

Incidentally, I will never take a dime from any supplement company. To me, this would mean essentially the same thing that the pharmaceutical companies are doing when they pay doctors (especially psychiatrists) money for pushing their products (drugs). This is immoral, in my book, as it places money in front of the best free choice (or choices) that might be made in regard to human health; your health, as well as mine. This is also immoral, as it hides vested interest from the public. Did your doctor tell you he was often being paid by pharmaceutical companies to recommend and/or prescribe certain drugs to you? My doctor sure did not tell me.

Willy’s supplement regime; his “baggie” further explained:

Willy has used “shotgun nutritional and natural supplementation” since late July 2004, as much as we could afford such.

The shotgun supplement approach that is defined in this post is what my son Willy and I call the “baggie”. This is because that is exactly what it is, a snack sized Zip Lock baggie. (Zip Lock is trademarked, I believe. The word “baggie” may be actually be trademarked by some company as well.)

For Willy and I, this zip locked baggie was not empty; it was loaded with a few dozen different nutritional and natural supplements in various amounts (dosages). These are dosages that Willy and I had determined and adjusted to ourselves (this is not that hard for anyone to do).

For the first four or five months of his recovery (August through December 2004), Willy often (almost daily) took a baggie containing almost all of his daily supplements all at once (as we were trying to hide this supplementation from his mother, at least until we got caught).

Then, in part due to (1) my not having enough money, and in part due to (2) the fact that even within a few months Willy seemed to have already gotten out of major jeopardy mood-wise and health-wise and I wanted him to learn what a number of individual supplements do, Willy began to take supplements (of vitamins, probiotics, digestive enzymes, carnitine, phosphatidyl choline, taurine, tryptophan and broad based amino acids) out of various bottles that I gave him, rather than have me make up baggies for him. This switch “from baggies to bottles” did not start until Willy and I got caught in December of 2004, and my ex wife wisely relented and let me work with my son. Prior to that, I just did not want to leave too many bottles of things in the house, as well as Willy was far more likely to get caught if he was opening a lot of bottles and taking a lot of time to supplement himself. (This is explained further in Willy’s original recovery story.)

Then, after close to a year a half of Willy using many different bottles of supplements to “cure himself”, he kept telling me over and over that “I miss my baggies”. So in early May of 2006 Willy went back to using baggies (and he has been on baggies every other day or so since).

Our “on”, then “off”, then “on” again routine in using baggies since the summer of 2004 has taught Willy and I one thing for certain. That is that the baggie that we take is “the absolute nuts”; it sure beats anything else Willy and I have ever done to help ourselves retain or regain our health.

I don’t know of any child beginning at age thirteen that has regularly swallowed sixty or more capsules or tablets of a few dozen supplement ingredients at one time, like Willy did, or has come even close. Perhaps there are a few children this age that have done this. I just don’t know who they are. (If anyone does know of a child of any age that has done something like this, I’d appreciate being emailed about it.)

However, it is not just the amount of capsules taken that made Willy’s supplement routine work. It was picking all of “the right (essential) ingredients” in a dosage that was effective, but not so high that any adverse effects occurred.

My bipolar recovery and my extensive supplement experiences perhaps helped to point the way here. Since 1997, I have taken roughly 110,000 capsules of individual, combined (with a few others), or broad based amino acids. I have also taken perhaps another 60,000 capsules or tablets of various vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, digestive enzymes, HCL (stomach acid), probiotics, etc., etc. (almost “everything but the kitchen sink”) since this time. Between September of 1997 and August of 2002 (a five year period when I had more substantial fiscal resources that I do now), I was regularly self experimenting with this supplementation and the dosages that I took of it in order to “to see what it might or could do”, or what I could learn from it that would help other persons some day.

Incidentally, I did try the first baggies that were taken by either of us, for Willy’s safety. However, I was not worried when I did so. I had often taken shotgun supplementation measures similar in scope to Willy’s baggie before. (I have never tried anything nearly as good though. Willy’s baggie is my BEST combinative nutrient approach by far, bar none, and I have tried a lot… perhaps more than almost anyone else.)

Oddly, I would never even have tried such a “nutsy” supplement regime of piling almost everything Willy took into one baggie. I would have spread Willy’s supplements out quite a bit, to allow for greater utilization and/or absorption. I remember thinking when I was putting the first baggies together in the summer of 2004 that “this might be such a waste” and “how much of all of these supplements are going to get absorbed?” I thought that many of the ingredients in Willy’s baggie would be better absorbed if they did not have to compete for absorption with each other, as some practitioners and authors of alterative medicine had told me over the years. In essence, I knew that I was going against the grain of commonly accepted alternative medical truth when I made up the very first baggie, but the situation that I was in (in regard to my ex wife and our having to sneak around her in the beginning) left Willy and I no choice but to try something that had not been done before.

Incidentally, in the morning, at night, at mealtimes, and in between meals, it is often wise to take other supplements besides the supplements contained in your “baggie” as well. The three most obvious ones are vitamins B complex and C (the water soluble vitamins that are lost in cooking), and digestive enzymes. (I have often thought of making up Willy mini-baggies for his meals containing these three supplements). However, in regard to Willy’s profound metamorphosis in mental and physical health, the “single loaded baggie” that he took beginning in August 2004 carried the brunt of the load as far as Willy’s amazing health recovery was concerned.

Willy’s baggie, the one that he and I both first took beginning in the summer of 2004, and then improved over time, contained the following:

(1) For most of Willy’s recovery his baggie contained three tablets (the daily dosage) of an “off the shelf” multivitamin which I purchased at retail at one of three local health food stores. The specific vitamin that we used was Source of Life Ultra. This is a multivitamin multi-mineral preparation. Some might find the tablet size too large, and thus have to find an adequate substitution. There may be even better multivitamin than this vitamin on the net, and the prices on the net for supplements are much better than paying retail as I am doing as well. I have yet to “smart shop” hardly any item in Willy’s baggie (there are a few exceptions to this). For the most part, to make up his baggies I just make do with what is at hand in one of three local health food stores. Unfortunately, I don’t have a credit card, and it is very unwieldy for me to borrow one. I have to borrow a credit card for some amino acid purchases that I make on the net, but for convenience I just went shopping in local health food stores for the great majority of what is listed here. (A wise person with a credit card would not do what I am doing. They would find much less expensive sources for the same or similar supplements on the Internet.),

(2) An additional 50 or 100 mg. B complex vitamin,

(3) An additional 2,000 or 3,000 mg. of vitamin C,

(4) Extra calcium, magnesium, and zinc in absorbable chelated forms (I did this to load up more on these major minerals than simply relying on the Source of Life vitamin that is mentioned above. More details on this are contained in a Yahoo 360 blog on Willy’s baggie ingredients that I posted to http://360.yahoo.com/allen_dar a few months ago.),

(5) Broad based essential fatty acids, to include fish oil,

(6) Cod liver oil,

(7) Evening primrose oil,

(8) Flax oil, and

(9) Borage oil capsules as well (often I simply bought a flax/borage oil combination supplement),

(10) One capsule of coconut oil (coconut seems to be “a must” gut helpful and thyroid support nutrient for Willy and I),

(11) Fourteen or so grams broad based free form amino acids, to include two 500 mg. capsules of L-tryptophan (I never use 5 HTP, I always use tryptophan instead),

[For comparison, an egg averages about seven grams of protein, and protein is 100% amino acids. Fourteen grams of free from amino acids represents only two eggs worth of protein, if it was fully digested and absorbed. Some might ask why don’t Willy and I just eat two more eggs a day? For one, both Willy and I are both allergic to eggs (it is perhaps my most serious hidden food allergy, and his as well). Secondly, many persons lack an adequate amount of digestive enzymes to be able to digest protein foods well, such that their constituent amino acids can be absorbed. (Protein molecules cannot be absorbed into the body, as they are composed of hundreds, if not thousands, of amino acid molecules linked together. Thus protein molecules found in foods are far too large to be absorbed.) Even though Willy and I both use powerful digestive enzymes regularly to help us to digest foods, both of us still feel the substantial therapeutic power and health benefit of the free form amino acid supplementation that is reflected here.]

(11a) Willy’s baggie contains fifteen 500 mg. capsules of Pure Form 20 Blend (broad based amino acids) from http://www.jomarlabs.com.

(11b) It also contains five to seven 500 mg. capsules of Jomar Labs WAC Blend as well (to load up on some of the more necessary “mood amino acids”. Some of these amino acids are contained in Pure Form 20 in smaller amounts).

(11c) It also contains three capsules of a glutathione blend from Jomar as well. Glutathione is the key detoxification molecule in the body. However, it is not well absorbed. To boost glutathione one can simply load up on the three precursor amino acids that make glutathione in the body. Jomar labs sells a blend to do this, and this is what Willy and I use.

(11d) It contains one 500 mg. capsule of taurine (an inhibitory amino acid that helps to dampen the WAC blend, which is an excitatory blend). My goal was balance here in regard to amino acid excitation vs. inhibition; in other words to balance between “the amino acid gas pedals” and “the amino acid brakes” (these are simple terms I often used with my son).

(11e) It contains two 500 mg. capsules of tryptophan, to cover the single essential amino acid that the blends from http://www.jomarlabs.com do not contain. This is “a must addition” to the amino acid regime I am defining here.

Willy and I did spend a week or two in the beginning defining the amino acid regime and its dosages as shown in the above. It is my sincere belief that almost anyone that is given the proper guidelines in which to use amino acids can do this. (These guidelines are fairly simple.) It is also my believe that “the best, if not the only, person” to define the best, most powerful, safest, and most effective amino acid regime is the person that is actually taking amino acids by his or her self. No alternative medicine doctor or book can give you better information in regard to amino acid use than you can generate yourself. “Only you know how you feel” from whatever amino acids you may take, and only you can determine the proper dosage range that you may need. This does not to mean that it is not wise to listen to either doctors or the wisdom in books for amino acid advice. However, in the end it does mean that it is up to you to learn how to use and become familiar with these incredibly helpful nutrient substances, if you wish to achieve their greatest benefits.

When Willy and I started to define an amino acid regime for his baggie back in July of 2004, the common ratio that I personally had used for years was 1 to 1 of Pure Form 20 Blend vs. WAC Blend. On day one Willy found this 1 to 1 ratio far too excitatory for him (it made him too hyper). So we immediately reduced this ratio to 2 to 1, and then about a week later to 3 to 1. Eventually, I went back to 2 to 1, which is where we are today (15 capsules of Pureform 20 and and 7 capsules of WAC). I personally have gotten used to this lower amount of WAC blend vs. Pure Form 20, with added tryptophan and taurine, and now prefer it over what I was doing prior. This is especially true when all of the other baggie ingredients are combined with broad based free form amino acids as a result of their synergistic effect. Nutrients definitely seem to work better when taken together, as Willy and I are doing.

In regard to amino acid dosage, I did try to use a little less with Willy in the very beginning, but this seemed to not be enough and I bumped it up a little more. I have yet to see the need to use more than the amino acids that are currently contained in Willy’s baggie. It is my sincere belief that many ADHD or bipolar persons would respond very positively to broad based amino acids in the ten to perhaps twenty gram a day range, depending on their need. We humans generally need 50 to 70 grams of protein (protein is amino acids that are linked together), but Willy and I get the rest of the amino acids out of the food we eat, and powerful digestive enzymes help us with this.

Fourteen grams of free form amino acids equates to 28 amino acid capsules (of 500 mg. each). This capsule amount is assumed by many to be unacceptably high. (This is an assumption that is often based on no valid reason other than a simple prejudice against taking so many capsules at once.) However, fourteen grams (28 capsules) of free form amino acids is really only a fraction of someone’s amino acid requirement on a daily basis.

Incidentally the cost of the amino acid regime reflected above (and which helped Willy enormously) is quite reasonable. I use http://www.iherb.com to source tryptophan, and I use http://www.jomarlabs.com for the rest. If anyone finds any better or cheaper sources than this, I would sure appreciate it if you would let me know.

(12) One or two 500 mg. capsule of L-carnitine (Carnitine is an “absolute must” accessory nutrient for both Willy and I. Jomar Labs and other Internet sources have a much better price on carnitine vs. what my local health food store charges.)

Warning: I DO NOT recommend taking the free form amino acids in the quantity that is suggested above without taking some carnitine and phosphatidyl choline (see below) at the same time as well.

(13) Two or three capsules containing about 400 mg. of actual phosphatidyl choline (PC) in a phospholipid mixture. (Phosphatidyl choline is another “absolute must” accessory nutrient for both Willy and I. The chain store the Vitamin Shoppe sells PC capsules for a reasonable price, and these might be found even cheaper on the net.),

L-carnitine and PC apparently work together to either form and/or activate the major neurotransmitter in the brain called acetylcholine. Carnitine and PC represent “a must nutrient combination” for both Willy and I in order to overcome the tendency we have to have “a hyperactive brain” in ourselves. This nutrient combination definitely can slow down “the spontaneous rate of fire” of the brain, just like lithium does. This nutrient combination also seems to act as a very helpful, if not sometimes necessary, buffer for free form amino acid supplementation in the brain as well. Carnitine and phosphatidyl choline create the single neurotransmitter (acetylcholine) that is not primarily made up of amino acids. Depending on how much PC is taken, this nutrient combination can lower the volume and slow down a person’s speech to a degree that is remarkable. (If you are either ADHD or bipolar, and you tall loud and fast, in my opinion this nutrient combination, in addition to broad based nutritional supplementation, is “a must trial” to see what happens, while you “dose up” one capsule at a time per day on the amount of PC taken, until you find the dosage that suits you.) The nutrient combination of carnitine and PC also increases our (both Willy and I) ability to learn and to focus. It also helps us to play a much better game of golf, as our brains do not inadvertently and distractedly fire while we swing a golf club. If I take enough PC, I strongly tend to drive at, or a bit slower, than the speed limit, vs. a little over it, as most persons usually do. In addition to all of this, phosphatidyl choline (with carnitine in our system) also helps both Willy and I a great deal in regard to resolving a headache in ourselves. It is much better and faster for both of us than using aspirin or NSAIDS for the same.]

(14) Chlorella (three tablets),

(15) Super blue green algae (two or three capsules),

(16) Spirulina (two tablets),

The “super green supplements” such as chlorella, super blue green algae, and spirulina seem to be “an absolute must” for the baggie we are using to work as well as it does. I would not consider making up baggies without these very helpful supplements. These super greens definitely seem to have a “win-win synergy” with broad based amino acids when they are taken together (super greens and amino acids go well together). These supergreens also seem to have a “win-win synergy” with probiotics when they are taken together. Also perhaps worthy to note is that a chimpanzee’s diet is composed of a large portion of green chlorophyll laden foods, which genetically means our human diet (as we are 99% genetically similar) should probably be composed of a large portion of green chlorophyll laden foods as well.

I do suspect that some people can handle more supergreens than others. The supergreens can aid in detoxification, and for some persons it is not wise to detoxify too fast. You may need to tailor the amount of supergreens in your baggie to you, just as you may need to tailor the amount of free form amino acids in your baggie vs. what Willy and I are doing as well. Incidentally, someday Willy’s baggie may contain more of these supergreens, as we the have time to learn more.

(17) Powerful digestive enzymes (two capsules),

I am using EliteZyme Pro from http://www.throppsnutrition.com, but there may be other decent enzymes as well. I suggest the Yahoo egroup enzymesandautism, if you want to learn more about enzymes. I use Thropps due to their high protease content, and the fact that they are so affordable. Digestive enzymes are very helpful to both Willy and I, if not are “a must” for us.

(18) Various probiotics bought locally (I bought the best I could find. Probiotics are, “an absolute must” for Willy and I as well),

(19) Grapeseed extract (one capsule),

Grapeseed extract is a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to help with ADHD.

(20) Querticin (two capsules),

Querticin helps to dampen the allergic response, and is a helpful cofactor to vitamin C.

(21) Milk thistle (one capsule)

Milk thistle is liver helpful. Anything that helps with detoxification and/or liver support is wise when treating bipolar disorder or ADHD, in my opinion.

Essentially I coupled almost everything that I could find that made sense or had been shown to help ADHD together when I made up Willy’s baggies in the beginning. I had found such a shotgun supplement approach very effective when first beginning to treat bipolar disorder naturally in myself in the fall of 1997. After over thirty years of heavy bipolar symptoms within two months of broad based nutritional supplementation (coupled with some food allergy avoidance and some probiotics use) I was having “the best chemical days” of my entire adult life. This occurred in September and October of 1997.

Knowing what I know today, it might be wise to add to consider adding to Willy’s baggie capsules of natural vitamin E with mixed tocopherols, krill oil, inulin, xanthones (from the mangosteen fruit), if not a bit more, assuming such is affordable.

This past summer I ran into some rather incredible information on the Internet in regard to zeolite and detoxification, especially when coupled with a green juice fast (as per Dr. Gabriel Cousens). To deal with either ADHD or bipolar disorder, I would also consider using NCD (zeolite), due to its amazing detoxification properties, especially in combination with a green juice fast. Willy and I have yet to try this, but it is inevitable that we do some day (perhaps this coming summer when we have a chance to be together and share this experience).

Incidentally, one way for the reader of this document to rather easily verify if a supplement may help with ADHD, is to simply use google and couple words together, such as ADHD amino acids, ADHD carnitine phosphatidyl choline, ADHD digestive enzymes, and the like. (The same word coupling can be done with whatever supplement you may be considering and whatever condition that you suffer from such as bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, etc.)

On July 16, 2006 I used google and got the following results:

ADHD vitamins: Results 1 – 10 of about 2,500,000 for adhd vitamins

ADHD B complex vitamins: Results 1 – 10 of about 383,000 for adhd b complex vitamins

ADHD vitamin C: Results 1 – 10 of about 1,560,000 for adhd vitamin C

ADHD minerals: Results 1 – 10 of about 822,000 for adhd minerals

ADHD calcium: Results 1 – 10 of about 1,070,000 for adhd calcium

ADHD magnesium: Results 1 – 10 of about 446,000 for adhd magnesium

ADHD zinc: Results 1 – 10 of about 455,000 for adhd zinc

ADHD trace minerals: Results 1 – 10 of about 166,000 for adhd trace minerals

ADHD fish oil: Results 1 – 10 of about 732,000 for adhd fish oil

ADHD cod liver oil: Results 1 – 10 of about 196,000 for adhd cod liver oil

ADHD evening primrose oil: Results 1 – 10 of about 80,500 for adhd evening primrose oil

ADHD flax oil: Results 1 – 10 of about 162,000 for adhd flax oil

ADHD borage oil: Results 1 – 10 of about 80,200 for adhd borage oil

ADHD coconut oil: Results 1 – 10 of about 134,000 for adhd coconut oil

ADHD amino acids: Results 1 – 10 of about 499,000 for adhd amino acids

ADHD tryptophan: Results 1 – 10 of about 85,600 for adhd tryptophan

ADHD taurine: Results 1 – 10 of about 36,800 for adhd taurine

ADHD carnitine: Results 1 – 10 of about 169,000 for adhd carnitine

ADHD phosphatidyl choline: Results 1 – 10 of about 55,500 for adhd phosphatidyl choline

ADHD carnitine phosphatidyl choline: Results 1 – 10 of about 53,000 for adhd carnitine phosphatidyl choline

ADHD chlorella: Results 1 – 10 of about 173,000 for adhd chlorella

ADHD super blue green algae: Results 1 – 10 of about 29,200 for adhd super blue green algae

ADHD spirulina: Results 1 – 10 of about 140,000 for adhd spirulina

ADHD digestive enzymes: Results 1 – 10 of about 244,000 for adhd digestive enzymes

ADHD probiotics: Results 1 – 10 of about 300,000 for adhd probiotics

(ADHD candida: Results 1 – 10 of about 483,000 for adhd candida)

(ADHD yeast: Results 1 – 10 of about 1,310,000 for adhd yeast)

ADHD grapeseed extract: Results 1 – 10 of about 78,500 for adhd grapeseed extract

ADHD querticin: Results 1 – 2 of about 3 for adhd querticin

ADHD milk thistle: Results 1 – 10 of about 132,000 for adhd milk thistle

To logistically handle all of the above two dozen or so individual supplements that Willy took in his baggie, I simply laid out a few rows of plastic or paper cups, and I would plunk whatever I needed to capsule-wise or tablet-wise out of each bottle into these rows of cups. When I was done filling a few dozen or so cups, I would then pour them into snack sized zip lock baggies for Willy to take when he felt he needed to or he wished. Sometimes Willy would take a baggie every day, especially in the first four or five months that he was recovering. Later Willy would only take a baggie every two or three days or so to conserve them due to cost, and/or he did “just did not feel that he needed one”. (Willy could readily tell when he was below par chemically, and therefore needed a baggie, all on his own, just as I can.)

Nutrients not added to Willy’s baggie, but ones that may be in the future:
ADHD vitamin E: Results 1 – 10 of about 1,190,000 for adhd vitamin E

ADHD krill oil: Results 1 – 10 of about 831 for adhd krill oil

ADHD inulin: Results 1 – 10 of about 663 for adhd inulin

ADHD xanthones: Results 1 – 10 of about 9,270 for adhd xanthones

Willy also has taken digestive enzymes and probiotics outside of his baggie (when he was using baggies instead of individual bottles of things in which to supplement himself).

Throughout the last two years, Willy has found that two or three 500 mg. capsules of taurine are helpful to him in regard to going to sleep. He has been taking taurine daily for almost two years to assist with sleep. (Many persons may need to combine taurine with other inhibitory amino acids or other inhibitory nutrients to resolve sleep difficulty, but this is much too long to go into here.)

Although I am primarily discussing Willy’s baggie herein, I should mention the following… Willy did make a few dietary changes in order to avoid probable food allergens, and this was, and still is, very important to his recovery from bipolar disorder and ADHD . He took milk and ice cream out of his diet for the most part (although he still eats some cheese, despite my strong warning against eating cheese). He also reduced his egg and mayonnaise consumption (on my advice). And learned he should avoid popcorn on his own as well (popcorn lowered his mood and energy, and he could tell this). I did repeatedly tell Willy to avoid the gluten grains of wheat, oats, barley, and rye, but this was not real practical for him to do very much, as these are so much a part of the standard American diet.

I should perhaps note that Willy has typically eaten a lot of raw fruits and vegetables, far more than most his age, from his childhood onward, which really helps (raw foods are really important to health). But Willy still eats fast food sometimes, and his diet at home and in school is nowhere near perfect, by any means. It is a typical Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) for the most part, except for the few changes that are noted above.

Google search:

ADHD food allergies: Results 1 – 10 of about 8,300,000 for adhd food allergies

ADHD hydration: Results 1 – 10 of about 72,400 for adhd hydration

I have yet to get Willy to drink water, and water only, as a beverage. Willy does drink some Aspartame sweetened soda (I cringe), and he drinks a lot of iced tea. Why he has listened to me on everything else, but just can’t or won’t switch to hydrating with water vs. tea (unsweetened thank God), I’ll never know. Perhaps it is because good spring water is never in the house.

ADHD water: Results 1 – 10 of about 9,520,000 for adhd water

In honesty, knowing what I have known about hidden food allergens, the importance of water, and many other alternative medicine topics for years, I never thought Willy’s recovery would work out as well as it has. This is due to Willy is still eating the standard American diet (S.A.D.), the probable food allergen exposure this means, and the fact Willy’s hydration means is not “just good water”; all issues that alternative medicine has taught us about. I was sure wrong in the assumption that Willy’s recovery might not work out that well. In the past thirty months or so my son has gone through an absolutely profound metamorphosis as a human being. Willy seems to be much healthier than “the norm” (than most children his age), both mentally and physically. And I wonder how much healthier Willy might get, if his diet was an optimal one, and he hydrated properly.

Persons that suffer from ADHD and bipolar disorder are invariably broadly deficient in essential nutrients, as well as invariably have (1) hidden food allergies, (2) candida, (3) a lack of digestive enzymes, and (4) a tendency to poorly hydrate as well. I also think it wise to consider additional probiotics supplementation outside the baggie, and perhaps take vitamin B complex, vitamin C, and powerful digestive enzymes at every meal (these three items can be made into “mini-baggies”). It may also be wise to always try to identify some nutrient inhibitors for assistance with sleep.

Incidentally, it seems to me that the best person to trial a supplement regime, such as the baggie approach that is defined defined above, is either one or both of the parents of the ADHD (or bipolar) child in question beforehand. People that are “relatively normal” and don’t have an ADHD or bipolar diagnosis are likely to benefit from a broad range of nutrients regardless. Also, anyone that has eaten the Standard American Diet for years and/or is over 40 years of age is probably broadly nutrient deficient anyway. If you as a parent define a baggie that helps you greatly, it (or a close version of it) may be likely to help your ADHD and/or bipolar child greatly as well. Perhaps this baggie should have less dosage-wise sometimes, depending on the size and/or needs of your child. Dosage is often best determined by you and your child at home, once you have educated yourself. Remember, children often need as much essential nutrients as adults do, if not usually need more, despite their smaller size. Simply “dose up slowly over days or weeks for safety”, especially as far as any amino acid use is concerned. This simple safety rule of “dose up slowly” while monitoring supplement effect applies to both children and adults; and it certainly applies to everyone that might take baggies (especially in light of their amino acid content).


Although my son Willy’s recovery was fairly easy to him to effect, he actually did a lot of things to become well; (1) he took his baggies and other supplements when he needed to, (2) he amended his diet somewhat (avoiding most, but certainly not all, of dairy, eggs, and corn really helped), (3) he learned about what supplements he was taking and how they affected him, (4) he learned to make dosage adjustments the few times they were necessary, (5) he willingly tried new supplements that I suggested, and he accurately reported back on their effect, such that I could advise him well, (6) he learned to monitor his own bowel movements for their frequency and their health, (7) he suffered through my repetitive teaching methods, while I drilled some of the key food allergy and “gut corrective lessons” home over the past two years, (8) he chipped in when I was broke and bought his own supplements, out of money he had earned, and (9) he had the motivation and the discipline to regularly exercise and go to a health and fitness club.

Despite the extent of Willy’s supplementation, the implementation of this supplement regime amazes both of us in regard to how simple it was. What Willy did supplement-wise, and “monitoring himself-wise”, might have only taken him about five minutes a day. I don’t know how many times Willy and I have talked about issues related to his recovery, and he will say something like “Dad, it was so easy, I didn’t do anything”, or “I did not do anything special at all”. (I beg to differ Willy. You sure did do something special. Your amazing mental and physical health recovery over the past thirty months is an invaluable lesson for the entire world.)

Willy’s supplement regime still amazes me as to what it did. According to many alternative medical professionals, it is a real waste, if not “nuts”, to take a whole bunch of supplements all at once, especially to the degree that Willy did. Sure, combining a handful of essential nutrients is often done by alternative medicine to treat a wide range of health conditions. But to combine a few dozen ingredients in the amounts that Willy and I have is not yet recognized by alternative medicine as “the right thing to do” (I sincerely think that they are wrong in this regard). No one recommends supplementation such as I gave my son, at least to the degree that Willy and I carried it out, to the best of my knowledge. And yet both Willy and I know that his baggie, or something very similar, was absolutely the right thing for him to do. Anything much less than Willy took in his baggie, or any supplementation regime that lacked “a must have ingredient” (and there were many of these), would have been far less effective as far as the profound recovery results that Willy did achieve in overcoming ADHD/bipolar disorder in himself. At least that is our opinion (both Willy’s and mine).

Despite the fact that Willy’s baggie (or a similar broad based supplement approach) may be destined to help millions of persons some day, it may not help everyone, and it may not help you. Only you can decide this for yourself. Not I, nor anyone else, including any conventional or alternative doctor that may advise you, would be able to decide what a baggie can do for you. Only you can do this, by purchasing the ingredients to make up your own baggies from whatever brand, whatever company, and whatever source that you choose… and then going through a short trial period of defining “your own baggie” until this baggie suits you (clearly helps you a great deal).

Willy and I represent the first two profound anecdotal baggie stories, but it may be inevitable that there will be dozens, then hundreds, and then thousands, more. This may be especially true for those persons that also effectively deal with any and all possible common malabsorptive causes in themselves (such as food allergies, candida, a lack of digestive enzymes, underhydration, and the like) while taking baggies at the same time.

It is my sincere belief that, sooner or later, some human beings are going to believe what I am representing in this material. These persons are then going to begin to self-experiment with a supplement regime that is similar to what is being defined herein, if not is almost the very same.

The profound anecdotal stories of people that are willing to try baggies and tailor them to themselves may some day be destined to be just too powerful, and too overwhelming in their number, to be ignored.

This self-experimentation of a baggie supplement approach by many other persons, when it eventually does occur (I am assuming that some day it will), may mark the beginning of the end of conventional drug-oriented medicine.

This self-experimentation of a baggie supplement approach by other persons, when it does occur, may also mark the beginning of the end for much of alternative medicine as well. In truth, most “healing of you” can be done by you yourself.

The truth is that the best person to define what nutrients you may need to feel optimal and perform well on a daily basis, and what your malabsorptive problems are and how to fix them, is you yourself. The “best doctor” for you is you! once you educate yourself.

How does one become adequately empowered with whatever knowledge they may need to either recover or retain their own health? Read, read, and read some more. And then apply what you have read to yourself, until you achieve wellness. Some may be disappointed with this answer, but it is the only answer that I have for you at this time. (I’d sure love to write a book or develop some educational video material some day with some other people collaborating with me.) There are so many decent alternative health books and websites today. Educate yourself, as I did, such that I could first help my own self, and then help my own son.

It is my sincere belief that at some point in time a company (or companies) will offer baggies for sale that are already made up as a convenience to you. This is perhaps inevitable, unless the FDA, the FTC, the Executive branch, or Congress uses very biased (pro-drug and anti-nutrient) laws and regulations to stop this. Whether such pre-made baggies, assuming they are made by some company in the future, are better for you than what you yourself could put together at home with a little self education and a little common sense is perhaps a question that will simply work itself out over time. The truth will inevitably win here. I know it will.

The time has come when all members of the public should become adequately empowered (educated) with whatever knowledge they may need to either recover or retain their own health on an individual basis.

My son Willy did just that.

Willy learned what he needed to know in order to become the “best doctor of himself”! And he did so beginning at age thirteen. Willy was once a very learning impaired child. Despite this learning impairment, he graduated “our self-med school” in about fifty hours of our conversations spread out over a two year period. And he graduated in flying colors! Who needs the doctors and their toxic drugs anyway? And who needs an alternative doctor that still tries to take responsibility for YOUR health, a job that YOU! should primarily do yourself, as well? Amen.

Allen Darman

2 thoughts on “A more detailed explanation of Willy’s Original Baggie (February 2007)

  1. Hello Allen!

    How have you been? I absolutely LOVE your idea of a “healing house” ! Am wondering how I can sign up and be one to come visit and stay for a week or two?
    We can talk in more details later, but just curious as to when this is going to actually start?

    Thank you! God bless you and your work!

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